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Hypnos, Stop!

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In this chapter, mostly dedicated to Jay and the others, they find Hypnos and learn that Hera lied to them about the Dream World. Meanwhile, in the Dream World, Archie and the others are gone, and ...

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A/N: So, here is the next chapter, and this one will mainly be about Jay and the others at the very beginning and then end with Archie and the mysterious book that he found. I figured, since I hadn't mentioned Jay and the others for awhile, I really should, lol. The only reason that I hadn't was because I only read (usually) the very last chapter I left off with, and then go from there. Well, today, being summer holidays and all, I read the whole thing over to refresh my memory of what I've said and haven't said already, etc, so, hopefully this will be a nice long chapter for those of you looking forward to that. Thanks to everyone who reviewed, thanks for being patient (and since it's summer holidays, I can update as much as possible now without too many distractions!) And here's the next chapter of Land of Dreams.

NOTE: Again, I know just very little about Hypnos, I know nothing of what he looks like or how he would be portrayed, so most if not all (probably all, other than his name and the basic knowledge!) Is based completely on my own imagination, and not the actual legend surrounding him.

Disclaimer: As usual, Class of the Titans does not belong to me. Only a few select characters in this story do, and even they are based on real people.

Class of the Titans: Land of Dreams

Chapter Eight: Hypnos, Stop!

Herry, Odie and Neil all began chasing after who they believed was Hypnos - a robe of a midnight blue shade flowing behind him, heavy black boots that were doing nothing to slow him down, for even Herry was having problems keeping up, and he was probably the most fit amongst the three descendants.

"Stop!" Herry cried out, picking up the pace. "We just want to talk, man!" Odie caught up to Herry and stopped him from running.

"Wait - I think he's listening to us," Odie replied slowly. He stared inquiringly at Hypnos, who had stopped dead in his tracks and begun to slowly turn around. "Hypnos?" Odie asked, trying to confirm if that's who it was or not. For a moment, Odie could have swore he saw a look of deepest regret in Hypnos' eyes, as if he was himself for just that moment.

"I... cannot. You must realize, I have no control over any of this. I... it's not..." Hypnos' face appeared to be twisted suddenly with hatred, with a look of deep contempt "You do not understand what is at stake!" He shouted loudly, very suddenly, and began to approach them. "You must not get in the way of what is planned. I cannot let it!" He lunged for them, and Herry duck and threw Hypnos a few feet ahead of them.

"We don't want to hurt you!" Herry shouted, taking a few steps towards Hypnos.

Neil, meanwhile, was taking a few steps back. He wasn't sure why, but something was telling him to move away...

"CRONUS!" Herry, Odie and Neil all turned around, and saw Jay and Theresa had arrived, and Jay was pointing up towards the sky. Sure enough, just where Neil had been standing, was a scythe that belonged to none other than the God of Time himself. Cronus.

"Ahh, and we have all the lovely little descendants here for a gathering. A... get together, if you will. But... where is dear Archie and Atlanta? Now, don't tell me they stayed at home... tsk, tsk, tsk... missing such a reunion? But that's alright. I'm sure Hypnos has great wonders in store for them."

"Cronus, you won't beat us!" Jay shouted, rushing forward so that he was beside Odie and Herry. Theresa dragged a reluctant Neil up with them. They stood together... as five descendants.

"Ah, but I won't have to do a thing. In fact, I haven't done a thing, except promise Hypnos... well, I suppose that's something between old friends, isn't it?" Cronus laughed at whatever inside joke he was sharing with Hypnos.
Jay, fuming inside, rushed forward to attack Cronus, who simply vanished and appeared behind the team. Theresa shoved Odie out of the way just in time before Cronus attacked him, and she glared up at Cronus.

"Why are you playing games with us? Why did you only take two of us and put them under Hypnos' spell? Why not all of us? Or is that too much power for even you to use up?" Theresa asked him, getting angrier by the second. Cronus simply laughed at her, completely unfazed by anything she had said, or unfazed by the fact that the five descendants were standing, united, ready to fight him off.

