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Kirsh and Pete meet Patrick at the police station. Answers in regard to Moe's disappearence are desperately wanted.

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A/N: Thanks to my amazing readers/ reviewers. You're pure encouragement. (It also helps that my private life is non-existant.)
I planned to make this story about 20 chapters long so we're getting closer to the ending. This would be the perfect time to utter any suspicions you have. ;)

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Chapter 15: Whodunit?

"Come on, Maxwell, let me talk to him. He's my suspect. I've talked to him before. Wentz told me about the tension between him and his girlfriend Sommer," Kirsh keeps on and on at her superintendent.

The male officer is wearing a doubtful look on his face. "I don't know, Kirsh. I think you've got enough on your plate by taking care of Wentz," he tries to convince her to let one of her colleagues interrogate Patrick Stump.

"Please... who were you gonna send in with him? Douglas? Please, that guy is a push-over. He acts as if he's the thoughest but when it comes down to it, he pees his pants and screams for Mommy. Remember the O'Hannigan case? How he let the prime suspect get away? Douglas is never going to get anything out of Stump..."

Detective Maxwell gives in. If there is one thing that Kirsh is definitely not, it's a push-over and if this Patrick Stump has anything to do with the kidnapping of Moranne Sommer, she will squeeze it out of him. Yet, there is one thing that worries him.

"I tell you what: I let you talk to Stump. But Douglas will interrogate Wentz in the meantime. Rumor has it you're getting a little too involved with his case and I don't trust that you-"

"Who said that?" Kirsh's eyes gleam furiously. That little bitchy Sommer girl.

Her boss doesn't inform her that it was Dr. Morley. He thinks highly of Kirsh, she's one of his best men; despite her gender. But he wants to let somebody that isn't around the victim 24-7 talk to him, somebody who has an outsider's look on the affair. Maybe that can bring new insights, because for now they are completely clueless.

"Fine, don't tell me," the female detective breathes out, pulling herself together. "But why do you need to interrogate Wentz? He talked to Jones and McCormack yesterday. He told them all he knows."

Definitely emotionally involved - good God, Adrienne.

In turning around officer Maxwell sighs, "You know that's the standard routine, Kirsh. Now don't argue with me. Stump's in room three. If you don't get your ass in there right away I will send somebody else."

"Yes, sir," she knows it's no point in arguing with him. She can be very convincing but he's simply got the last say in matters like these. And she gets to question Stump, that's all she wanted.

Before she heads toward the respective room, she takes a quick glance through the big glass pane that separates the detectives' cubicles from the main administrative office and the waiting area. Pete is sitting on a plastic bench with pop-up seats, his head hanging, staring at his hands on his knees. That moment Detective Douglas, a tall obese man with sweat stains on his shirts in the deepest winter, accosts the bassist.

Feeling her eyes on him, Douglas turns in the direction of Kirsh, a scornful look on his countenance as he eyeballs her.

"How I hate that guy," the woman growls softly and opens the door to room three.

As she enters and pulls the door shut behind her, Patrick rises from his chair behind a small table, "Could you please tell me what's going on here?"

She extends her hand but he ignores it.

"I want to know why I am here," he insists.

Kirsh shrugs her shoulders, pulls her hand back and takes a seat opposite of him, "I suppose you are aware of the fact that Mr. Wentz's girlfriend Ms. Sommer is missing."

"Yes, I am aware of this fact. I am not aware, however, of why you are keeping me. I don't have anything to do with this. This must have been Pete's stalker!"

"I completely agree with you, Mr. Stump."

The man's eyes widen and his jaw almost drops, "You think that I am the stalker?! Is that why I'm here?"

"I just want to ask you few simple questions, that's all."

"I should probably call my lawyer first..." the man, taken by surprise, mutters under his breath, still not believing the situation he's currently finding himself in.

Kirsh knows how to deal with reluctant interview partners, "You are of course at liberty to do so, Mr. Stump, but if you do want to wait for your lawyer to come here, we will have to take up even more of your precious time."

"Fine. Shoot," Patrick resigns. "I didn't do anything so I don't need my lawyer anyway."

If I had a dime for everytime I've heard that one before.

"Perfect. I appreciate your cooperation, Mr. Stump. So, first off, where were you yesterday between..."

In the meantime the other detective and Pete have made their way to the room next door.

"I'm sorry that we have to ask you these questions again, Mr. Wentz, but since we are pretty much in the dark about all of this-"

Pete interupts Douglas, "What do you mean 'in the dark'? Kirsh said you've got a lead."

Nevermind what Kirsh said.

