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Thankyou, mum.

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Ryan and Ella make a deal.

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I pressed the dial button on my phone and waited for Ryan to pick up.
'Hey Ryan.'
'Oh! Hey Ella.'

For some reason just the sound of his voice managed to make my legs go all tingly.
My legs always go tingly when i talk to guys i fancy.
I do not fancy Ryan...
Well i guess i do a bit. But that's understandable, he's hot, he's famous, he's in
a band, he's hot....

'I have the money.' I said
'Good now slip it through the letter box and make sure no-one sees you...'
'Sorry, anyway, so soon?'

Well i had to give it to him quickly. I need enough time to actually get him
to ask me out and then to get the actual story.
But now it looks as if i'm going to be living off rice for the next month.

'Yeah, i don't wanna keep you waiting, anyway when shall i give it to you?'
'Um do you live near the town centre?'
'That's where i am right now, i can come and collect it if you want.'
'How about i come out and meet you, it's hell trying to find my apartment.'
'OK sure.'
'Where abouts are you?'
'Do you know where the large fountain is in the middle of the town ..near starbucks.?'
'Yep, i'll meet you there in 5 OK?'

When i went into town and approached the fountain i spotted Ryan immediately,
sitting on it eating a bagguette.

He spotted me too and waved me over.
My legs went all tingly again.

'Here all by yourself.'? I said when i had reached him.
'Yeah, just been on a search for a piano teacher.'
'Any luck?'
'Nope. Doesn't anyone in this city play the piano?'
'Excuse me, you happen to be looking at a Grade 7 pianist for your information.'
'Impressive, who taught you?'
'Madame Chlougher.'
'She still teaching?'
'Yep, i think so.'
'And she's still living in England.'

I laughed. 'Anyway, i here's the money i owe you.' I said handing him a cheque.
He must have seen the hesitant look in my face as i handed it over because he said
'You really don't have to give it to me yet Ella, there's no rush.'
'Trust me , there is.' I sighed.
'Look, how about, you make it up to me in another way, like....
replying to our fan mail for us or something, i dunno.'
' i'd still feel as if writing a bunch of letters isn't going to make up for it.'
'There must be something.'
'If you think of someway where i can make up the amount of money i owe
you fairly, then i'll do it, but for now, just take the money.'
I waved the cheque infront of him again but he still didn't take it.
'I've got it.' He said.
'Piano lessons. You could give me free piano lessons.'

That wasn't a half bad idea.

'Really? But i'm not sure if i'm that good a teacher..'
He shrugged 'Take it or leave it.'
'But do you really think i'd be giving you enough lessons to match the amount of money?'
'Sure, i'm crap.'

I laughed.
'So is it a deal then?' He asked.
'If your sure, Because seriously, i don't mind just giving you the money...'
'Ella, it's fine , honestly, and you'd be helping me out a lot.'
'' i nodded.

Thankyou mum , for making me take up piano lessons,
you may be neurotic and annoying to the point where
you made me move out of the country,
but sometimes it can come in handy.
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