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Chpater 5

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The final chapter of TBP

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Disclaimer: None of the characters of Ranma ½ and Sailor Moon belong to
me. I recommend that you don't sue me as I don't have the money to even
afford a lawyer for 15 minutes.

Twin Black Phoenix
A Ranma ½ and Sailor Moon Crossover
By Tomas Megarson

Note: This is going to be dark in some places. It will be extremely
dark at times. If you don't like dark fics, then I don't recommend it.

Chapter 5

It was a silent night. Shadows held their places as the moon
flowed through its paces. The Earth hung high in the sky waiting for
the dawn to come. Two shadows moved from opposite ends to meet upon the
roof of a darkened shop. Neither shadow moved but stared at the other.
As if on some silent command the two embraced. In the darkness none
could tell which was speaking, the taller or the shorter. Neither so
much as flinched to show any sign.

"So, did we get our orders?"

"Yes, Beryl was most exact in their detail. We strike from
within the ballroom. Destroy the two arches to block the two doors and
kill anyone trying to go through the window. When the Senshi transform
we make our exit and loop around and up to the roof. We get the
murdering scum."

"Mars and Jupiter? It's going to be a fun night then. I can't
wait to make those bitches pay for what they've done."

Finally one of them moved. The taller one nodded its head.
"Salina and Karrina will be fully revenged, and so will everyone else in
this solar system. In this day of reckoning we'll see to it with our
own hands." A silence fell between them. Nothing stirred, even the air
fell still. The voice of the shorter one brought life back into an
otherwise void in the night.

"I saw him today. I was going through my check when I caught a
glimpse of him below. He turned into an alley as I reached the street.
When I got there he was gone."

"Damn that Serenity! Damn her to the blackest pit of Hell
itself! His curse is another reason to end her existence. Anyone that
cruel deserves to die. To force him to live knowing that he will never
be able to be depended upon by anyone ever again is the cruelest thing
she could have done to him." Yet another silence fell over the two.
Once again it seemed as though the air itself had killed the wind. Not
even a bug could be heard to make a sound. Again the shorter one spoke,
breaking the silence.

"I don't trust Beryl. She's as bad as Serenity is. Was it
wise for us to join forces with her?"

"What choice did we have? The two of us can't do it alone.
Even if he were here the three of us would fail. There's no way we'd be
able to bring enough of our forces here to make a difference. Besides,
we only need her for right now. As soon as our goals are succeeded we
can eliminate her too. After the battle she won't be strong enough to
defend against us. And her so-called Generals are even worse. You or I
alone can take all four of them at once. No, this was the only way."

A slight displacement of air had them moving at once. The
smaller one took to the air coming down on the intruder at a high angle
while the taller one dove across the ground coming up with fingers
stiffened and aiming toward the intruder's heart. Both stopped the
attack as they came upon their opponent and fell in beside one another.
The tall one spoke. "Lady Pluto, how may we serve you?"

"I just want to tell you not to worry about Beryl. After the
battle it will be many years before she can even pose a marginal threat.
Be wary tomorrow, though. The Queen has ordered your capture and death
as a number one priority. We must be careful not to be caught. I just
hope that everything can be fixed in the future."

The small one spoke up. "We hope so too, my Lady. We have a
request, however."

Pluto didn't even blink. "What is it?"

"If we are ever needed to serve you again we wish to remember
this time. Please, save our memories for us and reawaken them at the
appointed time. We want to hold on to this life when we travel to the

Pluto smiled. Or for her, what passed for a smile, a slight
turning of the lips. "I will see to it. Be well, and I will see you
tomorrow night."

As one the two shadows spoke. "Be well, my Lady." Pluto
vanished into the time rift. The taller of the two turned to its
shorter companion.

"Until tomorrow night, Ranma."

"Until then, Keikan."


He knew he needed to sleep, but his eyes wouldn't close.
Instead they continued to stare out the window onto the busy street as
he sat on the sill. His blue eyes followed a pair of young girls who
ran down the cobble road laughing, playing, and filled with life. As
Ranma watched, he wondered if they would be alive tomorrow, if they
would survive the coming storm. Not many were going to, he was sure.

