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boring day

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Title explains it.

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A/N: So, no one has given me any ideas! So. I am going to write this chapter using my own idea...which I dont have yet, so if this chapter is crap then sorry, but I wanted to update because Im going to Austria for a week with my college so - until next week this is my last update. Hope you like.

"ONLY FIVE DAYS TILL THE END OF THE TOUR!" Cried Mikey as I walked sleepily into the living area. We were all tired since we were up late doing a show, and then an interview. WHY would anyone want to have an interview at 3 'O' FUCKIN CLOCK IN THE BLEEDIN MORNING!! Anywho, Gerard was sipping black coffee and Frank was drawing...which isnt normally like Frank but why should I question it? He IS the most random guy you could ever hope to meet. Ray was raking a brush through his curls in a vain attempt to tease out the chewing gum that had got there...its not my fault! Honest!!
"Bob if this gum doesnt come out of my hair you are DEAD!" Cried Ray. I grinned.
"Its not my fault. I was tired and couldnt think straight! I mean, I've never had an interview that early before. It messed with my head." I replied. Ray rolled his eyes.
"Thats no excuse..." He mumbled, giving up with the brush and picking some scissors up off the table. He whimpered slightly.
"God Ray its only hair" Said Mikey, but we were all watching him closely, Ray loves his 'fro' and it would be funny to watch him cut some of it.
"Yeah and?..." Snapped Ray, positioning the scissors. He snipped at the hair until he had cut out the piece of gum.
"See. You cant even tell" Said Mikey brightly as Ray put down the scissors and threw the sticky hair into the bin. Frank returned to his drawing.
"What you doing Frank?" I asked.
"What does it look like?" Frank replied.
"I dont know thats why I asked" I said.
"I'm drawing dumb - ass" Said Frank.
"What you drawing?" I asked.
"You'll see" Said Frank, putting his arm round the paper just incase I tried to sneak a peek.
"Ok...How is everyone this morning?" I asked, hoping it would strike a conversation. Mikey was the only one who got the hint.
"I'm fine, how's Joyce Bob?" He asked.
"Fine I guess" I said, thinking of the tuxedo magazines stashed in a cuboard. Mikey grinned.
"And how are you and Gee then Frank?" He asked, Frank and Gerard both stared at Mikey.
"Huh?" Asked Gerard.
"Oh come on, we know you like eachother - so come on. Are you together or what?" Asked Ray. Frank and Gerard looked at eachother for a second before replying.
"We're together" Said Gerard.
"I KNEW IT!" Cried Mikey, obviously he knew it, he HAD eavesdropped!
For the rest of the day we sat around the bus, we were moaned at a couple of times to clean it. But we tend to promise we will, then rush it on the last day of the tour. What can I say? We're guys, cleaning isnt exactly at the top on our 'to do list'. Gerard showed me his comic, it wasnt completed but its really good so far. I could tell he was proud of it. It turned out Frank had been drawing a picture of a demon and an angel lama. Then he and Ray had another conversation about lamas! Mikey and I talked alot about nothing in particular, and...well, thats about it. It was a boring day really...

A/N: IM SO SORRY IT WAS SO CRAP!! Not to mention incredibly short! But I have writers block! Noooooo! Maybe Austria will give me some influences. (doubt it) Please review even though it was soooo crap.
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