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your famous? what?

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After the show you sold over 300 shirts and and packed up and went and waited by the bus outside. Of course with Frank's wirst band no one bothered you. An hour and a half after the show all the of the guys came out. There was a still a good amount of fans outside so the guys had to give autographs and take pictures with them. You just smiled and some times laugh as you watch the guys. ' they really don't love their fans' you thought to yourself. After every fan got an autograph the guys headed back to the bus.
"welcome back fellas"
and with the you gave them a hug one by one as they entered the bus. Gerard was last and it seemed as if your hug was longer then any one elses, but you didn't care, and it didn't seem like he did either. Once he stepped inside you saw a bunch of fans still looking at you and the bus and thought ' so what if they saw me hugging every one, its not like a hug is bad or something' and then you stepped inside the bus and headed to your bunk.
Meanwhile outside the fans were still waiting to see what else was going to happen tonight.
"wait why does she get to go on the bus?"
"shes the merch girl"
"so what? don't they have their own bus?"
"did you see the way she hugged every member, and how see held Gerard longer then any one else?"
"yeah actually"
"well shes one lucky girl"

The next day you woke up to a magazine cover of you and Gerard hugging. The day you helped him.
"what happen here?" Ray asked
"whats going on between you and Gee Carrie?" Ray asked
"we are friends, did you read the artcle, or did you just see the picture and decide what the article is about?" you asked
"No I read the article, but from what I read, he made it seem like you two are both interested in each other, and that you two are going to be dating, or you already are and your keeping it a sercret."
"what?!? give me that!" you said and you read it, and understood what Ray was saying
"oh that word changer!" you said outloud about the interviewer
"yeah, I saw that too" Gerard said from his bunk.
"what are we going to do?" you said while looking down and across at him
"I don't know, lets just see where time takes it. Maybe people will read it and then forget it"
"yeah, maybe" you said. you layed back down and hoped that it actually came true, but what you didn't know what that Gerard was thinking that same thing.

It's been a week since that whole thing and your email has been jam packed wih questions from your friends and family.
"are you two really dating?" and so on. You don't know how to answer it, so you just answer back, no, not at the moment. Beause like you said to Gerard himself. Many girls have hope, and your one of them.

The next night you decided the watch them preform and so you went backstage. You didn't even have to show Frank's wirst band, which you thought was little weird, but hey you didn't mind. As the show was going on you saw some of the fans taking pictures of the sie of the stage, then you realized they were trying to get you! 'This whole I'm "dating" gerard thing has gotten a little out of control, I'm not even dating him, and people are wanted to take my picture.' you thought. After the show you were selling merch and you sold around 500 items this time, but you also had to take some pictures and sign the poster acouple times. "this is too weird, kids are acting like I'm famous. I'm just a merch girl!' you thought to yourself again. Then Gerard and Frank came from back stage to the merch table. You smiled and thought, 'finally the attention will be off me'. The two boys were busy signing stuographs, but the fans were busy taking photos of you and Gerard standing next to each other. 'ok this is going way out of porportion! I can't even stand next to him any more! ah!' you thought. As these pictures were being taken Frank looked up to see you getting kind of annoyed and he took your hand, and helped you leave the merch table.
"some one will clean up"
"thank you Frank. and I mean that." you said while the both of you were walking back to the bus hand in hand.
"your welcome"
"I mean this whole thing with gerard has gotten every one going crazy! I've gotten emails from every single one of my friends, and my myspace had over 20,000 new friendrequest!" you started getting louder.
"wow, yeah I figured that this would happen"
"yeah, I don't understand why, Gerard and I aren't even dating, every one thinks we are, but we aren't" you said that last part kind of sad
"but you want to" Frank said
"well yeah, but you probably knew that"
"Carrie, the whole band knew that. We all could tell... well every one but Gerard"
"any ways, get some sleep, you might not bebale to sell merch anymore, but you can still set it up and help us out. Just come back stage afterwards so you don't get bothered"
"yeah, good idea. The last thing I want and need is to lose my job"
Then you hugged Frank goodnight, and went inside the bus. Frank turned around and saw no other than Gerard standing right behind you.
"how much did you hear?"
"all of it, I left right after you guys, I didn't want to interup, but I also didn't know she felt that way."
"I can't believe we didn't hear you walking behind us"
"I'm a pretty quiet walker"
"yeah, I guess so"
So the two boys went to bed. Gerard fell asleep looking up at your bunk smiling, while Frank fell asleep look up at your's smiling, and at Gerard's with envy.
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