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Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 of TBP

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Twin Black Phoenix
A Ranma ½ and Sailor Moon Crossover
By Tomas Megarson

Disclaimer: I disclaim everything in this story that isn't mine.
Meaning everything in it but Keikan. He is mine, and I am more than
happy to lend him out if asked. Slavery is a wonderful thing, no?

Note: This is going to be dark in some places. It will be extremely
dark at times. In fact, I suggest you think of this as a Dark Fic. If
you don't like dark fics don't read, but then again, this may be the fic
that gets you to like them, so give it a shot anyway.

Now on to the story.

Chapter 4

Ranma's gaze wandered among the stars as the distant points of
glowing light shined into the Sol System. "How many of you are dead as
well?" Ranma whispered the question into the air as his face took on a
glaze of pain. Salina was dead, the same as many of those stars he
could see. Ranma regretted deeply that he couldn't see far enough so
that he was gazing into the past, so that he could see her.

He'd been tempted, just for an instant, to try to use the Gates
of Time to go back to that dreadful night, to take the chance to save
her life. In the deep silence of the night, as he lay still on his bed,
the sheets cold against his skin, he wondered if he could do it.

But then his honor asserted itself, his loyalty to his Lady came
to the front, and he let go of the desperate plan, and dropped into
sleep, never admitting even to himself the tears that marked his face.
Ranma stopped looking in the mirror in the morning, first washing his
face, and removing the stains by his eyes. If he didn't, he wasn't sure
what his mind would do or how much control he would manage to keep.

Placing his elbows on the rail keeping him from the glass, Ranma
buried his head in his hands. Life had become a cold, empty place for
him. He hadn't felt this alone since he was in Serenity's dungeon,
waiting for his execution, wondering why it had to happen to him.
"Damn." Still his voice was nothing but a whisper.

He couldn't understand even how this happened. Salina had
barely been in his life. He'd known her for only a few short weeks.
And yet with her death, it was as though he had been cut adrift. Keikan
tried to help him, and Setsuna attempted as well, but he couldn't open
up. Except for when he was alone and there was no one to see him.

Like now.

Maybe it had been the way she had smiled at him. Maybe it had
been the concern she'd shown when he'd hurt himself protecting her home.
Keikan had never shown him concern like that. Neither had Setsuna. But
for some reason, Salina did, and he'd barely gotten to know her. Salina
had become...important to him. Maybe he even ended up loving her. He'd
never get the chance to explore that, though. And maybe that's what was
causing him so much pain.


"Isn't there anything you can do for him, Keikan?"

"No, My Lady, he refuses to open up to me."

Setsuna gave a frustrated sigh that didn't come close to how she
was truly feeling. In the two months since the rebellion she led
against Queen Serenity she had been running herself ragged as she
basically ruled half of the system. The administrative hassle of
building completely new and just forms of government was giving her
nightmares every night. She had been thankful, however, that she had
been able to leave Ranma and Keikan to deal with the civil war she had

But now she wouldn't have either of them to help her. In two
hours they were to depart for Earth in an attempt to gain support on
that planet. And she would be left at her home to run everything else.
If she had had a chance to look at things objectively, she probably
would have found it funny that she was starting to fear what was
happening. Even though she had planned this all out, even though she
knew the most probable outcome to events, still she was scared. For
years now the only people she could confide in had been her two knights.
And this could very well be the last time she spoke to them. Or at
least to Keikan. Ranma had declined joining Keikan for this call across
the system. And perhaps that hurt her most of all.

"My Lady?"

Setsuna brought herself back to the present and turned her gaze
to the view screen that was displaying Keikan' image. "Yes?"

"I know I am out of line, but you need to get some more sleep.
You're trying to do everything, and that just isn't possible."

It was with a tired sigh that Setsuna responded. "I know that.
I should have a council fully formed by the end of the week, so stop
worrying about me."

"Very well, My Lady." Setsuna saw Keikan' head tilt toward the
side as he listened to something that didn't make it through the
communications system. "We are departing now, My Lady. May you fair

"And you as well, Keikan." Reaching out, Setsuna cut the
transmission before leaning back in her seat attempting to let the
stress leave her body. The majority of her stress had come from the
hunting and weeding out of all the spies and die-hard Serenity
supporters from the government, military, and even the mass population.
The civilians who supported Serenity were all shipped to the inner
planets on freighters who had all of their navigational gear destroyed.
There was no real reason to chance the civilians turning the ships
around and crashing them into military installations. Fanatics were
never known to be sane, after all. If they had been sane, they wouldn't
be supporting Serenity.

