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Ryans first piano lesson. And guitar hero.

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Of course i told Eliza we had made a ''date'' which seemed to keep her happy enough.
I just didn't tell her it was a piano lesson.
Thpugh she had told me she was very proud of me and 'knew i could do it.'
Pfft, yeah right, I bet she was expecting me to crash and burn before i even got his number.
Actually, so did i.

My life was becoming a big web of lies.
I was lying to my boss, i was lying to Ryan...

I got to the apartment Panic! were staying at in at a bout 7, ready to give Ryan
his first piano lesson.

I knocked on the door and Jon answered it.

Again i was greeted by 'British girl!!'
'I have a name Jonathan.' I said.

He called Ryan and Ryan came out the bedroom, hands in his back pockets looking
extremely cute.

'Oh hey Ella, come in, i'll just set the stools up.'

I walked in and Spencer and Brendon greeted me with grunts and nods of their heads as
they were very into their Guitar hero playstation game.

Once Ryan had set up the stools we both sat down at the piano,

'Drink or anything Ella?' Asked Jon.
'No , i'm OK, thanks.'

'OK teacher.' Said Ryan 'teach me.'
I just stared at the keys for a moment. I sighed, 'I have absolutely no idea where to begin.'
'What did Madame whatshername teach you on your first day.'?
'Oh right well.' I put my finger on one of the keys 'C,c,c,c,c,c,c..' I droned pressing it down
Ryan did the same. I stuck my thumbs at him 'very, very good.' I said jokingly.
'Why thankyou Ella, i seem to be learning so much from you.'
I narrowed my eyes at him. 'Don't diss the teacher Ryan.'

The lesson went pretty well, i manged to teach him more useful things,
and he seemed to get the hang of it really quickly.

'Very good!' I said at the end of the lesson 'keep this up and you get a chocolate bar!.'

'Do i get a chocolate bar?' Asked Jon from the sofa.
'Of course you do Jon.'

'Well i'm off' I said, getting up and picking up my handbag. 'I'll see you guys later.'
'Noooo stay, play a game of guitar hero with me.' Said Brendon.
'I am terrible at playstation games.' I said.
'All the better.I lost to all these guys today, i need to beat someone.'
'Well i'm flattered' I said.

But i ended up playing against Brendon anyway, and surprisingly enough i seemed
to have knack for it.

'Noooo! How could you beat me??!!' Exclained Brendon increduously.
'Don't worry Brendon.' I soothed 'You just suck, that's all.'

I ended up playing against the rest of the guys in turn.
'I love this game!.' I said , once i had defeated both Jon and Spencer.

'Don't get too attached cos' you is going dooowwwn' Said Ryan putting the guitar
strap over his head and joining me.
'Pfft, yeah sure, whatever Ross.'

He ended up beating me by a point.

'Hand over the money Urie.' Said Spencer as Brendon sighed and handed him a fiver.
'Oops, sorry Brendon.' I apologised.

I have to say i was pretty miffed when i left as he still hadn't asked me out.
How long was it going to take?
Eliza thought i was already out with him.... and by the time i actually AM out with him
i'll probably have to tell her i have the story.
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