The sun was high in the air, shedding its golden light across
the silver city, hiding the darkness that was in its heart as it slowly
paced its way across the sky. It was interesting, Ranma thought, how
something so important was so easily ignores by the people. The sun was
a lot like the freedom that Serenity's citizens didn't have. It was
there for the taking if they were willing to take that risk. It was
there for everyone to feel, enjoy, and bask in, yet only a few were
willing to reach out and take hold of it.

But after tonight, all that would change. Serenity would be
thrown down; her court destroyed; her enforcers done away with; and
freedom would be given to all. Those who were weak would share in its
glory with those who were strong. The freedom that all people deserved
would be given freely, and fear would be destroyed.

Never again would people be taken from the streets without
cause. Never again would a group of innocents be butchered to keep
others in line. Never again would a child like those two girls be
placed under the sacrificial knife. Ranma would make sure of it.

And as the sun slowly set behind the palace, Ranma stood up and
looked around the bare room. In one corner was a bag that contained his
meager supplies for the three weeks he had spent on the moon. Four
changes of clothing, some dried rations, and a small communicator were
all that he had. It wasn't much to live on for almost a month's time,
but he had.

Going to the back, he reached in a removed the one outfit he had
not worn yet. It was a solid black formal suit, without a hint of
color. He hadn't worn it since his last ball on the moon, but it was
time again. As Ranma slowly changed into it, he thought of how ironic
it was that he could have ended this all so long ago in this very suit,
at another ball. Perhaps more lives would have been saved if he had,
and perhaps more would have been lost. He just didn't know.

Finally, reaching into the bag, Ranma removed a black mask. He
stared at it for a few moments before sliding it over his face. Turning
back to the window, he stared at his reflection. The reflection of a
phoenix's face was all that stared back at him. With a final nod, Ranma
turned and left.


On the other side of the City of Silver, another figure reached
to his face and touched a black phoenix mask. His fingers traced the
designs etched into the thin metal, his mind burning them into memory.
Keikan wondered what felt so...fateful about the mask. There was
something there that just seemed to scream destiny to him.

It was with a shake of his head that he turned and left his
cellar safe house. He slowly climbed the flight of stairs that took him
to the surface, just a small shop really, owned by a ribbon clerk who
lost both her husband and daughter to Serenity's slaughter. At the top
of the stairs, Keikan listened at the door for a moment, and not hearing
anyone, he opened the door and stepped out.

Red tinted light filled the store as the sun dropped below the
horizon. Ever so slowly, so slow that he could barely notice, the store
grew darker. Keikan took in the store one last time, taking in the
peacefulness of the place, before turning finally to the owner. She
wasn't a pretty woman, though something in her eyes made her attractive.
That thought caused Keikan to pause. Why had he thought that? Perhaps
it was because he was most likely walking to his death. Still, the
thought caused him to loose what he was going to say, so he simply bowed
to her in thanks and left.


Ranma stepped into the ballroom alone, his eyes taking in the
crowd. It was almost déjà vu for him, as he knew he had done this
before. Sure there were some slight differences, such as Keikan not
being next to him, and Karrina not hiding in the shadows of the far
corner. As his eyes began to sweep to the other side of the room, a
slight movement in the dark corner caught his eye. He turned his gaze
back to it, this time catching an arm raised to a brow in a two-finger
salute. So Keikan was in the shadows of the corner this time. For some
reason Ranma felt that as...appropriate.

And something wanted him to keep things close to as they were
before. He wasn't really sure why or what, but something in his mind
told him to do so. And as Keikan wasn't going to be the one to wreck the
plan, he'd have to. Ranma finished taking in the room and chose his
target. If things went well, this could even help the plan. A lot like
the last time this happened did.

Ranma moved at a slow and sure pace approaching his chosen
victim with all the grace of a hunting cat. He relaxed himself a bit
more and allowed something dangerous to enter his movements. If he was
going to pull this off, he had to make sure that the Senshi of Mars
thought he was as dangerous as she was. Of course, he was more
dangerous, but he didn't want her to know that. Yet.

