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Carrots were for Cassidy

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"Troy! Finally!" Sara Montez flung open the door and pulled her son-in-law in before he had the chance to run away.

"Um, hi Mom," Troy said to her, raising an eyebrow about her excitement to see him. The last time she was this excited was when he and Gabriella told their parents they were expecting again. "What's with the pulling in the door?"

"She's asking questions and I can't answer them. Well, I can, but she wants to hear them from daddy," Sara walked him into the playroom and saw his pride and joy half watching Cinderella and half playing the keyboard with her stuffed animals that were over abundant.

"I guess I just say it right, right?" He shrugged.

"Or you just have that smile that matches hers," Sara laughed as Troy crawled in next to his daughter and got caught up in the movie playing.

"This is my favorite part," he whispered and caught Cassidy's attention.

Her face instantly lit up with glee as her arms went up in the air and Troy dodged them to avoid a smack to his own face. "Daddy!"

"Hey pumpkin, what are we doing?"

"Playing Breaking Free, Dadddy. We really good," Cassidy pulled the toy elephant closer as he assumed he was on the drums while she was on piano.

"I love that song! Can you play that for Mommy and Daddy later?" Nodding her head urgently, Troy pressed his lips to her head and sat up, pulling her into his lap all at once. "I heard you played 20 questions with Gramma."

"Uh huh," Cassidy nodded.

"What'd you ask her?"

"Where mommy got her belly from," she said as if it were an everyday question with an plain and simple answer.

"And what did Gramma tell you?"

"She said ask you."

Troy looked back to his mother-in-law who just had a wide smile plastered on her face towards him. "Thanks Mom," he paused and looked back down at Cassidy who had pulled a book into her own lap and was flipping through the pages. "Well, pumpkin," Troy cleared his throat and started on his answer - his very complicated answer. "Mommy and I wanted another you."


Troy had to remind himself that Cassidy was three and the 'why' stages were just starting. "Because we just love you so much."


"Because we just do."

"Okay Daddy, but where Mommy's belly come from?"

"It came from...uh...from the stork," Troy completely made that up from the top of his head, remembering how he asked his aunt one time and the answer he got. "We made a wish to have another Cassidy and Mr. Stork came and gave Mommy a new belly."

"Okay Daddy. I like Mommy's belly. It kicks sometimes," Cassidy giggled and brushed his answer right off, seeing another toy that sparked her interest more than anything else.

Troy let out a deep breath he didn't know he was holding in and let his upper half crash onto the floor below him. "That's not gonna be the last time is it?"

"Not if you're planning to do this again, which I hear from my daughter, is the plan," Sara teased and added in on the end for good measure, "But just think Troy, then it will be two girls," he held up two wiggling fingers as Troy covered his eyes with his own hands.

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