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Third in the 'Cake for Mommy' Series. Carrots were for Cassidy

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Sequel to A Cake For Mommy

Carrots were her weakness with Cassidy and with this pregnant it had been carrots too - for the first part anyhow. But once they passed the first trimester, her weakness had turned into pretzels. And not the baked kind that came in bags in grocery stores where he could easily get up in the middle of the night and pick up one at the nearest store, which just happened to be Wal-mart five blocks over. They were the carnival and bowling alley kind, complete with too much salt, a side of mustard and to gross him out more, peanut butter.

So here he was, in the kitchen with nothing but a tee shirt and boxers on, waiting on a pretzel in the over to heat up - at 3 o'clock in the morning. Glancing at the timer for a split second, Troy closed his eyes for a moment and hoped to get a bit of rest tonight. On top of Gabriella's cravings, Cassidy had pulled the worst temper tantrum that they both had seen in a while...and they really could blame it all on Chad this time. Opening his eyelids back up just in time for the beeper to go off, Troy pressed the off button, turned the over off and reached for the hot pretzel that Gabriella would devour in less than two minutes.

Complete with a cup of hot mustard and dollop of peanut butter, Troy set the pretzel on the plate and made his way back upstairs. Peaking briefly into Cassidy's room only to find her peacefully (thank God) sleeping with her arms around the giant teddy bear her grandfather had given her for her birthday this year, he stepped forward hoping Gabriella was still craving the pretzel unlike the last two or three times where he or Taylor or Zeke had made her one, only to bring it to her and she didn't want it anymore.

"Please tell me that your remembered the peanut butter," Gabby's voice said softly and a sleepy smile crept upon his face as he left a crack in the doorway and made his way over to her. Wit her giant baby name book out in her lip and a legal bad filled with possibilities, Troy slid in the bed and presented the coveted food to her. "You remembered the peanut butter!" her happy voice now entertained him. No one else in the world could be this wide awake at now 3:30 in the morning after the night they had. Kissing her sweetly on the lips before they were tainted with a condiment that he wasn't too fond of, he glanced at her list and roaming down the page of mostly all boy names.

"Hey Elle," he paused looking down the list, "what makes you think we're having a boy?" he questioned, hoping in his mind that it was but was never going to admit it to his wife. Although, as long as their baby was healthy, he would be happy.

"Jshhha husshh."

"Excuse me?" he laughed at her, his eyes still roaming over the scribbled pad and instantly nixed Arthur and George.

"Just a hunch," she said again, this time without the mouth full of pretzel in her mouth. "Call it mother's intuition," she gave him a mustardly smile and he laughed at her for the umpteenth time again.

"What do you call this then - Chester? Seriously, Chester? Think of how that sounds and then think of all the awful nicknames and the teasing this kid is going to get - myself included," Troy turned and stared at her.

"Oh, name?" Another cheeky, mustardy smile greeted him and he grabbed the pen from the book, crossing off the name from the possibilities list.

"Nice try. I know both of our families' history better than you and Chester, is not on there and it never will be. Neither is Pippin."

"Ryan can be very persuasive when he wants to be."

"Ryan is a true thespian, I'll give him that but he is not naming our child."

"I've always liked the name Ryan."

"And I like the name Chad," he told her, clearly indicating that they still weren't going to name their children after their friends. "Appointment's at nine, right?" Troy asked, wanting to make sure they both were there at the correct time and Cassidy was safely with his mother for the morning.

"Yea and I betcha that Evan will be more excited to see you than me and baby here."

"I wouldn't say that....well, maybe. When's the last time I saw Evan? Two, three weeks ago?"

"I think so," Gabriella said, slouching back down on the bed and placing her head on the big pillow beside him. "What about Christopher?" Her eyes slipped close as she asked, "I like Christopher."

Troy looked over to a sleepy Gabriella and gently smiled. Pushing the legal pad back on top of the book and taking them over to the side table, along with the place of salt crumbs, he slid down beside her and just observed her soft features. Brushing his hand through a loose strand of her hair and tucking it back behind her ear, Troy again realized how amazing his life really was. Sure, he wasn't in the NBA like he had been told he would be since he was three, but the life he had right now, right in front of him by far trumped any NBA lifestyle. He was sure of it. Placing a gentle kiss on top of the emerging bump of her stomach and covering it with his hand, he looked back up to see her smiling at him through her eyes. "I like Christopher too."
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