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gerard finally realizes how he truely feels about Carrie

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ring... ring... ring...
still no answer. Frank put the phone down and headed towards the back stage area.
"any good news?" Gerard asked
"no answer... still." Frank said
Gerard put his head down. He and the rest of the band really missed you.

It's been a week since you were dropped off. It turns out you have strepthroat which then caused you to become very dehydrated because of your fever, which then caused your body to shut down to try to get rid of the bacteria.

You layed in your bed looking at your dark purple and bright green walls listening to the phone ring. You couldn't get up to answer the phone, and your vocie was almost gone any ways so it wouldn't madder if you could get up. Then the phone stopped and Heather walked in.
"you didn't answer it again?"
"It's probably the guys Carrie, I'm sure they are worried sick."
"I know, next time you answer it"
"ok, but what should I tell them?"
"I'll be okay, and as soon as I'm not so weak I'll be back on tour"
"ok, how long do you think"
"give me another week to fully recover"
"ok, I'm going to go and get you more water and gatorade. You need to keep hydrated."
"thanks heath."
with that you heard the door close and you were left in silence. So you turned on your lapttop and checked your myspace and e-mail. You accepted the 3,000 friend request, and responded to as many e-mails as you could from your family and friends before you got tired again and passed out until morning.

"Frank, I'm sure she's fine. Don't worry, she's a fighter." Mikey said
"I know mikes, I just really miss her, she was my best friend and all."
"yeah, we all miss her too. I have a feeling she will be back soon" Mikey stated
"I hope so."
"hey, lets go out to eat, I'm in the mood for sushi"
"yeah, it would be good to get out of this bus. Gerard hasn't moved from his bunk yet has he."
"no, only for shows, then he goes right back in there."
"I hope he didnt catch what Carrie has."
"no, he didn't, I think he just realizes how much she means to him now that she's not here."
Frank let out a big sigh. "yeah"
with that Mikey got up and went to get every one really for sushi. 'Carrie likes Gerard, and Gerard likes her back, I should be happy for them, but I wish some times she liked me instead... what am I thinking, they both are finally happy, well will be when he finally tells her the truth about how he feels. Yeah, the truth, I'll be okay, I'm happy that she is my best friend.' Frank thought to himself.
"Frank... come on lets go!" Mikey yelled to him
"alright, alright, I'm coming." he said while getting up and walking to the rest of the guys.
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