"Well, I figured it would be much more fun watching you scramble around looking for your friends. Would you... like to see them? I'm sure Hypnos can show you a preview of what your friends are going through, if... that's what you want..." Theresa glared at him, not trusting his word, but he turned his head back towards where Hypnos was sitting, and summoned him.

"Yes, master Cronus?" Hypnos replied quietly, standing next to the God. Theresa rolled her eyes and tried not to show her disgust at Cronus being called 'master' by anyone, even if Hypnos was under some spell from Cronus, or promised something. Or both.

"I think that we should show these young children-" Herry scoffed at being called children; "Their darling friends in that wonderful world you created, don't you?" Cronus asked. Hypnos nodded, and grabbed his staff which had fallen while he was running earlier. He closed his eyes and began muttering words that even Theresa couldn't understand with her knowledge of magic, and when he opened them, his eyes were glowing a bright white, no colour in them at all, and the light was blinding. Theresa fell backwards from the brightness, and fell to the ground. And that was when she saw them.


Oh no, Archie thought, looking up. This is not going to be good... He closed his eyes and let go of the branch, falling to the ground, landing just barely on his feet. He opened his eyes again and looked up, and saw the bird staring menacingly back at him, checking first to see if her babies were safe and unharmed, before she took flight again, chasing after him.

Archie wasn't as fast as Atlanta, by any means, but he was pretty fast for the average descendant, and he began running as fast as he could. For a moment, he had the fleeting thought of how angry Atlanta would be when she found out he left them, for starters, and when she found out that he had been in danger without letting anyone know. All he knew was that the others couldn't fight, and Atlanta... he needed to keep her safe. She could protect herself, he knew, and he hoped desperately she would wake up on her own before anything happened to her. But right now, his main focus was getting the bird away from the one he cared about.

"I was just grabbing a key!" Archie shouted, really to no one but himself, because he was sure that the bird couldn't understand him. She wasn't a Stymphalian bird, thankfully, because Archie had quite enough of those, but she was large enough to be frightening, and he would focus on fighting her at least away from him after he was away from the others.


Atlanta woke up, and yawned. As she looked around, she saw... no one. Not the three teenagers that she and Archie had picked up and promised to protect, and more importantly, not Archie. She was all alone.

"Guys!" Atlanta cried out, getting to her feet immediately. "Where are you? Lizzy! Andrew! Sarah, are you there? ARCHIE!" She screamed the last name desperately. There was nothing answering her; she didn't hear a single sound, and that terrified her. Not only were there no voices, but there were no sounds of animals, no sounds of the wind blowing or water flowing, or even the fire nearby crackling. All she heard was her own echo, bouncing off the mountains and trees and coming back to her. She ran to where Archie had been sitting the night before, and saw very faintly, what could have been his footprints leading towards a tree.

She wasn't used to tracking humans, because she had never done it before, she had only ever tracked animals, but she could see the footprints in the light dirt, and hoped desperately that it was Archie's footprints, and not something else. She heard the sound of baby birds squeaking, and she looked up and saw a nest in the tree. She found herself smiling; she loved nature, and baby birds were definitely one of the things she wanted to protect. As she began to bring her gaze back to her surroundings, she noticed what appeared to be a torn piece of Archie's sweater on the tree. Frowning, she jumped up to the tree and climbed to where the fabric was. It was Archie's all right - that meant, for whatever reason, he had been climbing this tree. Had he seen the birds? She dropped to the ground, and saw a book.

It had a lock on it, and she knew that she probably wouldn't be able to open it. Besides, her main focus was finding out where everyone went - Sarah, Lizzy and Andrew wouldn't survive on their own. And Archie... he was her best friend. That was the only reason she cared about where he was. Keep telling yourself that. Atlanta heard a voice in her head say, and she shook it furiously and fell to the ground, clutching her head in close to her knees. This wasn't the time to be questioning her emotions!

Getting up, she heard someone scream, and began to run as fast as she could in that direction. It sounded like one of the girls, and if it was them, they were probably in danger - where was Archie? Was he with them? Or was he lost, somewhere out in this dream world? Atlanta quickened her speed even more, and finally stopped dead in her tracks when she reached a clearing.