"Well, Detective Kirsh is interrogating HER main suspect as we speak but-"

"Who's the main suspect?"

"Mr. Wentz, it is necessary that you tell me about what happened yesterday in detail again."

Pete keeps quiet.

"You want you girlfriend back, right? Then you have to help me here, ok?"


"Also, I want you to know that we are not suspecting you," Douglas adds reassuringly.

Pete huffs, "You'd be a fucking moron if you suspected me. A) I love that woman and B) the freaking stalker knocked me out and left me in the middle of the forest with no car keys and no cell phone. Not suspecting me, man... I want to talk to Kirsh."

Great. Asshole. I shouldn't have said that about not suspecting him. Maxwell warned me about this guy's short fuse. He's like Kirsh. I just want to help him. And maybe make Maxwell see what a good cop I am. I don't understand how he could have passed that job over to that bitch.

"Officer Kirsh is busy right now, Mr. Wentz. I'm afraid you will have to take potluck with me," he tries a grin.

You can wipe that fucking grin off your face, sucker.

"Let's start off with this one: Do you remember seeing anyone in the woods? Anyone at all."

"I already told YOU PEOPLE that I haven't seen anyone. Don't you cops talk to one another? I told those two dudes yesterday. Kirsh was there, too."

If I hear the name 'Krish' again I'm gonna...

In room three the inquiry is in full swing. It takes a lot to make Patrick lose his temper but this woman is pushing him to the limit. The nerve to suspect him; isn't it obvious how much he suffers with his friend?

"Mr. Wentz told me about a big fight you had with Ms. Sommer not too long ago," the female detective opts for a frontal confrontation with the facts she has.

"Pete said that?" he asks disbelievingly.

I can sit here all day, my friend.

Kirsh crosses her legs under the table, "Well, since you told me yourself that you're not exactly a fan of your band colleague's girlfriend I am not finding this hard to believe."

"Yeah, I don't like her," Patrick agrees. "But that doesn't mean I plot out some crazy scheme to get her out of the way or something. Like pretend I'm some teenage girl in love with Peter. Just because you people are incapable of finding the person responsible for this you can't go around accusing good citizens like m-"

"Just answer my question, please."

"Theoretically you didn't ask a question, you said that Pete-"

The officer cuts him off, "Did you have a fight with her, saying you'd prefer it if she left Mr. Wentz alone, or not?"

"Maybe I said something like that but-"

"What problem exactly do you have with Ms. Sommer? Can't stand it that your best friend has a girlfriend and you're still single after... almost two years?"

"My personal life is none of your business."

"Sometimes actions speak louder than words, don't they?" Kirsh knows she's pushing it with this one but her only hope is that if he gets too emotional he will give himself away.

After the interrogation the woman doesn't have anything to hold against him. He didn't admit having done anything, but his animosity towards Moe remains obvious to the officer.

"Well, I hope this helped to clear things up," Patrick says, trying to be his polite self again. I am not going to waste my energy on this woman.

"Thank you very much, Mr. Stump. You'll hear from us should we need your help again."

Both of them spot Pete sitting on the bench behind the pane. Since Kirsh has to report her results to Maxwell, Patrick reaches him first.

The bassist is surprised to see him, "What are you doing here?"

"Your Officer Kirsh thinks I did this to Moe and you," the lead singer answers, the anger fully audible.

"You can't be serious."

"You know, it's kinda funny because I recall that you told me yesterday on the phone that Moe threatened to report Kirsh to her boss because she's acting all unprofessional - when she found you guys on the bed. So if you think about it, your cop actually has a motif."

"What?!" Pete squeaks.

"Forget it, Pete. I've had enough for one day. I'll see you tomorrow at the soundcheck," he leaves the police station.

"Patrick! Wait, I didn't..." he trails off.

Five minutes later Kirsh walks over to him.

Pete jumps up from his seat, "How could you interrogate Patrick and not tell me about it?! He has nothing to do with this."

"Let's go home. I am sorry that you had to endure this asshole Douglas," Kirsh tries to avoid giving him a reply to his question.

When his cell rings around 7 am the next morning Pete wakes up with a throbbing headache. His heart starts racing as he notices his phone is buzzing.

unknown caller

Moe? Phebe?

He hits the answer button, "H-hello?"

"It's Patrick. I'm at the hospital. Someone paid me a visit last night and slashed my arm."

"What? Who?"

"She left a note. It was Phebe, Pete."

The bassist throws the covers off his body and hurries out of bed, "Which hospital you at? I will be right over."

There goes your stupid theory.

"KIRSH! Wake up!"
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