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welcome back hugs

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you came back and in perfect timing.

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it's been a five more days since you told Heather that you would be returning to tour in a week and you were eatting more and rehydrated. In other words you were feeling great. You also were up and about and couldn't wait the two more days to get back on tour so you decided to leave and surprises the guys and come bck early. You said your good bye to Heather and told her to not tell the guys if they call, in fact tell them you need 5 more days to rest, then you packed, called a cab and left for the tour bus. Once you got there you knocked very softly of the door so only the driver could hear you. Then he came to the door opened it up looked at you for a second then smiled and let you in.
"welcome back Carrie"
"thanks, where are the guys?"
"all of them?"
"yup, in their bunks, it's been very quiet since you've been gone, every one just sleeps, eats, and performs"
"oh wow, well then I'm glad I'm back. It might get a little loud when I go back in the bunk area just to worn you"
he smiled and said "good"
with that you walked towrds every one's bunk. You went to Frank's first. You saw him sleeping gave him a quick kiss in the cheek and said "Frank, wake up!" in his ear. His eyes shot open and he put on the biggest smile you have ever seen. He was about to scream and or say something when you covered him mouth with your hand so he didn't wake any one else up. He just shook his head got up and lead you to the couchs away from the bunk area. Once there he gave you the biggest hug, one that felt like he never wanted to let you go again, and he made you sit in his lap and tell him everything that happen.

15 min. later you wanted to wake every one else up so you went to the bunk area again, went to Ray's bunk first whispered "ray" in his ear, his eyes opened and he smiled and gave you a huge hug. Then got up. You then did the same for Mikey and Bob and they did the same thing as Ray. A smile and hug. You walked and ducked down to Gerard's and you saw him sleeping. He looked to peaceful you didn't want to wake him up, so you gave him a kiss on the cheek and went to hang with the guys.

Once out in the couch area the guys all started talking asking you so many questions so gave them all another hug and then told them everything you told Frank. They all welcomed you back with more hugs and smiles. Gerard on the other hand was woken up by the loud talking of the guys and he got up to tell the to shut up and beause he didn't know you were back yet he was still in his shitty mood. So he walked back towards to couches and you were hidden behind Frank and the guys when Gerard came in the room.
"guys shut the fuck up, I'm trying to sleep."
"sorry dude, we are all just extremely happy right now"
with that they all move to the side and then Frank moved and there you were stand right in front of Gerard.
"care...Carrie?" Gerard said in disbelief.
"yup, in the flesh" you said
then gerard's face went from a frown to the biggest smile you have ever seen him do before and he ran up to you pulled you into his arms and lifted you up of the ground spinning you into the biggest hug you have ever had before in your life. After what seemed to be a ten min. hug he finally let go of you and you looked at all the guys. They all had smiles on their faces and you said "come here." They all got up and you all got in a big group hug.
"welcome back Carrie, we really missed you." Bob said
"thanks guys, it feels great to be back, you have no idea how much I missed you all too."

"um, I hate to brake up this welcome back hug, but Brian's on speaker phone for you guys" the bus driver said
"oh ok, thanks" Ray said
"Welcome back Carrie, glad to know your feeling better. You know you still have the merch table to set up." he said
you chuckled and said
"thanks Brian and I know" with that you got up waved good bye to the guys, left the bus and went to set up the table, getting the hint that Brian needed to talk to the guys alone.
"Ok guys, now that shes back a expect a better show. I know you have been down, but that is no excuse. You made your fans suffer for these past couple of shows because you were not giving them your best show, now cut the crap and make them and me happy. Got it?"
"yes, sorry about that Brian, it was just hard to focus since my best friend and every one elses good friend was sick and we didn't know anything about it" Frank said
"I understand that, but she's back and you guys should know, the show must always go on. It's not your fans fault that she got sick, don't make them suffer because of it."
"we know, thanks man, everything will be better now. Promise." Gerard said
"good. Now I set up an interview for you guys in three days. Gerard, you will be going and sitting in the seats to watch and see how the show goes before the interview. I want you to know what kind of questions they ask you this time. I don't want you to get upset again."
"ok, will do, but wont they reconize me?"
"true very true, well bring some one to go with you and wear your gray sweatshirt and sunglasses."
"alright, who should I bring?"
"well who do you want to bring besides one of the guys."
"why not Carrie, she can fit right in and besides every one thinks she's still sick, so no one knows that she's back on tour with us."
"alright, sounds good, tell her that the both of you will be going to the show together on Friday."
"The day before the interview?"
"no the day of the interview, they have one before you guys at noon, your guyes interview is at 3:00p.m."
"alright, got it."
"good, well go get ready for your show. Make it great. Later guys"
"bye" they all said then they hung up and went to get ready while Gerard went to find you.
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