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Chapter 12

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Ray leapt over a fallen log, racing to keep up with Bob. It was difficult since that vampire had injured his leg, but he would never turn down a race. Even if they were only trying to see who could get home the fastest.

'I'm getting too old for this,' he thought as he narrowly avoided hitting a tree. Bob's triumphant laughter entered his mind, but it was quickly cut short. Ray ran right past his friend, who was now sitting completely still with his nose in the air. Ray skidded to a stop and slowly walked over to him.

'What is it?' he asked. Bob sneezed as several raindrops entered his nose, then returned to smelling the air.

'I'm not sure,' he responded. 'It seems familiar, but this rain is really throwing me off.' He sneezed again as if to prove his point.

'Where is it coming from?' asked Ray. Bob paused for a few moments, then turned right and began walking along. Ray had no choice but to follow. He couldn't smell anything at all.
Alicia collapsed against a tree, gasping for air from running. She had no idea where she was,and was becoming more afraid with each passing moment. She was cold and completely soaked with water, and shivering violently. She slid to the ground and hugged her knees to her chest in an attempt to keep warm.

'Why would he do this to me?' she thought sadly, sighing. 'I thought he at least liked me, even if it wasn't love. But that was beyond cruel.' She brushed some water off of her arms and shivered again. It felt like ice. And it reminded her of Mikey.

'Maybe I'll just end up dying right here,' she thought listlessly, tilting her head back to look at the sky. She could only see part of the stone gray clouds through the layers of dark green leaves above her. They seemed to be growing darker by the minute. 'Then everyone would be happier. Jamia would be able to stop worrying about me all the time, and these monsters could drink my blood until there's none left. That would definitely make Mikey happy.'

A flicker of movement out of the corner of her eye caught her attention. She turned to see what it was, but couldn't see far into the dark forest. She just sighed and ignored it.

Ray's eyes widened when he saw the girl leaning against a tree not more than a few yards away.

'Who is that?' he silently asked Bob, returning to his more human-like form.

"I don't know," Bob whispered in awe, already disguised. "What should we do?"

"I have no idea," said Ray, eyes suddenly narrowing. "She smells like one of them...but I can hear her heart beating, so she must not be."

"Perhaps she killed one recently," offered Bob. Ray seemed to accept it for the time being. Bob wished he knew what his friend was thinking. They couldn't hear each other's thoughts in this form.

Ray cautiously stepped out of the bushes and walked toward her, trying to seem as casual as possible. She looked up at him with vacant eyes.

"Are you running from them, too?" she asked solemnly. Ray knelt next to her.

"Are you okay?" he asked, ignoring her question. Alicia shook her head.

"Someone wants to kill me. I don't know what to do. I can't run any further; I'm too tired," she said almost breathlessly. Bob knelt by her as well, smiling. He knew what she was, and her blood smelled unnaturally delicious. He knew Ray must have been thinking the same thing.

"You can come with us," Bob offered, sounding as kind as he could. She shook her head.

"I can't. They might hurt you, too." She frowned suddenly. "I've never seen you before. Have you been hiding somewhere else?" Ray and Bob exchanged a glance, and Ray suddenly had an idea.

"Actually, we're vampire hunters," he said with a smile. "We can protect you from them, if you want." Alicia's face brightened, and she nodded. Ray and Bob stood, pulling her to her feet by one arm.

"So you're coming with us, then?" asked Ray. Alicia nodded and followed them into the forest.
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