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Final Notes

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The author's final notes about Twin Black Phoenix, detailing how the story came to be.

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Disclaimer: None of the characters of Ranma ½ and Sailor Moon belong to
me. I recommend that you don't sue me as I don't have the money to even
afford a lawyer for 15 minutes.

Twin Black Phoenix
A Ranma ½ and Sailor Moon Crossover
By Tomas Megarson

Final Notes

"Twin Black Phoenix" (hereby referred to as TBP) began its life
as a couple of separate ideas one night back in February of 2000. I had
just gotten into Fanfiction writing, haven gotten a couple of chapters
of "From Weird to Weirder" written, and had begun working with another
author who went by the handle Fox the Wanderer on the revision of
"Immortal's Lament". I had just the brief thought of "What would happen
if the Silver Millenium we know about in Sailor Moon was a lie?" The
more I thought about it, the more it inspired me. After all, history is
really only written by the point of view of the author. If the Senshi's
point of view was that it was a good and kindly place, who is to say
that others didn't think of it as a living hell?

With that thought in mind, I thought about how I wanted to do
this. With some thought to it, I decided that using Ranma would be a
fun idea, as I was enjoying the other two Ranma crossovers I was working
on. With my mind a fire, I took a half hour to write up two different
preludes for the fic. Each was nothing more then a scene, but they
showed two different times in the fic. The first prelude was actually
the first scene of Chapter 5. The second prelude was the first scene of
what eventually because the Prologue for the story. I past the two
around to a number of friends, and they all agreed that I should start
with the second prelude, so I did.

The writing of the story was rather interesting for me as well.
The hardest part of the story to write had to be the letters that Keikan
wrote to Ranma in chapter two. I kept gagging myself as I wrote them.
And as I was in the middle of my high school's library as I wrote them,
that got to be a slight problem. After all, if some teacher came along
and took a look at some of those scenes, I probably would have ended up
talking to my principal, who was a real bitch, by the way.

Of course, as some of you know, the whole fic got changed around
when I got into a conversation with my friend John Kwok. He kept
demanding me to write more Ranma/Salina WAFF scenes. It got to the
point of being so annoying, the very next scene I killed her off. And
then I blamed him for it. Of course, being the good person he is, he
took it with fairly good grace. After hitting me a couple of times,

And then there was the long period where I wrote almost nothing.
I was just having a real bad time in my life, things had gone to hell
for me, and I just stopped writing. I could generate the patience
needed to sit down and work on my stories. I drifted back into my first
passion, gaming. It was faster then writing, and allowed for me to do
more physical damage to things.

But finally I got my life in some kind of order again, and once
more stepped into the fanfic world. The return was short lived,
however, as my life again went to hell. I tried to deal with the
problems but kept failing. It took me another half a year to get back
into shape. But I did, and I came back again.

This time I'm hopping the return is permanent. I managed to get
the third chapter of TBP finished, and even got a few chapters of "From
Weird to Weirder" done. And then the story just started to roll.

But back to TBP, writing up the whole battle plan part was
difficult. I kept running into not knowing what to do. After all, I've
never tried to conquer a solar system before. Though in StarLancer, I
did fight against people who tried. But anyway, yeah, getting that end
to chapter three was basically hell.

I was pleased with how much easier it was to write chapter four
of the story, though disappointed that it ended up smaller then I
thought it would. Still, I was pleased with what I did with the
chapter, getting some of Ranma's feelings into the story, and expanding
on Setsuna's past a bit. I also managed to get everything set up for
Ryoga, who I thought was a fun little addition to the story.

And finally the time came to the original prologue to the story
with Chapter 5. I had to go through it and edit some things, as my
original plan changed as I wrote the story, and some things didn't match
up any more. But then I came to the new parts, the final battle, the
tragic hero, and the last goodbye. Everything I feel a good ending
needs, as well as setup for the next in the series.

And this is a series, remember that. Up next is Dual Shadows,
the sequel to this story. We're going to jump to present day, as
Ranma's life begins to change, as the Senshi begin to remember the
truth, and as Setsuna decides to change her life.
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