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Carrots were for Cassidy

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"Tell me I'm not seeing things, is that my Cassi-Dee!" Jack Bolton sang off tune as Troy walked into his parent's place with Cassidy in his arms and her head on his shoulder. Taking the tired girl from his arms, Jack wrapped his own arms around the apple of his eye and back to Troy, wondering why she was this tired at eight in the morning. Normally, if they were taking care of her for the day, it was the opposite.

"Two words: Uncle Chad," Troy explained, grabbing for the coffee pot before he turned back around and headed out to pick Gabriella back up at their house again. She wasn't quite ready when he was to take Cassidy over here.

"Enough said," Jack told his son, understanding completely the powers of Chad Danforth. "God help us if him and Taylor ever decide to breed."

"Just remember you said it, not me," Troy commented as Jack disappeared for a second with Cassidy to lay her down in the den with his wife, Lynne. Coming back out to chat with Troy for a few seconds more until he had to go, Jack grabbed his own cup of coffee he left sitting on the counter and leaned into his son.

"So today's the day. You nervous?"

"Not as much as I thought I'd be," Troy paused, glancing at the clock to make sure he had enough time to talk about this and he did. More than enough, actually. "She thinks it's a boy."

"A boy? That's wonderful Troy!" Jack exclaimed, standing straight up with a big smile on his face. This, was music to Jack Bolton's ears. And truth be told, he was hoping that Cassidy was a boy, but now wouldn't trade her for the world. "You aren't smiling, why aren't you smiling?"

"I'm recovering from last night," Troy joked. "I am excited but I don't want to get my hopes up."

"He's the 'as long as the baby's healthy' dad, Jack, you should know that," Lynne came back out to the kitchen, looking for her own mug amongst the many in their cupboard. Kissing her son's temple, she smiled at him, "Morning Troy."

"Hi Mom."

"I personally think that it's a girl," she told them both, filling her cup up to the rim.

"You just want another granddaughter to spoil," Jack commented.

"And you do to," Lynne told him, winking in his direction. "If you can tell me with a straight face that you wouldn't want another Cassidy, then I will buy you that dinner on Friday," she upped the wager and slid onto a stool next to Troy.

Jack looked between his son and his wife and caved in instantly. There was no way he would say no to another Cassidy, but he wouldn't say no to a boy either.

"I love the smell of victory in the morning," Lynne sniffed the air and nudged Troy in the elbow.
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