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Party tiiiime!

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Wooh its time to have a party!

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A/N: Hey there wonderful people who are still reading this!! ^ ^ I've finally got over my whole writers block, Austria held no inspiration what so ever, but it was one hell of a funny trip!! Ahh, so many laughs...ANYWAY - This chapter is basically just to get me back into the flow of things and then the chapter after this one will be (dun dun duuuuun) The last chapter...sniff Isnt it upsetting?....Random reader: Me: FINE THEN!! can probably tell I'm hyper. LAMA!! PICKLED SPOON! HIGH SPEED MUSHROOM! CHOCOLATE BABOONS ASS!!! Errr.....sorry bout that...heh heh, I'm really random when I'm hyper...anywho, enough of reading my random crap - to the story go go! Read the chapter!!! shoos you away using broom

It was the last night of the tour, tommorow we would do one final show, then we'd do one last interview and then that would be it. We'd grab all our junk and then go home. We've enjoyed the tour a lot but theres nothing quite like home. But we're already making plans to start the next album. I think its gonna be like a 'bullets to 3 cheers' thing. When we finished the 'bullets' album and went straight onto the '3 cheers' album. Of course we're gonna have a break though, so that I can marry Joyce, Mikey can marry Alicia and Frank and Gerard are going to move in together. Even Rays got a girlfriend now. Brain keeps telling us the fangirls are gonna hate are guts for a while, butg I doubt we'll notice.
I sat on the couch, Joyce sat on my lap, Alicia had come over to spend the last night with us and was sat on Mikeys lap, Frank and Gerard were snuggled into the corner of the sofa, and Ray was talking about his girlfriend to Brian who was obviously not interested. We all had a glass of wine each and were having seperate little conversations. For a while we stayed like this but then Gerard stood up and called for silence.
"Ok people, I'm gonna make a speech!" He cried with a grin, we all chuckled and waited to see what he said. "Now then, I think this tour went extremely well. But we also found out a lot about ourselves, and eachother. SUCH AS! - Bob and Joyce are in luuuurve and got caught having sex by all the girls in Joyce's bus!" I choked on the wine I had been swallowing and everyone looked at me, both me and Joyce were blushing deep crimson red.
"WE WERE NOT HAVING SEX!" I yelled, everyone was laughing by now. "We were only sleeping!" I insisted.
"Sure you were" Said Frank, receiving more laughs. I scowled but Gerard continued before I could say anything.
"Carrying on! Bob and Joyced got caught 'sleeping' together, and we also discovered on this tour, that Mikey and Alicia enjoy phone sex!" Mikeys jaw dropped and poor Alicia looked extremely confused. "HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU I DONT HAVE PHONE SEX!?" Mikey yelled, this time I joined in with the laughter.
"But, this happy tour has to end some time, and of course tommorow we will all be going home and enjoying a short break I would just like t -" Mikey cut Gerard off. "Hey hey hey! You cant humilate me and Bob like that and think your getting away with it!" He cried. Gerard shut his mouth. I decided to get a little sweet revenge.
"Yeah Gerard, what about the time when we walked in and found you and Frank curled up naked with eachother!" I cried, Gerard and Frank blushed and we all laughed.
"Ok ok, point made!" Cried Gerard eager to get away from this topic. "As I was saying - I would just like to say that I've enjoyed this tour a lot and I want to the band for performing so well at every show, and Joyce for all her help with keeping the tour going smoothly, Brian for putting up with us all the time, and to Alicia for just making my brother happy! So I would like to make a toast -" Gerard raised his glass and waited for us all to copy him. "To all of us!" He cried, we all chorused "To all of us!" and then drank deeply from our glasses.
"And now I would like to say something!" Cried Frank jumping out of his seat whilst Gerard sat down. We all looked at him. Would he say some sentimental words? Make a speech like Gerards? Tell us he loves us all and cant wait till the next tour? Tell us he hated the damn thing and cant wait to get home? Nope. "LET THE PARTY BEGIN!" Ugh, should have known he would say that!
For the rest of the night that we should have spent sleeping so we would be ready for our afternoon gig, we partied. Drinking some wine but mostlt cola.On tour a hangover is a BIIIIG no no. Now, in most parties you listen to dance beats, maybe some pop, and maybe some cheesy party anthems like the time warp. But not on an MCR tour bus. Hell no, we listened to some heavy metal and rock anthems, moshing and playing air guitar for hours. But then the girls forced us to put a slow track on, which we didnt really have so they settled with Panic! at the disco - Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking off her clothes. And then we all had to slow dance to it, which is kinda difficult, but when I was dancing with Joyce it didnt really matter that the song wasnt that slow. Alicia and Mikey danced together, and Frank and Gerard danced together. Ray and Brian pretended to dirty dance for a laugh, it was really funny and I managed to film it on my phone over Joyces shoulder without them noticing. Aaaah, I think I might show it them on Rays 30th....
After the party, Alicia left for a hotel she was staying at and Joyce went over to her bus. We had to clean up the entire bus before we could go to bed. (Didnt I say we would leave it to the last minute?) So by the early hours of the morning we finally flopped down onto our beds, falling into a blissful sleep, most likely to sleep right through until afternoon when we had our last gig.
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