He had been approaching her from behind, but the Senshi of Mars
turned as he neared, obviously sensing his approach. Ranma was
instantly thankful that he had managed to never meet this particular
Senshi. She'd have no way to recognize him with her abilities. This
was confirmed as she merely raised an eyebrow as he drew close, rather
then trying to take his head off.

Stopping only a few feet away from her, Ranma gave her a grand
sweeping bow, far deeper then he'd given anyone before. As he came up,
he offered his hand to her. "Would you care to dance, My Lady of Mars?"
Ranma returned the penetrating look she gave him, never once wavering,
as he knew a weakness here could prove instantly fatal.

Finally, however, the fire maiden of Mars accepted his hand. "I
think I would like that." Her voice was soft and sweet, and even
slightly submissive. As Ranma led her to the dance floor he wondered if
this was how she managed to lead so many to her alter.


Setsuna gazed into the Gates of Time as events began to rapidly
move forward. She couldn't interfere here, yet at least. If she
stepped into play any time before Serenity was fatally injured, the
Queen could use the crystal to take away her powers as the Senshi of
Time, and then all would be lost. She was forced by events to remain
where she was, even as her two closest friends placed themselves at
great risk.

The plan she had created so long ago was a simple one. She
wanted it as simple as possible to reduce the risk of anything going
wrong. When Beryl attacked the ball Ranma and Keikan would seal the exit
into the palace, forcing the Senshi to go out to the balcony and face
their foe. Then, when the Senshi engaged Beryl's generals in battle,
her two Knights would strike from behind, mortally wounding each of the
remaining Senshi, and forcing Serenity herself to act. Then, while
Serenity struggled banish Metallia once more, again her Knights would
strike from behind, mortally wounding Serenity as well. The Gates of
Time showed three scenarios for after that, and only Serenity could
decide which one would come true. The first scenario would be that
Serenity used the Ginzuishou to destroy everything around her, including
her Senshi, Ranma and Keikan, Metallia and her lackys, and the moon
itself. The second scenario would be that Serenity would use the last
of her strength to give the Ginzuishou to her daughter, and then Ranma
would kill the princess while Keikan killed Beryl. The finally scenario
would be that Serenity would use the Ginzuishou to send her court to the
future to reestablish the rule of the line of Serenity at a time when
those who stood against her no longer existed.

It was interesting, Setsuna thought, that one person would have
the ability to create three very different timelines just through a
single event. It normally took dozens of people to act in concert for
such a thing to occur, but the Queen of half the solar system now had an
opportunity to shape the destiny of so many people.

As Setsuna watched the ball continue within the Gates, she
wondered just which destiny it would be that Queen Serenity chose.


As the ball continued, Ranma stayed with the Senshi of Mars.
Normally they spent the time dancing, mostly in front of the Senshi of
Venus. From the glower her face, the Senshi of Venus was not pleased
that Mars was flaunting the fact that she had someone interested in her.
Ranma found the vanity in the pair rather amusing, more so since neither
knew what he had planned for the rest of the night.

A couple of times their dancing had taken them near the shadowy
corner in which Keikan was trying to hide. Given the fact that no one
had approached him yet about anything Ranma could only conclude that he
was doing a good job at it. Ranma relaxed slightly more at that. Since
Keikan had spent some time here at the palace and a various functions he
would be far better known. It was far more likely that Keikan would be
discovered then he would, and that would cause everything to start too

And still Ranma danced, occasionally making small talk and lying
about life in general to the priestess he danced with. It had almost
gotten to be a routine for him, and he knew that he was beginning to
fall into a pattern. Ranma did his best to refocus his mind on the
battle that would come ahead as much as he did the dance, making sure
his mind didn't get lulled into some sort of half sleep state.

It was sometime later, though how long Ranma was not sure, when
a paniced guard rushed into the ballroom. The poor man raced across the
room toward Queen Serenity and Ranma was sure he knew what the man was
going to say. Before the man could speak, however, the ground shook and
the large glass wall shattered as an explosion rocked the palace.

