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Good Taste Runs In The Family

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Gerard's brother makes an appearance

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She's taking too long.
Maeve sat in the waiting room, on the edge of her seat. She was ready to leave as soon as Hannah stepped out of the other room. She hoped no one else would come in in the meantime.
Almost as soon as that thought crossed her mind, the door they had come in opened and in stepped a tall, thin man with brown hair and glasses. He was dressed all in black and had his head down. He looked over at Gerard Way's door, saw that it was closed, then sat down. Maeve didn't know if he had seen her or not but decided not to acknowledge him.
He could be crazy.
After a few minutes he looked up at her. "What are you in for?" he asked.
"My cousin is in there, I'm not here to see a shrink," she said.
"Cool. I'm not either. Well, I am, but only for lunch. I'm Gerard Way's brother, Mikey," he said.
"Nice to meet you," Maeve said.
"Has your cousin been coming to Gerard long?" he asked.
"She's not in there for that either. She just had to tell him something. She should be out any minute now," Maeve said.
"Oh, right. Is she a friend of his, then?" he asked.
"Something like that," Maeve said.
He looked at her with one raised eyebrow.
"Well it's hardly any of your business why she's in there," Maeve said.
"Sorry, I was just trying to make conversation," he said.
"Most people make conversation about the weather," Maeve said.
"Okay then. Looks like rain, eh?" he said.
Maeve laughed in spite of herself. Mikey smiled.
You are a stupid stupid girl. This is only going to end in tears. You're just screwing yourself.
"Oh god, Mr Way," she said. She felt his smile against her neck.
"Call me Gerard," he whispered, continuing to kiss all along her neck and down along her shoulder. She pushed herself forward so she wasn't against the door anymore. She broke away from him and saw the longing in his face. She sat down on the chez-long and lay back. He grinned impishly and got up on top. He kissed her again, his hands wandering. They had just made their way to her belt when they heard laughing from the next room.
Oh shit. Maeve.
Hannah snapped up and nearly pushed Gerard onto the floor in her haste. He looked around for any surface that she could see her reflection in to check that she looked decent.
"Woah, what's your hurry? I'm on my lunch hour, whoever's out there would have to wait anyway," he said.
"It's my cousin, I told her I would only be a minute," she said.
"Well when can we pick this up?" he asked.
"I don't know, I have Jason stuff nearly every minute of my spare time," she said.
He seemed to tense up at the mention of his son's name.
"What? Did you think that I could just forget he exists or something?" she said.
"How about we promise to never ever mention Jason when we're together?" he said.
"Only if you promise to never ever mention your wife," she said.
"Deal," he said.
"Good," she said.
"So, when do we get to continue?" he asked.
"Can I get back to you on that?" she said.
He smiled and handed her a business card. "Call me," he said.
"How cliché," she said.
"You know you never told me your name," Mikey said.
"Maeve," she said.
"So Maeve, would you be interested in going to a bar with me tonight?" he said.
"I don't think I can," Maeve said.
"Why not?" Mikey asked.
He never got his answer. Just then, the door opened and Hannah stepped out.
"Come on," she said.
Maeve stood up. "Did you do it?" she asked.
"Yeah, come on, I need to get out of here," Hannah said. She grabbed Maeve's hand and dragged her out.
"Can I at least give you my number??" Mikey called after her.
"Sorry, no time!! Maybe I'll see you around," Maeve said.
"Yeah, sure, whatever."
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