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Carrots were for Cassidy

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They had wanted to do it like last time. They both had wanted it to be special so they had had Zeke bake them a cake - carrot cake - to tell them what gender Cassidy was. This time, though, they wanted to do it a bit differently. Gabriella opened the door to her in-laws home, followed by Troy, and headed straight for the kitchen without a second thought.

"Didn't you just eat?" Troy chuckled and followed her, tossing his keys on the island in front of him.

"Breakfast," she enlightened him, peering into the fridge with only one thing on her mind, "was this morning. Your son..."

"Or daughter," he pointed out.

"Is making me hungry again," Gabriella rolled her eyes and looked back in the fridge again, landing her eyes on a bowl of the most perfect wine colored grapes anyone had ever seen. "Oooo, yummy."

"What yummy Mommy?" Cassidy's small voice came beside her as she and Lynne came into the house from playing outside.

"I see someone found the grapes," Lynne teasingly said and picked Cassidy up, setting her on one of the stools around the island and close to her father. "I see an envelope," she said and looked between Troy and Gabriella. "Still haven't opened it?"

"No," Troy answered as his wife took a seat in between him and Cassidy, sharing her bowl of grapes with their daughter. "We figure that since Cassie here is learning all about words and numbers, she'd give us the good news." Troy grabbed the envelope from beyond the mini-Gabriella's reach and set it in front of her. "So, Cassie baby, wanna open this for Mommy and Daddy?"

"How?" Cassidy shrugged her shoulders with the million dollar question hanging in the air.

"She's three, Troy," Lynne pointed out to her son and pulled Cassidy's stool over closer to her own and showing her how to open the envelope. "Like this sweetheart," her grandmother said, opening the flap and pulling out a piece of torn paper with Evan's scribble on it. Smiling widely like a proud grandmother, Lynne glanced over at her son and daughter in-law before placing it in Cassidy's hands.

"What does it say Cassidy?" Gabriella asked her young daughter, not itching with more apprehension than before.

"How many letters?"

"One, two," she counted out and paused, looking at Lynne for guidance.

"That's not a letter sweetie, keep going."

"Okay. Three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Eight letters Daddy."
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