Most of those present were knocked to the floor by the force of
the blast, but a few remained standing. The Senshi of Mars began to
turn her head toward the Queen when Ranma's hands suddenly came up and
grabbed her face. He twisted her head fast and hard, the crack of her
breaking neck filling the hall.

Ranma dropped to one knee even as he let the now dead Senshi go.
He felt a rush of heat go over his head, the fireball that had created
it easily missing both him and the falling Senshi. A bare second later
and another, though smaller, explosion rocked the room as Keikan' attack
slammed into the wall above the entrance, causing the area to crumble
and drop rubble to block the door.

Even as the guests began to panic, Ranma summoned forth his
armor. As the armor formed over his face, something felt wrong. He
wasn't sure what it was, but it just seemed different then it had always
been. Pushing aside the worry for later, he summoned forth his claws,
spinning, and slicing open a noble's throat as he came to his feet. The
blood flicked off of his claws as he came to his feet, his eyes
searching for more targets.

And targets were something there was plenty of. Not one person
within this ballroom was innocent. Each had supported and even aided
Serenity in her reign of terror. Each person was guilty of crimes
against all people, and Ranma was going to play the part of justice. Or
maybe vengeance. Both were acceptable to him.

Ranma moved through the crowd fast and light on his feet, his
claws flashing in the lights as they sought out throats, faces, and
hearts from those loyal to Serenity. He kept moving as he attacked, not
wanting to present an easy target. He also made sure that while his
path was somewhat erratic, he was always heading towards the now
shattered glass wall, knowing he had to get out doors.

A flash of something to the right, and Ranma's claws flashed
out, only to be caught upon Keikan' golden sword. Behind his own mask,
Ranma's eyes flickered in surprise. The mask that used to cover Keikan'
face when his armor was summoned was smooth and flat, and completely
featureless except for a pair of blood red slits where his eyes were.
Now, however, the mask did have shape, the shape of the phoenix mask
that Keikan had worn to the ball.

Ranma resisted the urge to reach up and touch his own face to
see if that was the change that he had felt when he called his armor.
Instead, he nodded in greeting before he asked about it. "Me too?"

Keikan nodded in agreement. "Yeah, you too. Come on, let's go.
There's still three Senshi left, and we've got to get in place to
strike." Keikan gestured off to the side with his sword to where they
were supposed to go, the blade taking a slight moment to slash the
throat of someone whom got too close.

With a nod, Ranma turned and dashed toward the appointed place,
quickly ducking into the shadows to hide himself. He felt more then saw
Keikan follow behind him. Even though the battle had only lasted a
couple of minutes so far, Ranma knew it was almost over. In perhaps
another ten minutes it would all be decided, and the future would be
secured. What future it would be he didn't know.


Setsuna watched as the poor souls that had their humanity stolen
from them by Sailor Mercury rampaged all over the moon. The poor
creatures were forced to act as vampires, stealing the lives of others
to sustain their own. She knew she would have to destroy these
monsters, these youma, soon. But it could wait until after Serenity was
dealt with.

Changing the view with merely a thought, she turned her
attention to Beryl's generals as they battled the Senshi. Or the
remaining Senshi, anyway. Ranma's killing Mars so soon was not in the
plan, but it wasn't all that big a surprise either. Still, with Mars
gone, the four generals were easily forcing the Senshi back with their
youma allies.

Another change of view and she was watching her knights as they
stood deep within the shadows of the royal garden watching the
surrounding chaos. They were ready to attack when it was time, but
until then, all they were required to do was wait. It wouldn't be long,
she knew, and the battle would be over.

One last change of view, and Sailor Pluto was watching Princess
Serenity and Endymion as Beryl attacked the pair, trying to tear them
apart, to capture Endymion for her own, and to kill Serenity. The time
of the Silver Millenium was finally coming to an end.


The four generals were steadily pushing the Senshi toward the
Royal Garden where Beryl was attacking the Princess. Keikan waited
quietly, trying to feel what was happening rather then think about it.
The attack had to be timed just right, so that Queen Serenity saw it,
but couldn't react to it. They needed her distracted. And then
something came into his mind, and his head snapped up. "NOW!"

