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Revising Ryan

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Not much happens in this one really....

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I had a terrible, terrible feeling about this.
I couldn't do this , noway.

But if i didn't, Eliza had made it pretty clear that i'd lose my job.

And losing my job means bye bye Vegas, hello again England.

I told Reese about it all.
I wasn't supposed to tell anyone outside scene headquarters,but Reese
is my best friend. I tell her everything.

'Ella! I can't believe your going to do this. You are actually agreeing to USE a guy
just for a story. Poor boy.'
'Look' I sighed 'It's not going to be anything serious. Basically i just need him to take
me to somewhere where i can watch him get totally pissed.It'll be over in a few days,
i'm sure.'
'But what if it never happens?'
'Then Eliza said i just had to wait. She even said i may have to marry him.'
'Is this guy cute?'
'Well that's even worse! What if you fall for him.'
'Ha! Reese, i don't fall for people easily. I'm sure we have no problem.
i don't think i've ever really been in love before.'
'Seriously? like never?' Reese opened her large brown eyes in astonishment.
' I'm not really that interested in all that stuff.I'm more of a career gal.
And therefore, i'm more concerned about my job than falling for some guy.'
'Fine. But you need to make sure straight away that he knows you don't want it to
turn serious.You don't want to get his hopes up.'
'And how do i do that?'
'No idea. You could dress as a tart.'
'Ha! Don't think so.'
'Well i dunno then.'
'You think about it. I'm going to take some time to revise this Ryan guy.
Eliza says i have to be an expert on him and all his interests by Friday'

I retired to my room and took out the folder.
This was kinda creepy.
I dunno how i would feel if i knew someone was reading up on every little thing about me.

An hour later, i was still finding it a struggle to store all this information.

His full name is George Ryan Ross III...or was it IV?
His hobbies include kickboxing....and, and....was it writing or reading? Oh it's both..
He likes Jim Burton wait TIM Burton movies....
and smashing pumpkins..... God this guy is wierd. Who goes around smashing pumpkins?
Great, what if this guy is a physco?

Took me a few moments to realise that 'Smashing Pumpkins' was actually a band.

'I'm gonna look this guy up on the internet.' Said Reese , striding into my room
and sitting herself infront of my laptop.
'What's his name again?'
'Ryan Ross.' I replied.
She typed it into the computer.
'Is that him?' She asked once the google image page had loaded.
I walked over and bent down to see 'Yup that's him.'
'Aww, he's so adorable.....'
'I know.'
'He kinda reminds me of someone..'
'Oh my God! That's's the eyes.'

I told her about calling him Momo when i met him yesterday.
'I haven't made a good start so far, have i?' I sighed.
'You told him he looked like a dog?'

I flopped back down onto the bed, how was i ever going to pull this off?


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