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sorry I've been gone, but I'm back now, here's alittle bit more while I get used to being home. This part is about you and Gerard really.

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The next day you woke up with a sore throat so you got up got dressed and headed towards the nearest starbucks for some green tea to help the pain go way. On your way out you bumped into some one that was coming in from what you could smell was their morning ciggerette.
"morning carrie"
you lookeded up and saw gerard
you smiled and whispered "morning"
"whats wrong?"
with out saying anything you touched your throat and he understood.
"oh, that sucks, well I was just about to go to starbucks too, mind if I tag along?"
you shook your head no and headed out the door. On the way there you two were pretty much quiet besides the how are you and the how did you sleep questions. When you got there he opened the door for you. You smiled and mouthed thanks, he smiled back and said " your welcome". You both walked up to the counter and you ordered your green tea with a little honey. "make that two please, that sounds good." gerard jumped in. Before you could get out your money Gerard handed her a 10. "it's for the both of ours." you looked at him and he gave you a don't worry about it look. Again you said thank you, well a horseish whisper and went and got yours and gerard's tea. As soon as you took your first sip your throat was feeling better and you could actually talk.
you made a mmmm noise then turned to gee and said "again, thank you, you didn't have to buy me this."
"no problem, and I wanted to, I can tell when some one is not feeling good, and I wanted to be a nice guy"
you smiled.
"so are you feeling better?"
then a huge breeze of cold air blew right against your side and it made you shiver and slightly bump into Gerard.
"don't worry about it... here take this, it might help."
he said while holding out his scarf.
"no, I shouldn't you need it, you have to stay healthy, for with out you, the show would not go on."
"nah, I'm ok, your the one who's sick." and with that he handed it to you, more actually putting it on you. As he was doing that the side of his face got so close to the side of yours that you could feel his warmth and it made you shiver even more. He on the other hand thought that you were still freezing, so he pulled you into a hug until you stopped shivering. You on the other hand couldn't help but smiled and close your eyes while hugging him back.
"there, better?" he asked while pulling away.
"actually, yes, I'm much warmer and feel better, thanks"
"any time, you helped me, and now I helped you." and you bothed walked back touching shoulders as you walked back to the bus. By the time you got back you saw that they rest of the guys were up and eatting breakfast.
"geez, what took you guys so long?" mikey asked
"oh, I wanted to get some tea for my sore throat and gerard wanted one too."
"oh, ok, well are you feeling better?"
"I am."
"good, cause we need you help backstage today." Ray stated
"really? with what?"
"Our make up artist is sick and we need you to help us do our make up." Bob said
"sure, I've seen her put it on you guys, it doesn't look that hard"
"thanks care" frank said
with that you went backstage to help set up and get your section ready for make up and merch. 2 hours before the show the guys came backstage. First you did Bob, his was pretty simple, you just whiten his face, touched up his hair and he was all set. Then it was Ray, you style his curls, added whitener to his skin, and that was that. Frank came next, you whiten his face, added eye liner, and combed his hair, then Gerard sat down. You whiten his face, added eye shadow and liner and left his hair alone. As he was getting up Mikey was running late and ran into both you and Gerard which then caused you two to land in the chair, you on top of him kind of strataling him. As soon as this happen you blushed and got up as fast as you could.
"sorry guys"
"it's okay Mikey, no one was hurt" Gerard said
"ok, good." he said. you were still looking down so no one could see you red cheeks from having your whole body on top of Gerard's. Then Gerard got up, and went to get in the hospital bed for the begining of the show as MIkey sat down in the chair.
"your welcome Carrie"
"for what?"
"making you "fall" on Gerard"
"that was not cool Mikey, I was blushing so hard I'm sure Gerard saw it!"
"nah, he didn't, and if he did, he didn't seem to mind that you were sitting on him"
with that you finished his make up with those last words running threw your head...'he didn't seem to mind'
As the show was going on, your head started to really hurt, so you went and sat by the wall. By the end of the show, you were laying down and watching the guys come off stage.
"frank, go get carrie, I think she passed out, I don't know how with how loud we were playing, but go get her" Bob said
"huh, yeah sure." he said
Frank walked over to you and started to pick you with bridal style when he saw that you were pale, and sweating. "Hey guys... come here, I think somethings wrong."
with that the guys came over to where you and Frank were.
"woah, is she okay?" Mikey asked
"I...I don't know, you doesn't look to good." frank said
Gerard took the back of his hand and was about to touch your forehead when he could feel the heat coming off of you."
"shit guys, she has a really bad fever"
"oh shit, what should we do?"
"lets take her inside and put a cold wash cloth on her head, give her some asprin for her head, and put her into bed." ray said
every one looked at him like he was a genius then Frank carried you to the bus, and did what ray said to do. The next day you still weren't doing any better, so they called Brian and he said to take you home, and have Heather take you to the doctors. Then you can come back when your better. So the guys drove back to your home town, dropped you off, (well Gerard carried you bridal style into your apartment) and they headed off back on tour while you tried to fight off what ever you have.
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