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Final chapter!

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Wow...its the last chapter, and its a cliff hanger! Mwahahahaha!!

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ITS THE LAST DAY OF THE TOUR!! As predicted we got up about an hour before soundcheck, and spent that hour racing round the bus getting ready. We also packed away all the stuff we were taking home. Frank and Mikey had an argument over who got to take the cookies. Only to be broken up by Ray who said he would take them...this just got him into a wrestling match with two cookie monsters but hey! It was funny.
On stage Gerard talked to the crowd as usual and made them feel pretty damn special for being the last people to witness a black parade concert. To be honest, I couldnt wait to be finished, my arms are killing me from months and months of drumming. I need a break! Frank, as per usual, was as energetic as ever and was leaping round the stage. At the end of the show he had the great idea (cough cough) to try and jump off one amp...onto another. Obviously he failed and ended up breaking a finger in the process.
"Your just lucky it was the end of the show. What would we have done if you couldnt play?" Asked Gerard as we sat in the hotel room we were having the interview in. No sign of the interviewer though. "Agh way to end the tour though huh?" Said Frank who's extremely happy that he's broken a finger...I dont think I will ever truly understand him... "Can you believe it? Its the end of the, I cant wait to get home." Sighed Ray leaning back in his chair happily. We all nodded in agreement. "Yeah, I actually cant wait to get mine and Joyce's wedding all planned." I said, my heart fluttering as I realised by the next tour I would be a married man. "I cant wait to move in with Gee" Said Frank cuddling into said Gee. Mikey blinked in confusion.
"Your moving in with Gee?" He asked. Both Gerard and Frank nodded. "When did that happen?" Asked Mikey, but the interviewer walked in before they could answer. We said our Hi's and then the interviewer from Kerrang! Magazine clicked on the tape recorder and began his questions.
"Hi guys how you all doing?" We all answered in the affirmative. "What does it feel like to have ended another succesful tour?" We were asked.
"It feels great. We feel like we've really acheived something with this tour and we're already making plans for our next album." Answered Gerard.
"Wow, so how long do you think the next album will be?"
"No idea. Bob has to marry first, and we want a fair sized break to see all our families and what not." Said Gerard. The interviewer smiled.
"Yes, is it true that you and Frank are now an item Gerard?" He asked. Gerard and Frank both smiled calmly, while me, Mikey and Ray were all thinking the same thing - 'god dammit news travels so fast!'. "Thats right we are. And Frank will be moving in with me in a month or so. Maybe sooner." Siad Gerard.
"Congratualtions." Said the interviewer.
"Thanks" Said Gerard.
"I'm sure the fangirls who write many 'ferards' as they're called will be thrilled" Chuckled the interviewer.
"Yeah we've heard of ferards. I'm sure they will be thrilled." Answered Gerard. And so the questions went on. Until one was directed at me.
"And Bob. What does it feel like to be engaged?"
"Fuckin aswesome" I said simply, no need to go into a lenghthy answer. The interviewer turned off the tape recorder and shook all our hands, said his goodbye and left. Brian walked into the room seconds after and congratulated us on an amazing tour before hugging us all. "Now go on you lot! Fuck off home already!" He laughed. We didnt need telling twice! We went to the bus, grabbed our bags and walked away, only a little reluctantly. After all, that hunk of metal has been home for the past...well, god knows how long!
Once back in New Jersey, our houses not even an hour apart, we hugged eachother goodbye and went our seperate ways. Gerard with Frank. Mikey with Alicia. Me and Joyce, off to Joyce's house to gather all her stuff so she could move in with me. And Ray...wait, where was Ray? I couldnt remember him walking away...Oh well. I guess he must've been eager to get home. I'll ring him later. Meanwhile - TO JOYCE'S HOUSE!!
I'm confused, I rang Ray as soon as I got to my house, a good hour and a half later. But he hasnt answered his cell phone or his house phone. So I rang the others and they cant remember seeing him leave when we were saying goodbye, and none of them can get hold of him either. Hm...I'll call him in the morning...

A/N: WOOOT! THE END!! Thats right people, after friggin ages of writers block I came up with this ending!! But whats happened to Ray?...Review to let me know if you want a sequel, and maybe the mysteriouse dissapearence of Ray will be answered....then again maybe not XD. Thankyou to everyone who reveiwed, and thanks to those people who read it and didnt review aswell, just cos' hey! you read it, but reviews are LOVED!! So, pleeease review and let me know if you like it or not, and if you want a sequel or not.
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