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A hug can be bad

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Gerard and you get caught

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You walked up and sat next to Gerard because you didn't like the way things were going.
"Please tell me whats going on, I can feel something is wrong"
"Nothing is going on, I promise. I just hate being asked about my personal life. Thats all. Its just called personal for a reason, and every time we do an interview it seems like all the really want to know is if we are dating any one and If I have found some one I truly care about yet."
"I understand you want your privacy. In fact I would too. Actually I do right now. I hate people knowing every single thing about me, But you need to understand Gee that your famous, and you have a lot of fans out there with the hopes of meeting you and "falling in love". When they hear that your single it makes their day, and they still have their hopes. So that's why the interviewers ask you that. I'm just glad they don't want huge amount of detail, like what are their names, are you living together, how long have you been dating and all the kind of stuff. They just want a yes or no. So I'm sorry it up sets you so much, but think about all your fans that want to still have hope, or if they have to get used to being happy for you because you found some one you truly care for."
"Since you put it that way it doesn't sound all that wrong. Thank you Carrie for listening and helping me understand more."
"Any time Gerard, and I mean that. You all mean so much to me and to see any one of you hurting just hurts me. So any time you need to talk or need advice or anything let me know." You said
He smiled and then move in and grabbed you giving you the biggest hug in the world. If felt so right being in his arms you just hugged him back and smiled. Meanwhile Brian came in the bus with another quick interviewer and you and gerard were still hugging while they walked in. Out of no where you saw flashes and you both look to see the interviewer takening pictures of you two hugging.
"woah, what do you think you are doing?" Brian asked
"I'm here to interview and take pictures and when the lead singer of a rising band is hugging a female, probably his girlfriend (you slightly blushed) on their couch inside their bus I need to take a picture since I will have a lot of crazy fan girls who will want to see it." the male reporter said
"first off, we are not dating, she is our merch girl and one of my dearest friends. and Second, you can not print those pictures until you tell the truth about it, so sit down so I can tell you why we were hugging. Deal?" Gerard said
"deal" and with that you tried to get up to give them their interview but before you could the reporter said
"Please don't go anywhere, you are part of the story, so I like to get facts from you too"
"what? me? why? I'm not famous or anything like that."
"no, but you are in the pictures, and soon millions of teenage girls will see your face, so you might want to clear a few things up."
"good, now lets get started. First whats your name and what do you do for the band"
"My name is Carrie, and I'm their merch girl."
"ok, now Gerard what caused you two to become such good friends?"
"we help each other out if needed, like tonight, she helped me out. I was little upset about an earlier interview and Carrie helped me understand why some things were asked and had to be answered"
"would you mind telling me what was said and asked?"
"it was about my personal life, and I have never been big on sharing it, but I understand now that there are a lot of girls and maybe boys who knows, any ways, there are a lot of people with hopes out there. So that means I just have to suck it up, and beable to to say, no I don't have a girlfriend at the moment." When he said people who have a lot of hopes out there gerard looked at you until he continued to aswner the question.
"Good, to know. Well thank you Carrie for helping him understand that. Is there anything you would like to add to that?"
"No, he pretty much cleared it all up." you said with a smile towards gerard. He smiled back.
Then you got to get up and leave but before he let you, he took two more pictures of you, one by yourself "poppin'" your collar since your their merch girl. You also did the pete face with the grrr teeth, and then the last picture of you and gerard holding thumbs up and smiling together. After that you got up and left and let the interviewer continue his interview with Gerard. By the time he was done it was time for the my chem show and you were already at the merch table. Frank gave you his wrist band every time now, but you decided to stay by the table this time and read.
"Hey, um, can I get a small number 3 and a poster please?" you looked up for your novel to see a red headed girl with thick black ribbed glasses on.
"sure, that will be 25 dollars please" you said with a smile. She gave you the money and then left. But before she left she started to look at the poster and stopped before headed back to see the opening band end. She turned around walked back to the merch table and gave you back the poster. 'oh no, its ripped or something' you thought to youself. Then out of no where she said " Can I have your autograph?" You looked at her confused then unrolled the poster and saw the picture that the magazine guy took. The one with you in the middle of the guys. " oh wow, um sure." and you signed Carrie
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