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Hey, You.

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Meet Ellie. You'll grow to love her. I did.

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So, seeing as Christa and I were girls and it was a 'guys only band', we were banished to Patrick's kitchen while they went upstairs to Patrick's room. Patrick squeezed my hand on the way up the stairs, his face white as a sheet. I felt sorry for him as I took Christa into the kitchen, her still carrying Ethan.
"So, you and Pete, huh?" I asked, breaking the silence. I wasn't normally so upfront, I was normally just as shy as Patrick, but I owed him to get along with these people. It might make it easy if I did. Plus, Christa already seemed different to other girls.
"Yeah." She nodded, a smile breaking out over her face. "He's amazing."
"I don't wanna be rude, and I know rumors are usually a heap of garbage, but... I heard he was a bit of a womanizer."
"Oh, he is." Christa said, with a laugh. "I mean, he flirts with girls and stuff, but he hasn't cheated on me."
She paused, and I wondered if she was about to add 'yet', but she smiled at me as she stopped talking.
"Right." I nodded.
"But Pete's one in a million, really, he is." She said, her eyes lighting up when she said his name.
"You really like him, huh?" I said, asking the dumbest question ever, but hey. It was conversation.
"I really do."

Half an hour passed of, sometimes unbearable silence, most of it uncontrollable laughter. We shared stories of our friendships, or relationships in Christa's case, of Patrick and Pete. I told her all about moving here from my crappy little town in Scotland, and she told me about Pete. She talked a lot about Pete. But not in an annoying way. More 'I'm-so-totally-in-love-with-my-boyfriend-I-want-to-share-it-with-you' way.
After the half hour, I began to look at the kitchen clock. Ellie would be home from the mall anytime soon, and Robyn was giving her a ride home so I would have to be home before they got back. It was six thirty already, and Christa noticed my stolen glances at the clock.
"Am I boring you?" She asked, with a laugh.
"No, not at all." I replied, suddenly feeling seriously rude. "It's just, I live across the road, and the woman I live with and her daughter will be home any min..."
"Lee!" Patrick burst into the kitchen, using my nickname he'd made for me. He made it when I was moaning how I hated my nickname 'Lis', at that time. Ever since then, he calls me Lee. No one else will but him.
"What?" I asked, suddenly hoping Pete wasn't lying dead on Patrick's bedroom floor. Boy, would Patrick's mother freak out.
"I got in!" He yelled, a grin spreading across his face. I was surprised, they told him this soon? Maybe he was just so amazingly awesome that they had to tell him then and there. I know I would.
"Oh my God! Really?"
"Yeah!" He said excitedly. He threw his arms around me and hugged me. Just to annoy him, I picked him up myself and spun around, ruffling his hair. He hated when I was more manly than him. Let's just say that myself, I wasn't keen on wearing pink and heels, or depending on guys for everything. He also hated I was stronger than him. He couldn't even open a jar, and always grabbed it back off me when I had to open it for him.
"My rock star best friend!" I said to Christa, pointing at Patrick, who blushed. He seemed to have forgotten Christa was there. I glanced at the clock again. Now I really had to go.
"I gotta go." I said to Patrick. He rolled his eyes.
"Back to the lovely Ellie?"
"You got it." I said, grinning at him again.
"I'm proud of you." I told him as I slid towards the kitchen door. I turned to Christa.
"I'm guessing we'll be seeing a lot more of you. Both of you." I added. "So I'll catch you next time."
"Bye. Nice to meet you." Christa nodded. I scarpered then. I felt sort of bad for leaving Patrick, I knew how nervous and uncomfortable he got around new people, but you had to learn to socialize some day, right? I unlocked the front door, and checked the messages on the table by the stairs.
"Lisa, if you're there, we're just leaving the parking lot now." Robyn's voice said, the roar of traffic and city bustle sounding from the speaker.
That was half an hour ago. Perfect timing.
It really was. The car pulled in the drive just as I put on a Rolling Stones CD and turned it up loud. I clicked my tongue and sighed, lowering the volume to stop Ellie moaning.
"Hey!" Robyn said cheerfully, entering the house.
"Hiya." I replied. God, how I wished I had an accent like that. All... American. Did I just say that to you?
I bet you're sitting there, your eyebrows raised, thinking 'what the fuck'? I know, I would be too. But grow up in my disaster town and you'll see what I mean. Where I lived, people seemed to lazy to speak properly. 'Think' turned into 'hink', and 'things' turned into 'hings'. It sort of became a tradition to drop the 'th' on a word in my hometown.
