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A troubled interview

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something is troubling Gerard.

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That night every one was in the tour bus either watching a movie, reading or eatting. You on the other hand were writing. You never kept a journal before but you had so much going inside your head that you thought writing it down might help. You looked at the clock and realized it was 2:15 in the morning so you stopped writing and tried to sleep, but got woken up my your stomach growling for food. So you got up and went to make a sandwich in the kitchen. As you walked into the kithen you saw all the guys still up watching Donnie Darko. They all looked up at you and they all gave you the join us look. So you got your PB & J and went and sat next to Frank but there was no room so you sat next to Gerard in your pajamas. Gerard was eyeing your sandwich, since he liked grape jelly on his PB & Js so you gave him half and he smiled and said "how did you know, and thanks". By the time every one was getting up to go to bed it was around 5:00 in the morning. You looked around and saw that Bob passed out on the floor, and Gerard passed out next to you.
"Carrie, wake Gerard up, I'll wake Bob up. They will thank us tomorrow when their knecks aren't sore" Ray said
So you started to move Gerard slightly with your arm saying his name kind of in a whisper. "Gerard, wake up" no answer "come on gee, wake up, you need to move to you bed" No answer still. Then you took your hand and started to play with his hair. Then he shifted and his head ended up on your shoulder. You didn't know what to do. Ray already got Bob up and every one was in bed but you and Gee. You started saying his name again, louder this time, and nothing worked. You did want to say it louder because you didn't want to wake any one up. Finally you gave up and fell alseep with your head on his.

The next morning you woke up, but kept your eyes shut because you heard
"Hey guys look at this" you heard Mikey say
They all came into the living room and were saying stuff like
"I told her to wake him up and put him in his bed" Ray said
"they both look so happy and comfy" Mikey said
"woah, whats going on here" Frank said
" is Gerard smiling?" Bob asked/said
when you heard that you started to smile.
"Look! She's smiling too!" Mikey said
"yeah, cause she's awake and can hear us talking" Frank stated
you then gave up and opened your eyes then lifted up your head to look at the guys.
"morning fellas"
"did you have a good sleep Carrie?" Mikey said with a smirk
you were looking at the guys all giving you we knew you two liked each other faces. When you looked at Frank he didn't look as happy as the rest of the guys, but when he saw you looking at him, and smiled and said
"I'm sure she did"
"ha ha very funny guys, now help me wake him up I couldn't do it last night, thats how we ended up like this"
"oh, you tried the hard way" Mikey said
Then he went and turned on the coffee maker and Gerard started shifting again, then woke up to the smell of coffee.
"I'm so going to remember that for next time"
"I'm not leaving you in charge to wake him up any more. Cause if I did, you two would never get up" ray said
Gerard looked at you and was confused for a second, then realized he had fallen asleep on your shoulder.
"Oh man, I'm sorry" he said
"don't worry about it" you replyed
with that you got up, got dressed brushed your teeth, and headed outside for some fresh air, since you guys were stopped at a gas station.
"dude, Gerard, you totally did that on purpose" Frank stated
"Maybe I did, maybe I didn't. I do remember her trying to wake me up, but I was really tired"
"ok, what ever you say man" frank said then walked out to find you.
When you were alittle way away from the bus you heard your name being called
you turned around and smiled to see Frank.
"Hey Frankie"
Thats all you two needed to say because every else was said in your eyes. You two hooked arms then went for a walk. When you got back Brian had called. He said the boys had an interview today. So you stayed out of their way so that they could get ready.
"Ah! I can't find my tie!" Gerard shouted
"Gerard? where is the eyeliner?" Frank asked
"Ask Mikey, he always takes it"
"DO NOT!" Mikey shouted
you just laughed.
"where the fuck is my tie?" Gee said again. Then you look to you right and saw it laying on the counter right by the coffee maker. You picked it up and took it to him.
"here. you left it in the kitchen."
"oh, thanks... Frank can you tie it please?"
"I can't I'm tieing Ray's."
Then you took it back, put it around your kneck, and then tied it for Gerard too.
"oh just great, even a girl knows how to tie a tie, and I still don't."
you laughed, undid it, and then taught him.
"see, you get it now?"
"yeah, thanks Care."
"yup, now go finish getting ready."
"damn it Mikey where is the eye liner?" Frank yelled
you rolled your eyes, went to your purse, took out your black eye liner, and went and handed it to Frank.
"put it back in my purse when your done. I don't want mine to go missing either."
"ok, thank you." he said with a smile.
An hour later the guys were done and off to the interview. At the interview they were asked couple of serious questions, pointless questions, and a wrong question to asked. The one that Brian even told them not to ask was the relationship question. But did they listen, no.
"So guys, how are the relationships going? Who is taken again?" Gerard looked at Brian, and Brian gave him the look of, I told them not to do it. Then Gerard answered
"Three of us have girlfriends, and they are doing just fine."
"Oh really? who out of my chem has girlfriends?" he asked
Gerard was getting annoyed at that point and Ray saw it, so he took over.
" Bob, Mikey and myself have girlfriends."
Gerard looked up at the camera as Ray said that. you swore you saw sorrow and jealousy in both his and Frank's eyes. as in they both wanted a girlfriend. acouple questions later then interview was over and the guys headed back towords the bus. Once they go inside they just bursted out.
"even when we say don't ask about our personal lives, they do anyways! why?" gerard yelled
"I just don't know man. I'm sorry" brian said
Gerards face went from angry to understanding and he went and turn on the t.v. The other guys just looked at him, and then went to do their own separte things.
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