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Don't pretend you ever forgot about me

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Just some silly filler. Bit boring, but worth reading.

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Have you heard that new Fall Out Boy song, ''The Takes Over, The Breaks Over''??
I'm not a particular F.O.B fan but ever scince my mum bought their CD -yes, my MUM- that song always plays in my head when writing/reading this story for some reason.

Anyway, on with the chapter....


'You may have completed ''task one'' , but you forget one thing,
you still need him to ask you out otherwise your still as good as fired'.

Reese's words brought me crashing back down to reality.

'I know......but there's plenty of time for that.....i mean, he has my number...
i have his....'

Reese sighed 'i hope so. Look, Ella, i know you always refuse my offer but
your job sounds really nasty, and mines doing quite well at the moment,
and i just think it would be easier if i could just -'
'No, Reese,i appreciate the offer, really, i do,
but you know how i feel about letting you pay my bills,
i won't allow it, i'm not going to scavenge of you.'

Reese rolled her eyes and threw her hands up in defeat.

'But this guy though' She said 'i think he must really like you...
i mean he had only just met you and he's lending you money.'
'Well i'm paying him back' I said.
'Sure but i don't think guys go around helping any old girl who
they've just met with their financial problems....'
'Reese, he's just.....a nice guy, that's all.'
'A nice guy who's hearts going to broken because of you.'
'He'll never know. And if by some fantastic miracle, we happen
to go out, i'll end it as soon as i get the story, and he'll never have to know...'
'What if he reads the story?'

I gulped. I hadn't thought of that.

Luckily i was saved by having to answer Reese's question by the phone ringing,

'Ella, it's your boss here.' Replied Eliza.

Ella. Did you hear that? Ella. She must be happy with me
cos i got his number.

'Anyway' Said Eliza 'Has he called you yet?'
'No not yet....but it's only been a day.'
'Right...right...i guess he doesn't want to seem to eager..'
'But we're going to have to kinda hurry with this.We want this
story A.S.A.P.'
'What about marrying him?'
'You really think you'll still be working for me by then? I need
other jobs for you to do Ella, this is just a starter. I can't
wait around for you forever you know.'
'Anyway i want the story for the next comes out in a fortnight,
got that?'
'Got it.'

So i had a month, not too bad.
I could so totally do it by then.

The only way i was going to meet Ryan again though was to hand over my
cheque for the carpet.
That means i was going to have to make the money in less than a month,
because Eliza already thinks he's asked me out....

I'd be as good as skint by the end of it , but at least if everything
goes well, i'll still have my job.

And all because of a stupid coffee stain and Eliza's
expensive taste in carpets.
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