"Oh, I know. He was so hot." A voice said from the front door. I kept my eyes on the door, knowing fine who would walk through, and, oh, look... there was Ellie, talking on her mobile phone... sorry, cell phone, as she lumbered in with her shopping bags.
"Wow, it's Donatella Versace." I teased her. She shot me a look and put her hand over the receiver.
"It's the Loch Ness monster!" She retorted. Probably the worst, yet funniest comeback she'd ever come out with.
"Roar." I said sarcastically. She walked upstairs to her room, leaving me alone.
"Have fun?" I asked Robyn in the kitchen.
"Oh, wandering around all day on my own is just the best feeling." Robyn replied, unpacking her shopping. She looked at me. "Could you finish this? I have to get ready."
"Sure." I said, taking the bag from her. "Where are you going?"
"Jared's taking me out to the theatre." Robyn told me, with a smile. Man, she really liked this Jared guy. They'd been dating for what, a year now? She was totally falling in love with him.
"Aw, young love." I replied with a grin.
After I finished unpacking their shopping, or, I guess I should say our shopping, I wandered upstairs, wondering if Patrick was still with Pete and the others. I longed to go over. It was nice to talk to people who weren't 12 years old and fussing over boys/make up/clothes. I walked into my room to find Ellie standing by my window.
"Excuse me, may I help you?" I asked.
"No." She replied. She peered out, and I knew exactly where she was looking. I joined her at the window.
"You know, Patrick's not the type of guy to walk around the house with his shirt off." I told her. She turned to me and rolled her eyes. See, the thing about Ellie, is that whenever Patrick's around, she flirts like hell. It's almost embarrassing. Well, especially for me and Patrick, while she's fussing around him and complimenting him as he blushes and feels really exposed and nervous. But the thing is, I know for a fact she doesn't find him gorgeous or sexy. I mean, he's not. No offense, he just doesn't fit those categories. He's cute and adorable, those are the main two adjectives you could use to describe him. But she acts like he's Leonardo DiCaprio, laughing wildly at anything he says, whether he intended it to be funny or not. And, let's face it, Patrick's jokes aren't that funny. She only flirts to feel like the fact he's blushing out of embarrassment at her patheticness (is that even a word?), is that she's so stunningly attractive and he feels intimidated by her beauty. Well, let's just stop at he feels intimidated. Period. You could even say she scares him.
"Did he get a new car?"
"No. He's meeting some people for an audition." I said.
"For what?"
"A band."
Shows how much interest she actually pays to him.
"Did he get it?"
I nodded and she shrugged.
At that moment, the front door opened and Patrick, Joe, Christa and Pete left the house. Patrick shook their hands and watched as they got into the car.
"Wow. Who's he?" Ellie asked, stabbing her finger at the window in the direction of Pete. I groaned. So girls really did fall in love with him.
"That's Pete."
"/Pete/." She repeated quietly. "Nice name."
Patrick looked up, as though sensing we were watching as they drove away. he must think I have nothing better to do when I'm in the house but stare out my window at his house.
He gave me the thumbs up, and ran across the road.
"I got it!" Ellie said, racing ahead of me downstairs to get the door.
"I don't think so." I said, flashing past her and wrenching the door open.
"Ignore her. Come on in." I said.
"Hi, Patrick." Ellie said from behind me. I reluctantly turned around and almost burst out laughing, whether it was out of embarrassment or just plain humor, I didn't know.
She was leaning against the banister, basically sprawled across it, more like, with her ass sticking out. Wow, she would fit into High School well when she joined after summer break.
"Oh my God." I laughed. She glared at me and Patrick looked at the floor.
"Hi." He said.
"Can I get you a drink?" She asked.
"Uh, no... thanks." He said, ducking his head again. He could barely make eye contact with her. I didn't know whether he wanted to laugh or cry.
"Let's get out of here." I said, dragging him through the living room, through the kitchen and out the back door.
"So when's your first gig?" I asked. Patrick looked confused and then nodded.
"Ah. Um, well we're going to do a kinda tour, beforehand, you know, to gather a fan base."
"Gotcha." I said. "Well, you got your first fan, already. Here." I said, raising my hand. He laughed.
"I can't believe how nervous I was."
"So what did you sing?"
