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Carrots were for Cassidy

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Eight letters. There were several things that Evan could've written on the piece of paper but none involved just eight letters. Troy was thinking more of a three or four letter word, not one that involved eight letters. Snatching one of the grapes from the bowl, he popped it into his mouth and looked down at Gabriella. "Eight letters, Elle."

"Eight letters," she echoed and looked up at him, gracing him with a smile to match the happiness in her eyes.

"What are you thinking, apart from why we decided to find out this way again?"

"I'm thinking that Evan likes to make us think," she confessed and reached for the envelope lying in front of their daughter. "What are you thinking?" she asked, studying his features as she had just figured the eight letters out.

"I'm thinking he wrote down twin girls," he told her honestly.

"That's nine letters."

"Twin boys?"


"But that's eight letters."

"Try another," Gabriella told Troy, sliding off the stool and facing him with the torn paper in her hand.

He didn't know. He honestly did not know and made a mental note that next time, yes, next time they decided to have another child, they would just find out the gender at the doctor's office. It would make his life so much easier. Troy stared at his wife in front of him and started to laugh at himself and the both of them as she gently and slowly opened the piece of paper towards him.

Then he smiled widely, grinning like a little boy on Christmas Day. And he didn't hesitate pressing his lips against Gabriella's and pulling her up into his embrace, baby in tow, twirling her around in pure happiness. Setting her down not a moment later, he looked back into her happy eyes, "So this means I win, right?"
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