Well, she had found Lizzy, Sarah and Andrew. Sort of.


"ATLANTA!" Theresa screamed, feeling the pain in her head increase. It felt as if someone was stabbing her brain with an electrical wire, sending shocks throughout her entire body. And the rest of her body felt as if people were stabbing needles into every visible area of skin, hard, and breaking the needle off inside of her. Of course, that wasn't happening at all, but she wished the pain would go away.

Jay rushed over to her, concerned. She started to stand up, or attempt to, but began to fell to the ground. Jay caught her and glared up at Cronus.

"What are you doing to her!?" Jay demanded. Cronus laughed, a smile coming to his face - nothing scarier than seeing your enemy, a God no less, smile - and turned to Hypnos.

"Why, /I/, have done nothing, Jay. Quite the contrary, actually. She has simply seen what is going on with your friends, oh, dear me... would you like to see? It seems no one else but young Theresa has experience this... this vision... of your friends demise. Well, soon to be demise. They aren't dead yet - but they will be. You're all foolish, and you've been coming at this the wrong way. Instead of trying to find dear Hypnos, you should have been using Theresa's magic to get into the world that Hypnos has created, with a little help of my powers, of course... there is only one way out of the dream world. And unlike what Hera would have you believe, it is not to stop me, or to stop Hypnos. In fact, she lied to you. She knew exactly how to stop all of this. She just didn't want to tell you." Cronus stepped forward slightly, but stopped when Herry went to go at him. He raised his hands, as if to say he meant no harm to them - for the moment.

"You're lying!" Jay shouted, grabbing his sword and pointing it in Cronus' direction. "Hera wouldn't lie to us! Archie and Atlanta are our friends!" Theresa, finally able to move on her own, the pain having since subsided, smiled weakly and pulled away from Jay so that he could lunge at Cronus without worrying about dropping her. Jay ran forward, pinning Cronus against a tree, his sword at Cronus' throat.

"Ah, but you don't want to kill me, Jay. You are right, to a point. Hera wouldn't directly lie to you - but she knew there was nothing any of you could do to save your friends. And she knew that you could still try and stop me. But if you kill me, and the spell is broken on Hypnos... he loses the power I gave him. And your friends will be stuck in that world forever." The reality of his words sank in. They couldn't do anything. Hera had sent them to fight Cronus and Hypnos, when she knew it would mean Archie and Atlanta would be lost. She didn't care about them at all; she cared about getting rid of Cronus. Suddenly, Jay realized how often he had been just like her.

"So how do they get out, Cronus? There has to be a way!" Theresa cried out, forgetting it seemed for the moment that he was their enemy and likely wouldn't want to help them. But then again, what harm could it possibly do? It wasn't as if they could talk to Archie and Atlanta; they couldn't help them at all. They were helpless, and they had to rely on the fact that Archie and Atlanta were strong fighters.

"I suppose there's no harm in telling you," The smirk on Cronus' face was very evident; he was enjoying seeing them helpless to help their friends. "Your dear friends must find Hypnos' spirit in the dream world, and they must defeat it. It will bring them back to this world - and Hypnos will still be alive in this world, but the dream world will be gone, and all those inside of it will return to your precious Earth." With that, Cronus turned around and walked into his portal, Hypnos following shortly after him. Jay attempted to throw his sword at Cronus before he disappeared through the portal, but it was a lost cause.

"Already, they're in grave danger! And... we can't help them." Theresa blinked away the tears that had begun to fall, and stood up determined. "We need to talk to Hera - if she knew about this, maybe she knows of something that Cronus isn't telling us. We need to get in that dream world - somehow."

A/N: Sorry this was mostly about Theresa, Jay, Odie, Herry and Neil, but since they hadn't been mentioned a lot lately, I thought that they should have this chapter mostly to themselves. Next chapter will elaborate more on the book that Archie found, and just how exactly Atlanta found the others - or should I say, what state she found them in. R&R!
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