But even as he started moving, Ranma was a step ahead of him,
heading straight for Sailor Venus, his claws extended. Reaching over
his shoulder, Keikan drew his sword and headed for Sailor Jupiter.
Coming within what he felt was range, he tensed his muscles slightly and
pushed hard against the ground. He stayed low to the ground but flowed
across without his feet touching as though he was flying.

The attack wasn't difficult at all. He simply extended the
blade in front of himself and drove it straight through Jupiter's back,
burying it up to the hand guard in her. Keikan saw her body stiffen, and
her scream of pain was like music to him. He almost whipped the sword
out of her as he turned to Mercury. Across the way, Ranma had done the
same to Venus. Moving in tandem, the pair quickly made their way to the
final Senshi, and at the same time buried their weapons into her.

As Mercury dropped, blood spitting from her mouth, Keikan and
Ranma gazed across her body at each other. And then were blown to the
ground by a blast of white power.


At the Gates of Time Setsuna shielded her eyes from the blinding
light. Serenity had made her entrance, and the play was almost done.
As the light died down she returned to viewing the battle. There
Serenity stood, bathed in the bright light of the Ginzuishou as she
placed her might against that of Metallia's. If she could, Setsuna
would have left the two to destroy each other and spare her Knights what
was going to occure, but she knew she couldn't do that. It was too
great a risk in the change of the Time Stream.

Even now as the two forces battled, Setsuna could feel the new
branches of time being formed. Whenever great powers meet, there is
always a great risk of Chance coming into play. But other events could
happen to move chance away, and one of those events was the wounding of
Queen Serenity.

Now all Setsuna could do was pray.


Keikan shook his head as he pushed himself off the ground once
more. Turning his gaze around, he tried to find Ranma. His eyes swept
the barren landscape, suddenly grateful for his armor. Had Serenity
focused that attack rather then struck in a blind rage he would have
been killed for sure. Even as it was, he felt banged up.

Turning around to his other side, Keikan saw Ranma not three feet
away from him, also kneeling on the ground, and using his hands to
support himself. "Hey, you okay?"

Ranma's head turned to look at him, the dark blue eyes of his
mask showing no emotion, not that they could anyway. "Yeah, I'm fine.
We've got to do this."

"Yeah. I'm ready. You?"

Ranma didn't say anything, instead pushing himself off the
ground and onto his feet. Keikan followed his example and tightened his
legs slightly, testing the muscles. They didn't feel all that bad.
With a mental command, his sword appeared in his hand one more even as
Ranma's claws reformed.

Drawing in a deep breath, Keikan spoke quietly, his eyes locked
on the glowing form of Queen Serenity. "On three." Immediately Keikan
began a mental countdown from three. He knew Ranma was doing the same,
and placed it aside. This would be a fast strike.

And then three came, and both shot across the ground, their legs
pumping as they raced for the Queen. The one good thing from the blast
that Serenity had released was that it had removed the obstructions that
had once been between the pair and herself. They both raced faster then
they had earlier in the battle, almost faster then the eye could follow.

But somehow Serenity had seen them. Her head lowered and gazed
right at the racing pair. The look in her eyes could have been from a
devil for all they could tell, but they didn't stop.

The pair were ten feet from Serenity when the blast of energy
came. This time it wasn't a broad attack, but two tightly focused
lances of light that struck both in the chest. Ranma was sent flying
backward from the attack his armor caving in.

Blood spurted from Keikan' mouth as the attack punched through
his armor, hitting a weak point in it, and continued through his chest.
He didn't stop though, something driving him forward, an unknown force
deep within himself. He could see Serenity's eyes widen in shock and
fear as he drew closer, his sword extended. He was only seven feet
away, and he could now complete his mission. At five and a half feet
the tip of his blade touched Serenity's robes. At four and a half feet
he had driven the sword into her right lung and through her back. At
four feet Keikan' body gave out and he collapsed face first into the

He wasn't sure how long it was, perhaps seconds, perhaps hours,
but then he was turned over and Setsuna was there. He managed one last
look at her face, into her tear filled eyes before things started to go
black. He struggled to lift his arms, to touch her one last time.

