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Carrots were for Cassidy

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"And what do we get if we add in tomatoes?" Troy asked his 10th grad History class, trying to get a point across about diversity in America. "Jimmy, any ideas?" he called on the boy in back as he noticed his eyes slip close about ten minutes ago. "Jimmy?"


"Is there something boring about this class?" he asked the class but directed it more towards the sophomore jock. But before he could answer, or try to, Troy answered for him. "It is. It's okay, you can admit it. Let's try another approach..." he started just as the final bell rang. "That we will pick up tomorrow! Chapter 3 people, read it. If I had to, you have to!" he yelled after them and chuckled, predicting that half of them wouldn't remember to do so.

Starting to pack up the papers and his teaching lessons for the day, Troy heard his cell phone ring from inside his bag like the fire engine did when there was actually a fire in their suburb. Recognizing the ring tone immediately, he picked it up and didn't need to read the caller ID. "Hey sexy," he said smiling.

"Hi babe. Can you pick up Cassidy from Mom's?"

"Thought I was already doing that. Where are you?"

"Stuck in Lava Springs. The couple I'm supposed to be showing the house to is running late and Kate is so not on my good list right now," Gabriella's voice resonated over the receiver as he heard her slide out a chair from the luxurious suburb's homes. She and his mother had built a small and very successful realty business within Albuquerque and Gabriella still loved to show the homes off instead of just dealing with the corporate side, like his Mom did.

"When is she ever?" Troy laughed at her comment about Kate, another realtor for another company that they'd had the pleasure of getting to know over the years. "Any ideas yet?"

"Just one, but you won't like it."

"Try me."

"Kelsi," Gabriella said honestly as Troy put his head to paper on his desk. "Told ya."

"Okay, one, way too close to Cassidy and two, I thought we agreed no naming after our friends?"

"I know," she said, settling into a comfortable position and silence with him until the prospective buyers pulled up in the driveway. "I guess I have to pull out our old list."

"That's not a bad thing ya know."

"I know. It's a good thing. We had good names on there," Troy could feel her smile at the thought, "Okay, they're here. Remember Cassidy," She reminded him.

"When have I ever forgotten her? Love you."

"Love you too."
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