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Ella meets Ryan (again)

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So it's crunch time. All she has is 45 minutes. will Ryan ask her out? Or will she *gulp* have to end up asking him ?? Oh but then there's the coffee...

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I walked into work nervously. Panic! and the guys would be arriving at
Scene in about an hour.
They were doing an interview to go with their pictures, and Eliza
had put me in charge of this, though of course, the real reason
she did it was so i could get close to Ryan.

Everyone at Scene seemed to know about my little 'task.'
I even had to take visit to the Scene wardrobe yesterday
and have Sasha , the fashion expert, pick out my outfit to
wear for when i met him.
It took hours, and even Sasha started to get irratated.
As if it was my fault i wasn't as tall, skinny and dark as she was,
and that not every single item of clothing suited/fitted me.

To be honest the whole situation was kinda embarrasing.
What, they didn't trust me with my own style of clothes?

It seemed as if Sasha wanted me to go for the tart look too,
the way she kept flinging endless amounts of mini skirts
and boob-tubes at me, but i refused them all.

In the end we settled on a knee-length black skirt and heels.
a with a not-too-indecent strappy top.

So that's what i was wearing today, as i strode up the hall to my desk,
heels click-clacking against the marble floor,
i could feel a million eyes on me.
They all knew, just as i did, that if i didn't get a date with Ryan,
i was out of here. History.

I had to meet Eliza in her office.
She asked whether i was prepared etc,
and if i think she looks anything like Kylie Minogue.

When i left i was approached by Eliza's assistant, Renee, the one
with the pointy eyebrows.
'Here.' She said handing me a coffee
'Oh thanks' i said taking it from her 'Why do i get this?'
'Well it's judgement day. You nervous?'
'Don't worry, so was i.'
'She made you pretend to date a rockstar too?'
'Oh no.' She laughed 'My test was off assistancy. I had half an hour to find
her some eyeshadow exactly the same shade as the pollen from
the flowers in the vase on her desk. And between 5 and 10 dollars.'
'So does everybody get a 'test'?'
'Yep. Every new employee has to undergo
a certain task to see if they are worthy for the job.
It's Eliza's own little contest.'

I sat down and drunk my coffee, pondering on what other
tests she may have set my co-workers.

'Ella' Said Renee poking her head around the corner a while later, 'Panic! are here.'

I followed her down the hallway and into Eliza's office.
They were all there; Flipflops, twinkle, pillow lips and of course, Momo.

'It's the Brit!.' Exclaimed Jon.
'Hey guys.' I smiled.

'This is Ellen' Introduced Eliza 'She'll be interviewing you.'

'It's Ella' i corrected.

'Right Right, Ella will be interviewing you.' Said Eliza. 'You can use my
office, i'm popping out for a manicure.'

With that she flung on her jacket and left leaving me alone with the guys.

45 minutes was all i had to get Ryan to ask me out.
I could always ask him out myself but i really don't think i could bring myself to do it.
I've never actually asked a guy out before.

'OK then um take a seat' I said.

They sat, and i sat down opposite them taking out my little notepad.

So i asked the questions, they answered rather boredly,
as if they had been asked the same thing dozens of
times , which i figure, they probably have.

The tock was ticking, and time was running out.
I had done absolutely NO flirting with him whatsoever.

So i decided to improvise.

'So um, what kind of bands are you into?' I asked.
'Um we like lot's of different Queen, Smashing pumpkins,Radiohead...' Answered Ryan.
'Wow, really? Me too ..i LOVE Karma police..'
'Oh cool, really? Yeah actually we made a cover of that song'

Whole thing was a lie of course, i've never even heard the song.

I looked at the clock. Shit! Eliza comes back in 10 minutes!
Exactly ten minutes, Eliza is never late or early, she is always dead on time.

10 minutes i have for him to ask for my number, other wise gulp i'm going to
have to ask him.

I groaned and leaned back on my chair might aswell clear my desk already.

But as i did so i managed to knock over Eliza's old cup of coffee which
went flying and landed splat down on the floor making a huge mess
on the immaculate cream carpet.

Like i was saying, might as well start clearing my desk now.

'Oh no!' I gasped in horror. I knelt down on the floor beside
the beachball-sized stain of black coffee.

'Oh dear' Said Brendon.
'Woopsie.' Said Jon.

'Oh no, oh no, oh no, what am i going to do? I'm going to be fired!'

'I'm sure she'll understand' Said Spencer 'it was an accident.'
'You don't know my boss!' My voice cracking with anxiety. I was on the
verge of becoming a crazy woman.
'She'll seriously fire you?' Asked Ryan

The door opened. I almost fainted in terror, but it just turned out to be Renee.

'Hey can you- Oh! you are DEAD.' she said once spotting the stain.
'Oh i know.' I moaned hiding my head in my hands 'Renee' i sqeaked
'what am i going to do?'
'Don't ask me, i don't wan't to be involved in this.'
'Please, please, i'm begging you....'
She looked at me sympathetically and sighed. 'I'll go and see if we have any stain removal but
if Eliza asks, i wasn't here!.'
'OK thanks.' i gushed, as she left.
I looked at the clock.
'5 minutes until she get's back!'
'OK, OK, let's see said Jon getting on the floor. He shuffled to the
corner of the room and picked up the huge plant pot, he then shuffled
back over and placed it right on top of the coffee stain.

'Oh that's perfect.' I said sarcastically 'Now all we need to do is come up with an
explanation as to why there is a plant pot in the middle of her floor.'
'I'll work on it.' Said Jon, scratching his chin and appearing deep in thought.

'Well do it quickly because Eliza's going to come back in 3 minutes exactly.' I said.
'I'm amazed you put up wih her.' Said Brendon 'She seems like a right cow.'
'Trust me, she is. But if i need this job. If i lose it i'll have to go back to England.'
'What's so bad about England?'
'My parent's'

'Any ideas Ryan?' Brendon asked.
Ryan got onto his knees and expected the stain. 'Er no, sorry.....unless you have any hair dye
or something the same colour which you could use.'

'Well we could do, but it's pointless Eliza is set to return in one minute.'

Renee opened the door again 'i'm so sorry.' She said 'i couldn't find anything.'
I sighed. Oh well, i was probably gonna be fired anyway.
Hey, at least i don't have to ask any rockstars out now.
I had to admit i was a little dissapointed though...
he WAS very cute.

My thoughts were interupted though when Eliza entered the room.
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