Opening a drawer in her desk, Setsuna dug underneath a stack of
paperwork. She didn't bother looking into the deep drawer; she would
know by touch when she had found what she was looking for. After a few
minutes her fingers brushed against an almost glass smooth surface.
Taking the book in her hand, she pulled it from under all of the work.

It had been almost a week since she had last removed this
specific book from her desk. Her memories drifted back to the days when
she had time to do so two or even three times in a single day. The book
was her personal journal, it was what she used to get her feelings,
thoughts, ideas, and pain out of her system. Her parents had given it
to her when she had turned seven, all those years ago. The silver
journal had remained mostly unused until she had received the mark of
Pluto and had been taken under her predecessor's wing.

The horrors she had discovered in those next four years were
beyond anything she could have dreamed possible. It had brought back
memories of stories her older brother had told her, about the evil that
their Mother committed and let others commit. She hadn't really
believed her brother's stories, at least not until he disappeared just
months before she had been revealed as the next Sailor Pluto. The
'search' her mother had called for was pathetic, not even a token amount
of what she had available to her.

Setsuna had never forgotten that, and when she had taken over as
Sailor Pluto, the first thing she sought out in the Gates of Time was
her brother. It took a lot of effort, a lot of time, and a lot of her
strength, but eventually she found him, blanketed by the Ginzuishou. He
had been given to Princess Serenity as nothing more then a toy. The
Princess had tortured him for almost a week before his life finally gave
out and he died.

She didn't even have to look at the pages, her fingers
immediately opened to the page when she wrote that down. Turning her
mauve eyes down to the entry, she wondered briefly how any one girl
could have so many tears to shed. The two pages on which she had
written that horrible event were wrinkled, smeared, and stained by the
pain that had flooded through her.

It was then that she began to seriously consider over throwing
the House of Serenity. She spent weeks at a time away from court, away
from what was left of her family, and searched through the Gates trying
to find something, anything that would let her succeed. When she came
across the already ambitious Beryl, she thought for a moment that she
had something that would work. But Serenity's Senshi would prove more
then enough to destroy Beryl and those she brought to her cause, leaving
Serenity and the Ginzuishou to destroy Metallia. So something else was

And as her search took her to the moon, she came across two
street boys who showed guts and courage, though in the end they would be
killed because of it. But if they weren't killed, if she could train
them so they had the strength and skill they needed to go with their
courage and guts, then perhaps they could become a force to be reckoned

But she couldn't find any paths within the Gates that showed her
a possible future of this happening. After some more searching, she
came to realize that she never once saw a time where the House of
Serenity would fall. It was as though the Gates of Time refused to
admit that such a thing could ever happen.

Setsuna had been forced to decide whether her guess on how the
Gates worked was correct or not. All of the books she had studied on
the gates had only made mention of searching for paths that would allow
the Silver Millenium to continue, never once did someone record a search
for seeing it end. This was perhaps her best chance, so she took the
risk and saved the pair from the wrath of Queen Serenity.

Again Setsuna's fingers flipped straight to a page, though this
one had no tearstains. She didn't look at the words so much as she did
the letters, wondering if she could analyze her writing that day. She
failed to do so, though she did recall how ecstatic and thrilled she was
that her plan was working so far. The two boys on who she was placing a
large piece of faith had agreed to help her.

Flipping again, Setsuna arrived at the next blank page to write
upon. Pulling out a quill and ink, she set the book down on her desk
and thought for a few moments. Things were going as she had planned, it
seemed as though her desperate gamble would work. But perhaps it would
be best to check the Gates of Time once more. Maybe now, with things as
far as they were, it would show her something. Placing that idea to the
side, she began to write.


Ryoga Habiki swallowed hard as he gazed out of the view port.
He wondered why he had been chosen to lead this attack when there were
those who both out ranked him and had more experience then he did in
combat. And yet he was leading this strike. Before him the Jupiter
Three orbital station grew larger. Spread around the assault shuttle he
was aboard the Third Freedom Fleet was engaging the Jupiter Royal Fleet.

