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Not What I Had Planned, But...

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Hannah goes to confront Gerard at work

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The next day was a Saturday. Hannah decided to put Maeve's plan into action as soon as possible. Jason had mentioned that his dad worked as a psychologist in the CBD. Once she got down there, Gerard Way's practise wouldn't be hard to find.
She found herself trying to talk herself out of it a few times. She tried to snap out of it but the temptation to ignore everything was much too strong. She ended up calling Maeve for support.
"Do you want me to go down there with you? You know, to make sure you actually go in?" Maeve said.
"Maeve I swear you are the best!" Hannah said.
"Well you owe me. I didn't want to ever sit in a shrink's office, but I'll do it for you," Maeve said.
They met at the bus stop and went down to the CBD. They found where they were looking for a little too easily for Hannah's liking. She wasn't sure exactly what she was meant to say. They walked in the door. Hannah stood twiddling her fingers for a minute until Maeve pushed her towards the secretary.
"Umm, hi. I need to see Gerard Way. It's important," she said.
"Do you have an appointment?" the secretary asked.
"No, but it won't take long and I really need to see him as soon as possible," Hannah said.
"Well he has a small opening now, before he takes his lunch. Go ahead," the secretary said.
That was too easy. Why am I not meeting any difficulty? I guess this means that the conversation itself will make up for the simplicity of setting it up.
They walked through into the waiting room. It was completely empty.
"I'll wait out here. Don't be long, this place makes me feel crazy," Maeve said.
"I'll do my best. Do I really have to do this?" Hannah asked.
"Yes, now go on. The sooner you go in the sooner you'll be out," Maeve said, pushing her towards the door with 'Gerard Arthur Way' written on a golden plaque. Hannah groaned and knocked on the door.
"Come in," came the reply from inside. Although it was muffled, it was Gerard's voice for sure. Hannah took a deep breath and stepped inside. He was sitting at a desk, reading some papers. He looked up when she closed the door behind her.
"Hannah? What are you doing here?" he asked, going slightly red.
"I came to speak to you," she said, trying to ignore the swooping sensation in her stomach.
He stood up. "Sit down, please. Can I get you anything? Coffee?" he said.
"No, thank you. I just came to say that what happened yesterday was a mistake. It should never have happened. I was so stupid, and I don't want it to ruin either of our lives. Can we just forget it ever happened and never mention it again?" she said. The sight of him in a suit made the words all the harder to say.
"Well, I suppose that's what's best. But the thing is, I'm not sure I can do that," he said.
"What do you mean?" she asked.
"I mean I don't think I can forget that it happened. I don't forget things, you see. Especially things I don't want to forget," he said.
"I'm not sure I follow," she said.
"How can I put this politely? I am completely and utterly fascinated by you. You're like an intoxicant, and I am totally addicted," he said.
"Mr Way, I don't think you know what you're saying," she said. She suddenly became very aware that he was moving towards her with every word he said. Her back was arched and right up against the door.
"You know that I know perfectly well what I'm saying. Come on, don't tell me that you're not completely in love with the idea of me," he said.
"That's awfully presumptuous of you," she said.
He shrugged. "Am I wrong?"
She shook her head and bit her bottom lip.
"Well then, what are we still talking for?"
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