"I can't see..." he managed to croak out. His armor bled away
then, taking the phoenix mask with it, and revealing a hole through his
chest almost an inch wide with blood quickly pooling under him. Still,
even with his armor gone, he couldn't see. And then both hands were
taken. In his right hand was the sure and strong grip of Ranma. It was
a grip he had known for a long time, and when he couldn't mistake. In
his left hand was one he didn't recognize. It was soft, and yet strong
as well, and slightly trembling. He knew it was Setsuna's hand, though
he couldn't recall ever holding it before.

And he knew he was dead. There was nothing else that it could
be. But at least he was with those he...loved. Slowly, he managed to
speak again, struggling through the pain and darkness.

And he never finished, his life having left his last words


Again. He lost someone again. But there wasn't time to mourn
now, and there was no one to take up the slack. There was still one
thing left to do. Reaching out with his free hand, he closed Keikan'
still open eyes. "Sleep well, my friend. Maybe...maybe we'll meet
again. In another life."

Ranma then stood up, and turned to face the still living Queen.
Ever so slowly he approached her, his claws forming one last time. "And
now, Your Majesty, it is over." Ranma left Sailor Pluto where she was,
he left her to mourn. This time he would be the strong one. "You have
only two choices left. Surrender your Kingdom to us, or die."

From her dying place, Serenity, Queen of the Silver Millenium,
looked up with hate filled eyes. "Fool!" she snarled, "With the
Ginzuishou, there is always another choice! You've won this time, but
my line WILL continue!" With a struggling hand, Serenity raised the
glowing crystal sphere one last time. "GINZUISHOU! SEND MY COURT TO

In response to the Queen's wish, the crystal began to glow and
pulse. A gentle light this time, began to spread out across the moon.
But Serenity was too weak to control it, too weak to direct the power as
she wanted. Slowly the bodies of all who had fallen and all who were
still alive began to pulse with energy. Ranma glanced over his shoulder
to see Sailor Pluto now gone, and Keikan' body pulsing with all the
others. Perhaps they would meet again in the future.

Again Ranma turned to the Queen and smirked even as the crystal
used the last of its wielder's life to carry out her wish. "Yes,
foolish Queen, send your court forward, and as you die, know that you
have sent us as well, and know that when your court comes to life once
more, we will destroy it once again!"

A bubble of energy formed around Ranma and slowly raised him to
the sky. As with all the others caught up in the wish, Ranma began to
curl up into a ball. Still, he smirked as he slowly began to drift
away. He would be reborn with the others, and should he be needed, he
would be called for duty once more. And then his world went black.


Setsuna raised her head from the tear stained pillow, and pushed
herself over to lie on her back. The Silver Millenium had come to an
end, but at such a frightening cost. When the crystal had failed to
gain enough power from Serenity's life to grant the final wish, it had
sucked all life from the worlds that had once had Senshi. Now, all but
Earth were uninhabitable wastelands, destroyed by Serenity's last act,
the people killed when their worlds were destroyed.

And she was responsible for it. She had forced the options onto
Serenity by her actions. Had she not acted all of those people would be
alive. Alive and under the rule of a dictator, but alive, none the
less. It felt as though her heart had been destroyed. All of those who
had fought beside her for a better future were now nothing more then a
memory. One of her memories.

She could never let such a disaster happen again. When the
Senshi were reborn, she would have to guide them, change them, and
insure that if they did remember who they were, that they would be
revolted by what they recalled. It was her only chance to set things

And if that failed, she'd at least have her last knight to aid
her in destroying them. And maybe, if the glowing she saw before she
fled to the Gates was true, she'd have her other knight as well.

The End

Author's Notes: Well, there you go, the story of Ranma and Keikan and the
fall of the House of Serenity is now over. It was a joy to write this,
most of the time, and I am proud to have it done. I'll see you all in a
different story and in a different time.
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