Supposedly this would be a fast mission, taking no longer then
twenty minutes. A dozen Assault shuttles escorted by the Third Fleet
would send 200 soldiers on board the station. Once on board the
soldiers would make their way to key points, set up heavy explosives,
arm them, and pull out. Then as their forces retreated, the explosives
would detonate causing confusion among the enemy while they pulled back
to their own lines.

And for some strange reason that no one had bothered to explain,
he, Ryoga Habiki, just a senior member at the Saturn Military Academy
until a pair of months ago, was in command of the assault team. Perhaps
whoever designed the plan had faith that he could handle the mission,
that he could shoulder the responsibility. It was far more likely,
however, that whoever had planned the mission just didn't want to risk
anyone who was important.

Glancing over at the mission timer, Ryoga again swallowed hard.
Reaching out with a slightly trembling hand, he flicked on the intercom
and com. "Thirty seconds until go people." He was surprised at how
steady his voice was. He couldn't even hear a touch of fear in it.
"Get ready to break through." Again with his trembling hand, Ryoga
turned both systems off. He then nodded to the pilot of the shuttle and
left the cockpit for the passenger compartment.

Opening a container at the back of the compartment, Ryoga
withdrew a bladed staff that had a hefty weight at the end. The blade
had runes of pure silver inlaid to its surface. It was hoped that the
runes of power would give him an advantage over any demons that their
opponents might summon for help. Armed, armored, and as ready as he
thought he could be, Ryoga closed his eyes and waited.

In the thirty seconds that it took for the craft to reach the
station, Ryoga's mind went through a dozen nightmare scenarios. They
ranged from the station blowing up just as his craft set down to Queen
Serenity herself being on board and destroying all of their minds as
they stepped out of their craft. Then a shudder ran through the craft,
there was a thump, a hiss of air, and the back hatch opened.

No blast of energy came through the entryway. No hoard of
demons appeared in their midst. Raising a hand, Ryoga waved his people
forward. Now things got tricky.


The room was bright, even cheerful considering who's thrown was
at the far end of it. Upon the thrown at the top of a raised dais sat
Beryl, a Dutchess of Earth, an avid hater of the Silver Millenium, and a
consorter of demons. She had pale skin, blood red hair, and very cruel
eyes. And she was clearly angry.

Beryl was normally angry at something, and this time that
something was the two young men standing before her thrown. Neither had
bowed to her, neither had shown much courtesy toward her, and neither
showed even the slightest hint of fear of her. And it was driving her

Well, madder, anyway. At least that's what Ranma thought. If
Beryl had been sane to start with, she wouldn't be working to free
Metallia. But then they wouldn't have any use for her, either. Which
would have been fine with him. It wasn't the palace or the people
within it that bothered him. No, it was the fact that Beryl's palace
was at the North Pole of the world, and it was damn cold. Instead, he
spoke with a calm sure voice. "Your Grace, thank-you for seeing us."

"Of course. Speak your words."

Ranma wondered briefly how Beryl could make her voice colder
then the air in the palace before he continued. "Our Lady Pluto has
seen within the Gates of Time that you shall attack Serenity soon, Your
Grace. Should you attack alone, you are destined to fail and die in the
attack." He ignored the flinty look he got and continued speaking.
"Our Lady has no wish to see Serenity survive and continue to rule, and
so, she proposes a temporary alliance."

"What would I get out of this?"

Straight and to the point. Ranma found that rather refreshing
after having to dance with politicians the past few weeks. Getting
right to the heart of the matter was rather nice. "For starters you get
the chance to live. Don't get me wrong, we do NOT need you, Beryl."
Okay, so he wasn't exactly tactful. "We will win eventually. The only
question is how long it takes us to finish off Serenity's little
playmates, and then Serenity herself."

"I think you're lying. And your Lady," Beryl spoke with
contempt just dripping from her voice, "wouldn't be so stupid as to
offer me so pitiful of rewards."

Keikan, who had been silent thus far, nodded. "You are correct,
Your Grace." He showed no signs of the anger he felt at Beryl for
speaking of Setsuna with such disrespect. "Lady Pluto is willing to
grant you control of the Solar System from Mars inward. We will use the
asteroid belt as the boarder between our two nations."

