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Wishing to be out of the woods

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Pete and Moe are not as alone as they think they are. It's on Kirsh and her colleagues to turn the situation around.

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Chapter 14: Wishing to be out of the woods

Pete regains consciousness. Opening his eyes, he feels the mossy soil against his cheek. He's lying face down in the middle of a clearing.

The man pushes his torso off the ground, but remains sitting on his legs; his head is spinning like mad.

"What the F..." he growls, pressing his palms against his forehead behind which, it feels like, is a jack-hammer at work.

The last thing he remembers is he's on his way to the nearby forest with Moe. A secret getaway, if only for a few hours. Moranne smiling and giggling on the passenger seat, Pete excited to leave it all behind. The stalker, the fear. Kirsh.

She wasn't actually hitting on him on his bed, was she?

Then there's a black hole between when he parked the car at the edge of the woods and waking up on the ground.


Frantically Pete turns his head in all directions, searching the clearing for a sign of his girlfriend. He starts shouting her name, gets up on his feet and takes a few steps.

She's close. Phebe. I can feel her presence. God, my head.

When Moe awakes from her chloroform-induced unconsciousness her head doesn't feel a lot better than Pete's. While her weary eyes are adjusting to her dimly light surroundings, she can only make out the blurred outlines of the few objects in the small shed she finds herself in.


The last thing she remembers is Pete parking the car, them making out for a while, her getting out of the car and then an arm with a thoroughly drenched piece of cloth reeking of a highly concentrated chemical being pressed against her mouth and nose. What follows is an indeterminate period of blackout.

Once the woman is in full possession of her senses again, she feels a rough cord round her wrists and ankles. She's tied to a wooden stool, an aditional rope fetters her upper body to the back of the chair. The cherry on top: a gag in her mouth.

The model realizes how much pain she's actually in. The lump in her mouth has given her a lockjaw, as she tries to wriggle her hands out of the shackles, the cord only cuts deeper into her skin. She pauses and listens.

Is somebody coming?

There are most positively foot steps outside. Moe emits muffled noises and causes the stool to swing by trying to jump up and down.

The door of the shed is being opened, slowly. Creaking. The female captive's whimpering noises grow louder. Help. Help me!

Gleaming sunlight streams through the gap between the door frame and the door. Moe is blinded and restricted to her blurry vision again. A fuzzy figure is walking through the door and pulls it shut behind them again.

"Well, hi, there," a husky voice murmurs mischievously.

To Moe's ears it sounds female, sounds like the voice of a teenage girl. With a few winks of her eyes, she is able to see clearly again.

She stares at the person in front of her.

With a satisfied grin on Phebe's face, she continues, "I hope you made yourself comfortable, Moranne. Because you'll be staying a very loooooong time."

The tied up woman tries to speak but is hindered by the gag.

"How rude of me," Phebe giggles fakely. She makes a few steps towards Moe and takes out the lump of old cloth from her mouth.

The victim's eyes widen as the stalker is drawing closer to her, she shakes her head in defense.

"You?!" Moe screams as she finally feels that the gag's been removed.

Phebe smirks, "Couldn't see the forest for the trees, eh?"

After Pete has searched the woods for about a quarter of an hour, constantly shouting Moranne's name until his throat hurts as much as his pulsating brain, he breaks down and sinks to the ground. He feels like crying, like washing his frustration and fear, the terror of his girlfriend disappearing almost in front of his eyes, out of his body - but he can't. For a moment he just sits in the grass, staring at the trunk in front of him.

Then he takes a deep breath and gropes for his sidekick in his pants.

Where the fuck is my phone?

He checks all his pockets, even the pouch of his hoodie where he never puts his cell. He doesn't have it on him. In the car. I left it in the car.

Pete runs towards his vehicle. Automatically checks his right pocket for the keys.

There was nothing in his pockets when he was looking for his sidekick, so naturally he doesn't find the keys either.


The man's insult pierces Phebe's heart. You don't know what you're saying, Pete. You're angry now, you're like a little child. You only see the immediate effect, your eyes are blind to the development in the long run.

Be glad I took her from you. She isn't right for you, start believing me.

When the bassist finally reaches his house, he is awaited by a mad Kirsh and two of her colleagues. The female officer received a call from Pete when he had started out on his way home on foot. A car stopped for him and the driver lent him her cell. He called his home phone and as soon as Kirsh picked up he told her what had happened.

"I am not even commenting on how stupid and irresponsible it was of you to -"

Pete is too drained to pull himself together, he interrupts the woman, "Yes, don't. Your prime priority now is finding Moe."

"Mr Wentz," one of the two detectives in uniforms speaks up. "Would you please tell us what happened. Officer Kirsh informed us at the station and we have already dispatched a searching corps to the crime scene."

In a choppy staccato manner the confused and irritated man quickly describes to the other police detectives what he remembers happened before Moranne disappeared, how he woke up on the forest floor, how he searched for his phone and keys in vain.

About an hour later Kirsh and Pete are alone again. She's noticed how battered the young man is. The punishment of his girlfriend being kidnapped is horrible enough, she doesn't have to lecture him.

"I didn't want to tell you on the phone because... - The stalker called here a little while before you did," the woman breaks the silence between them.

"WHAT? Why didn't you tell me before? Did you tell the other officers?"

"Yes, I called the station before you rang."

The man is too excited about this new piece of information to rage about her act of secrecy. He wants to know what Phebe said. Will he have his Moe back?

"She said that I shouldn't even bother to look for your girlfriend because we wouldn't be able to find her. She also said I better leave now before the same happens to me."

Pete just stares at her, dumbfounded.

"The caller ID showed your cell phone number so I knew she must have gotten to you and Miss Sommer," she adds.

"I shouldn't have taken her out with me. Why did I do this?" the man mumbles, burying his face in his hands.

"I know this must be really hard for you, but we're on this. So, you made a mistake but I strongly believe she would have ambushed your girlfriend anyway. Even though your leaving the house without me was... well, you know what I think. But it probably wouldn't have made a difference. She's crazy."

The last comment was not at all professional.

"My team and I are on this though, Mr Wentz. And we're not intimidated by this invidiual's course of action. It's nothing new. I am not saying this to downplay the situation, but this is a regular situation. We know what to do."

Kirsh tries to bolster him. Even though it's true, she's worked on several kidnapping cases before, she's having a bad feeling about this one. Considering that the stalker took his phone and keys to make sure she would have a lead over the police, the chances of finding Moe to be still in the forest are slim.

Never underestimate your enemy.
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