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Carrots were for Cassidy

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Gabriella groaned inwardly. As much as she loved coming to see Evan, she really wanted to get the appointment over with and make her anxiousness go away. Her and Troy had decided early this morning that they wanted to find out the exact same way that they found out about what Cassidy was going to be. And although she loved when Troy and Evan got together, she really didn't want to hear all about the basketball game that was on last night that she had avoided. She just wanted to know their baby was healthy and she would be happy. Cringing at the cool gel that Evan just smoothed out on her bulging stomach, Gabriella leaned her head back and let her nerves settle a bit.

"Okay, let's see how we're doing today," Evan's voice made her look over to him as Troy held her hand in his.

It was amazing how just holding her hand could wipe away all the worries in her mind. Smiling softly at her husband, Gabriella turned back to Evan as he roamed around her belly with the scope.

"Wow," he said, smiling wide as she looked back to Troy.

"What does that mean?"

"It means that this baby is extremely happy," Evan said, turning the screen so they both could see. "Just watch," he told them. And then the magic started.

It was just a gray, fuzzy image for most people but for the Bolton's, at this moment in time, it was their future. They were instantly in love with the baby as it played inside of Gabriella's stomach. It was the hand that fascinated him or her the most as it went from one side to the other and the shaking motion right after was most certainly a laugh; a wonderful, beautiful laugh.

"He's got my laugh," Gabriella mentioned, smiling over at Troy.

"We don't even know if it's a boy yet, Gabby."

"I do."

"But, I, the doctor, with more than 12 years of medical school and experience behind my diploma on the wall in my office," Evan enlightened them, pulling their gazes back to him, "know for certain." They both heard the printer and watched Evan scribble the gender of the baby on a piece of torn off paper, tucking it in an envelope and handing it to Troy.
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