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Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG - Genres: Action/Adventure, Angst - Characters: Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way - Published: 2007-07-07 - Updated: 2007-07-07 - 723 words

Mikey brushed some water off of his face and continued running, trying desperately to find the scent again. He had been running in circles for five minutes with no luck. The rain puncturing and scattering the scent wasn't helping much.

'This is all my fault,' he thought sadly, finally coming to a stop in the same clearing he had run through ten times already. He leaned against a tree that seemed surrounded with her scent; it was the only thing he could do now. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply. The rain was just too overpowering.

For the first time since he had last hunted, he allowed his senses to take over. He knew it was risky; he had almost no control in this state, and if he found Alicia he might not be able to stop himself. And even though he hated werewolves with every ounce of his soul, he found himself not wanting to hurt Bob and Ray.

'Maybe it's because I explained it all to her,' he thought as his eyes began to morph and his teeth lengthened. 'I forgot how close we all used to be.'

Find her.

Three sets of footsteps entered his mind, thanks to his enhanced hearing. He opened his eyes and took off running in the direction of the sound, knowing exactly where he was going. One set of footsteps was uneven.
Frank yawned and slowly sat up, eyes fluttering open as he did so. He smiled at the dizzying feeling in his brain. It seemed long-unfamiliar, but he was glad it had returned. He stumbled to the mirror on his wall and stared into it, blinking several times.

His hair seemed darker, almost black like Gerard's, but not quite. His skin seemed to shimmer in the light, and his eyes were a deep, soulless black. He smiled, baring his teeth at his own reflection. He licked some flakes of dried blood off the fangs, and venom pooled in his mouth almost immediately. He felt normal again.

'Frank, could you come down to the basement for a second?' Gerard's voice entered his mind. 'I have a surprise for you.' Frank left his room and walked down the hallway at a leisurely pace, his mind complaining that he should go back to sleep. He hoped this wouldn't take too long.

He walked through the kitchen and saw Gerard leaning against the fridge, hands in his pockets and eyes closed. He looked asleep.

"What is it?" Frank asked, startling him. He blinked a few times and yawned, then motioned for his friend to follow. They walked down the stairs leading to the basement, where Gerard opened the door for Frank. It was completely dark inside, and his eyesight hadn't sharpened due to his lack of hunger. He stumbled down the stairs, nearly losing his footing. Gerard just laughed and shut the door, plunging them completely into darkness.

"I'll give you a hint," he said, turning on the lights. "It's not alcohol."

Frank gawked at the room around him. Every shelf in the basement was fully stocked with wine bottles. Normally this would have been enough to send him into a state of uncontrollable happiness, but once he remembered Gerard's words his eyes widened.

"You mean-" he began, looking back at his friend. Gerard nodded, and was immediately tackled by the other vampire.

"Frank, I can't breathe," he said, pretending to choke. Frank just laughed.

"Good thing you don't have to," he said, standing and allowing Gerard to do the same. "How long did this take you?"

"All night," said Gerard with a wide yawn that exposed all of his now normal-sized teeth. They were completely cleaned of blood, unlike Frank's. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have about three days' worth of sleep I need to get started on." He made his way back up the stairs, but halted halfway there. "Don't break into it just yet. This needs to last for a while."

"I won't. Have to save some for you and Mikey, after all," said Frank with a smirk. 'I knew you liked human blood more,' he thought without meeting Gerard's eyes. 'I knew it.' He followed Gerard back into the house, then returned to his own room where he promptly fell asleep once again. It felt good to be a real vampire again.
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