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Ryan To The Rescue

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For rainbowsrinkles, cos' you gave me a review when i was just about to give up due to thinking no-one was reading my story.

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'You know your not supposed to move stuff around in my
office.' Eliza said 'Why on Earth is the plant pot in the centre of
my floor?'

'Still working on it.' Sighed Jon.

''Move it back at once!'

'Feng shui!' proclaimed Jon snapping his fingers.
'Excuse me?' Asked Eliza, confused.
'You know, that chinese thing. where your
luck or something changes depending on
where objects are placed in the room.'

Eliza strode over and lifted up the plant pot.
She gasped.
'WHAT-IS-THIS??' She screeched.
'Um...i'm so sorry Eliza, it was a complete accident.' I stuttered
'No excuses! Oh my poor poor carpet. Do you know how much
this cost me?'
'I'm so so sorry Eliza.'
'I can't have a clutz working for me!.'
'But-i-' i began to protest.
'Wait!' Said Ryan suddenly.
Everyone turned to look at him.
'It was me' He said 'i'm the one who spilt the coffee,
and i really, really am sorry.'

It sounds sad to say this, but that is probably the nicest
thing a guy has done for me scince primary school
and Joseph Copper let me keep his set of colouring
penils. Mind you, he was the one who broke my original set.

'I'll pay for it to be refurbished.' He continued.
In other words, i will.
'Can't i ju- i mean can't he just buy a rug to cover it?' I asked
'A rug? a rug? A rug will completely ruin the whole ambiance' of the room,
and even if i were to get a rug , the type i set my eyes on will
probably cost more than the carpet'
'Right OK, carpet it is then.' He said.

'I wan't the money soon. What will My Chemical Romance think
when they see the state of my office floor?'

I'm sure they wouldn't really care, but i decided to
keep my mouth shut.

'Renee' Eliza sighed 'Come, help me find a rug to cover it temporarily.'

She and Renee left leaving me with the guys.
'All this over a coffee spill? That woman needs to lighten up.' Said Brendon.

'Thankyou SO much Ryan.' I gushed 'You saved my butt'
'Anytime.' He shrugged.
'So i'll try and get the money as soon as i can, but it
might take a few more payments.....knowing Eliza
it'll cost something absurd-'
'Don't worry about it' He cut me off 'I'll pay for the carpet.'
'I can't let you do that! After all it was me who spilt it.'
'Seriously, it's fine, Ella i have enough money , besides
it's best to get it to her soon .'
'No i refuse. Seriously, i'm not going to back down on this.' I said stubbornly.
'OK, OK, how about i pay half?'
I paused and thought about it. He'd still be spending a lot of money on my behalf.
'OK' I sighed 'But i'm paying you back the half as soon as i can.'
'Really, you don't have to.'
'But i'm going to.'

He sighed, folded his arms and shook his head at me
'Fine, i can see your not going to back down on this. I'll pay
half, and you can pay me back if you want , whenever.'
'OK deal. Thankyou, really.'
'Oh hey' He said getting out his phone 'I'd better get your number then.'

Well i'd done it . I had given him my number.
Sure he hadn't asked me out, but Eliza doesn't have to know that.
If i remember rightly, all she said was that he had to have
my number. She didn't say that it had to be so we can arrange a date,
and not so we could negotiate spending money on refurbishing
coffee stained carpets.

So i had, technically, completed part one of my task.

Go me.

'I still can't believe your doing this.' I said, as i typed his number
into my mobile.'I mean you've don't really even know me..
your giving an extremely genorous loan of money
to a stranger.'
'Ryan can never resist helping a girl in trouble.' laughed Jon.
Ryan blushed and laughed, putting his hands into the
back pockets of his jeans and averting his eyes to the ceiling.
'Aw you've embarrased him now.' Teased Brendon.
'Come on guys...i mean i don't want her to run short of
cash and have to move back to England with her parents...
not after what we heard of them.' He smiled.
We laughed , just as Eliza and Renee entered with the most disgusting fur
rug i have ever seen.
'Money. Soon as possible.' She panted throwing the giant rug on the floor.

Hope you enjoyed....need to start writing the next chapter. Stuck for any ideas at the mo....
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