"Through Being Cool." He told me. "It was my best shot, better than trying Queen or Jeff Buckley."
"I hear you. Hey, that Pete guy is really something, huh?"
"Yeah." Patrick glanced at me. "Oh, man, do you like him?"
"No, no! Oh, hell no. He's not my type."
"I bet he's Ellie's, though." Patrick said, looking up at Ellie's bedroom window, which was now open. She had some cheesy pop song playing, and I could just imagine her strutting around striking poses or performing these stupid dance routines you saw on TV, just hoping Patrick and I would pass in the hallway.
"Oh, every man is Ellie's type. Except the ones who should, and I quote here, 'bury their heads in the sand because they're so ugly'."
"That's nice talk." Patrick said.
"That's Ellie talk." I told him.

Alright, so I know it sounds like Ellie and I actually hate each other, but deep down, she's not that bad. Yes, she drives me absolutely crazy when I come home from school and she immediately asks me how Patrick is, and yes, it annoys me when she taunts me and makes fun of me, but come back with some sarcastic comment and she shuts up. I guess she's just one of those people who needs to be loved, or feel like they're special. Even if it means being twelve years old and flirting.
That night, Robyn had left for her 'romantic evening', and as usual, I had to stay and make sure Ellie didn't try and be all high school cliche and invite the whole of Glenview for a party.
"I'm not a baby, I don't need you to stay in and look after me."
"You think I want to?" I replied. It was Saturday night, and I was sitting in watching TV all night with a wannabe teenager drooling about every person on the TV who had a penis, when I could be spending it writing music and playing guitar with my best friend.
"Why don't you invite Patrick over, if you're so bored?"
I laughed. She was clever, too bad I was wiser than her.
"And let you flirt with him and him ending up cowering in a corner trying to hide from your flirtatious ways? I don't think so."
"Shut up." She said, rolling her eyes. "You could get him to invite that Pete guy, and we could all be friends and chill out and have a party."
"Yeah, 'cause Patrick and I are just totally hardcore ravers."
"You're so sarcastic."
"It's the only way to prevent me from ripping my hair out after a discussion with you." I said, lying back.
"Why don't you invite them all over?" She whined. She may act like she was 18, but deep down, she still had that 12 year old bratty side that was just itching to burst out of her. Actually, scratch that, it wasn't deep down, it was very close to the surface. She mayswell stamp her foot when she talked to me.
"Because why?"
I turned to look at her.
"You really wanna do the 'because why?' thing? 'Cause I played that game when I was a kid, and it's even less fun when you're on the receiving end of it."
"I used to do that to my mum." I told her. "And it drove her mad. So now you doing it to me is driving me mad."
"So just invite them."
"Why not?"
"Because I said no."
"Why not?"
"Did you just listen to a single word I just said?"
"I never do." She replied. "Come on, just invite them."
"No! Look, Ellie. Patrick is not the type of guy who gets turned on by a pre teen trying to be attractive by talking about her training bra. And Pete has a girlfriend, for the record, and she's really sweet and lovely and... the complete opposite of you."
I wasn't trying to be mean. You see what Ellie's like, right? I was only being sarcastic. I like her really. Deep down. I know she likes me too. Really, really deep down. I can understand why sometimes I get on her nerves. Becoming a teenager and getting ready to go to high school is nerve racking enough, but to have some weird, Scottish kid with a strange accent come live with you must be a lot more nerve racking.
"Well, maybe he'll like me instead."
"Oh yeah, it'll be just like the movies and his mouth will drop open at the sight of you. Then you'll embrace in this everlasting love that will bind you together for all of eternity."
"You are so deluded."
"Says the 12 year old who likes the 21 year old."
"So what if I have a crush on Pete?"
"Uh, everything? The fact he was in middle school when you were born?"
"I could have a shot."
"Yeah, right." I scoffed.
"I could! You wait."
I held my hands up, unable to argue anymore.
"Alright, fine. Go ahead. Just don't come crying when you finally realize how wacky you're being. Or when you get hurt when he rejects you because you're like, 10 years apart."
"I won't. You wait." She said, confidently.
I shook my head.
"His girlfriend has a baby. He's called 'daddy'. He loves being called 'daddy'."
Ellie's face fell, and I actually felt sorry for her. She was normally so upfront and full of attitude, it was weird to see her shifting and avoiding my glance.
They don't call it a crush for nothing.
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