Beryl remained silent for a few moments. "You are dismissed. I
will think about your offer. Someone show them to their room."

Ranma and Keikan turned to follow one of the maids that had begun
to leave the room. As they stepped out of the room they shared a
glance, wondering why Beryl had cut them off so soon. They had far more
to their speech and what they could offer. What was going through the
crazy bitch's mind?


It was the fire that awoke him. The burning sensation that tore
across his face brought him back to the realm of the living. Ryoga let
out a long, low groan of pain. His face burned with a fire so intense
he wasn't sure what was causing it.

Slowly his eyes came from the blackness. It took all of his
strength not to scream or even cringe in fear, for over him stood the
Dark Priestess of Mars, the Senshi of that blood covered world. The
memories came back to him in a rush. The unit he was a part of had made
it to the airflow control station and had set its explosive packs. As
they were pulling out of the station not one or two Senshi, but all four
ambushed them. His men had fought hard, but they fell one by one. Then
something slammed into him, knocking him unconscious.

And now he was here, in the clutches of those who he was
fighting against. He was dead now, he was sure. They would torture him
in ways so horrible he couldn't imagine; they would offer his heart to
whatever dark god it was they worshipped. But perhaps he had
accomplished something good, perhaps the mission had been a success. He
certainly hoped so.

The fear in his eyes was easy for the Senshi of Mars to read.
Her dark smile and eyes promising suffering showed that to Ryoga. He
pulled and yanked at the chains holding him down, but even with his
strength he failed to so much as cause them to twitch.

He would have continued to struggle, but for the hot finger that
began to trace over his face. He could feel the Senshi's fingers burn
into his face, melting the skin and causing it to scar. "My dear little
soldier," the Senshi's voice was sultry, almost promising both pleasure
and pain. It was then that Ryoga noticed that she was naked.

His nose almost began to bleed. Had he not been so scared it
might have. As it was, however, all he could think of was trying to
find a way to escape, to return home to his friends and family. Even as
he began to pull against the chains again he knew it was useless.

Which is why what the Red Priestess said next shocked him. "I'm
going to let you go, my dear little soldier. You are going to pay a
steep price, little soldier. Rebellion against our Queen needs to be
discouraged, and death is far to clean and simple an escape. No,
instead I am going to give you a curse, one that will haunt you and your
family to the end of your days." The Senshi of Mars then reached over
to the side to get something.

Ryoga tried to turn his head to see what she was getting, even
as he began to tremble in fear. Who knew what kind of curse would be so
cruel that death was a better option?

Then the Senshi of Mars was over him again and in her hand was a
long thin knife, glowing orange by the fire it had been resting in.
Then, with a wicked and almost gleeful grin, she began to carve into
Ryoga's chest, chanting a dark mantra all along.

Ryoga began to scream.


Setsuna blinked her tired eyes as she finished dating the entry
into her journal. It had been a long day filled with more diplomacy
then she wanted to remember. But her council was finally formed, and a
truly fair and just rule would begin within the Sol System. It was a
day long awaited for many.

Again she opened the drawer of her desk and placed Journal in
its special place. There was no real reason to keep it there, as all
the system knew her feelings about Serenity now. But it was a habit she
was used to, and one that was harmless.

Getting up from her desk, she walked to the large, body length
mirror that was on the far side of her bedroom. With an almost
negligent movement, she removed her bathrobe and gazed at the skin that
her nightgown revealed. The last of the bruises had finally faded from
her skin, and the scars had been healed over completely by those mages
who had joined her side of the civil war.

For the first time in a long while, she tried a smile in her
mirror, checking to see if it still fit on her face. It had been far
too long since she had last gazed at herself like this without feeling
the pain and sadness that she had hidden away for so long. Her life was
finally moving on.

Turning away from the mirror, the smile still on her face,
Setsuna walked over to her large bed and slipped in under the covers.
She had another long day ahead of her and she needed all of the sleep
she could get. Perhaps she'd manage not to have any nightmares this
time. It would be good for her soul if she had peaceful dreams, dreams
of better and happier times that should come in the future.

And as she drifted to sleep, her last question for the day was
whether there would be a time that her bed wouldn't be so cold.

Author's Notes: So, chapter four comes to an end, and things are set
up. Come back for Chapter 5, in which this story comes to an end.
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