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Shes keen!

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Photo shoots, tuxedo mags, late again and Frank and Gerard settle things.

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It was the last week of the tour, and though we had a great, and sometimes dramatic time, we were all happy to know it was drawing to a close - the need to regain a normal sleeping pattern was big. In fact - the need for a proper sleep at all was big! Interviews were always the same, photo shoots were boring and the kids in America weren't as hyped as the kids in England. Me and Joyce were dieing to start making wedding plans and Mikey wanted to propose to Alicia, Frank and Jamia are still friends but Gee doesnt know that they're not getting married,...Gerard just wants to get back to get off the damn bus! We were all happy on that Saturday morning, as Mikey reminded us seven days left...
"We've got one show tonight, and a photo shoot at half two, so for now we can do what we want" Said Gerard, who had already started work on his comic. Mikey picked up his mobile and walked down the bus - 3 guesses on who he's gonna call!
Frank and Ray sat drinking coffee and discussing Llamas - how random can you possibly get?
"I just love their big round eyes and buck teeth, they looks so sweeeet!" Cried Frank, sounding like an over - excited school girl.
"They're probably really voilent knowing your luck" Said Ray. Frank shook his head.
"No way, I saw Lamas at that west mid show in England, they were really awesome, all sweet and friendly, theres no way they were voilent!" He dis - agreed.
"Well...they might have been tame lamas, WILD lamas might be violent." Ray pointed out.
"Why are you talking about lamas?" I asked. Ray and Frank thought about it for a second before deciding they had no idea, and continuing their conversation. I decided to go see Joyce.
"HI!" She cried, diving into my arms after opening the door.
"How are you?" I asked.
"GREAT! Oh Bob, all the girls love the ring you got me! I'm so happy!" Joyce cried, I smiled.
"Me to, you have NO idea how nervouse I was!" I replied, I took her hand and we began walking down the street.
"I think I have an idea, you looked ready to puke" She laughed. I grinned and for a while we walked and talked, we were so happy and didnt notice the time...
My phone began to ring and I answered it after seeing the caller ID to be Gerard.
"Where are you?"
"Walking with Joyce"
"You know what, I'm gonna stop you from going out with her when we've got plans"
"Because its now quarter to three and your late for the photo shoot"
"SHIT! I'm SO sorry Gee, I'll be right there!"
"Yeah, and how many times have you done this?"
"Only two!"
"Thats two too many! Now HURRY YOUR ASS UP!" Gerard hung up and I took Joyces hand.
"I'm late for a photo shoot" I said, Joyce laughed.
"Well we better run then" She said, and we began racing back to the buses, kind of like when we had been rolling down the hill...once again I found myself wondering if she was a secret marathon runner!
"Give him a clap!" Cried Mikey sarcastically, the band began clapping slowly as I walked into the room where we were getting photographs.
"Shut up!" I snapped. The photographer saw me and smiled.
"FINALLY! Well come on guys, lets get this show on the road!" He cried. We walked up to the pile of amps infront of a black back drop. We were positioned so that Frank sat on top of the tallest amp, I sat on the second tallest, Ray on the smaller amp, Gerard stood behind the smallest amp, facing slightly sideways and Mikey sat cross legged on the floor infront of mine and Rays amps. We were all told to pull seriouse faces...but of course, as soon as you tell us to be seriouse when we're in good/hyper moods, we just cant help but laugh. Every time the photographer went to press the button on the camera we would all burst out laughing, or one of us would be pursing our lips to stop ourselves laughing. For about half an hour we failed to look 'seriouse' enough. Even the final pictures werent that great, we had acheived the seriouse look...kinda...Frank had a slight smile on his face, Gerard was looking like he was planning a murder, Mikey looked bored, Ray a kind of innocent seriouse look, and I just looked plain moody! But it was the best we could manage and besides, it looked fine...err...I think.
After the photo shoot Frank walked off to talk to Gerard. Me, Mikey and Ray were SUPPOSED to be going back to the bus...but of course being the annoying and curious twerps we are, we had to eavesdrop...we stood round the corner of the building, Frank and Gerard un - aware of our presence. Thanks to the corner we couldnt see them but we could hear them...
"I've to told Jamia that I dont want to marry her."
"What! Why not?"
"Because...I dont love her, it would be cruel to marry her when I dont love her."
"Well...ok Frank but why are you telling me this?"
"Because...I love you"
"Dont say that Frank."
"Why not?"
"Because...I feel the same and...we shouldnt like was all an act remember?"
"I dont want it to be an act. I love you, I dont care if its wrong! Whats so wrong about it!?"
"Your meant to love Jamia"
"But I dont...please Gee, if you love me then why cant we be together?"
"Because...we...we just cant. I dont know why"
"Then who cares? Please Gerard, I need you"
"No you dont"
"I DO!"
"Gerard please. I love you, I need you! I wont be able to live if I know you dont love me! Or worse, that you love me but wont let us be. Come on Gee, I need you!"
"I've always needed you" There was silence, and when Mikey risked a glanced round the corner, he turned back to me and Ray grinning.
"Their kissing" He whispered and we silently walked back to the buses. I felt slightly ashamed of myself for eavsedropping, but then I felt really happy that I had heard that, they loved eachother - it was cute. And it was true, they did need eachother, Frank had been there for Gerard when he was on drugs, and Gerard was there for Frank through all his illnesses. They brought light into the room and smiles to peoples faces when they were together. Because there happiness is almost like a disease - really contagious! I felt lighter than air as I walked into the bus, and nearly fell flat on my face when I saw a load of magazines with tuxedos in.
"What the fuck?" I cried, picking one up. A note was stuck to the front.
'Hey Bob, I know its still extremely early to start planning the wedding but I saw these and thought you should take a look, theres some really good stuff in them. You can shove them in a dark corner for a few months if you want since its still early but just thought I'd get them to you! Love Joyce xx'
I looked at Mikey and Ray who were fighting back laughter.
"She's keen" Said Mikey, before he and Ray began to splutter with laughter.
A/N: I would just like to say - There were Lamas at the west mid show!! You people probably dont have a clue what the west mids show is but ther you go...also, the story is coming to its end and I would like you lovely lot to give me some ideas on how to end it!! So please review and gimme your ideas, I'll be sure to mention who's idea it was tho - dont worry!!
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