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hmm i have been busy latley..

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Vampireslayer: I wonder why frank wasn't here today.
Torobush: think he really got beat up by bob?
Vampireslayer: no
Quietgenius: I doubt it.
Vampireslayer: ok Mikey why the fuck are you always here
Vampireslayer: don't you have friends in your own grade or something?
Quietgenius: ...up urs.
Vampireslayer: up ur moms
Quietgenius: your mom...
Quietgenius: is my mom.
Torobush: sick dude.
Vampireslayer: Mikey go away.
Quietgenius: fine. Just remember I beat ur ass at D&D last night.

Quietgenius has left room

Torobush: he IS the dragon master.
Vampireslayer: k whatever.
Vampireslayer: hey we should get frank or bob here
Torobush: no - we should get Emily
Vampireslayer: oh no why???
Torobush: so we can ask her ourselves if she really is sick
Vampireslayer: shes gonna lie
Torobush: maybe..
Vampireslayer: and if she really is sick she wouldn't be at home on her computer right?
Vampireslayer: I mean, wuldnt it make more sense if she was at a hospital?
Torobush: ok yea but im bored.
Vampireslayer: ok fine. Lets get tara on.

Caustix has entered room

Caustix: ugh what do you want?!?!
Caustix: haven't you ever heard of homework??
Vampireslayer: if Emily really sick
Caustix: no, now leave me alone
Vampireslayer: HA
Torobush: YOU JUST SAID IT!!
Caustix: said what
Vampireslayer: that she isn't sick!! U said no!!
Caustix: oh... no I thought you said something else.
Vampireslayer: you said no
Torobush: yeah you did!!
Caustix: shit.
Caustix: ok so I lied just so you wouldn't upset her.
Caustix: she is in Georgia for a week.
Vampireslayer: why did you do that
Caustix: so you wouldn't break up with her!
Torobush: oh I get it.
Caustix: and ray frank told me that you were going to ask Christine so I told her to lie.
Torobush: FRANK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Torobush has left room

Vampireslayer: poor frank.
Caustix: umm ok.
Vampireslayer: tara please tell Emily I don't want to date her.
Caustix: hmm...
Caustix: ok..
Caustix: I actually really wanted to date you
Caustix: but she took my keyboard and beat me to it that day
Caustix: but now I cant ask you out bc she will get mad at me
Caustix: if you break up with her
Vampireslayer: yea I get it
Vampireslayer: that sucks.
Caustix: oh god.
Vampireslayer: well, you can always get frank to ask her out
Vampireslayer: he has been wanting someone since jamina broke up with him
Caustix: I guess frank would be good for her

13Unlucky13 has entered room

Vampireslayer: well, you insulted bob
Caustix: and told Christine to lie to ray
Vampireslayer: so now they are gonna kick yo ass.
13Unlucky13: locks doors and windows
Vampireslayer: why went you here today?
13Unlucky13: I told my mom the pipes in the school broke and there was a huge flood that drowned half the school.
13Unlucky13: and she believed that bullshit?
13Unlucky13: I stayed home, didn't i?
Caustix: that's not fair!!
13Unlucky13: ha.
Vampireslayer: how long did it get you out of school for?
13Unlucky13: I told her with super powered vacuums they are able to get out all the water in about 2 weeks.
13Unlucky13: maybe 3
Vampireslayer: damn.
Caustix: cant you like, stay back for that?
13Unlucky13: for what
Caustix: being absent too long?
13Unlucky13: not if I can change the school files...
Vampireslayer: were not in the movie SAT, frank.
13Unlucky13: maybe we can make our own movie about it then!!!
Caustix: I like that movie.
13Unlucky13: thats great...
Caustix: hmm
Caustix: hey frank would you date Emily
13Unlucky13: hell no.
13Unlucky13: but I would date YOU
Caustix: what the hell Gerard you told me he was desperate!!
Vampireslayer: um no I didn't use the word desperate.
Vampireslayer: I said, "he has been wanting someone"
Caustix: same thing.
13Unlucky13: why the frig are u ppl talking about me anyway
Caustix: now shut up
13Unlucky13: did ray really say he was gonna kick my ass
Vampireslayer: yea
Caustix: yes
13Unlucky13: damn.
13Unlucky13: im screwed.
Caustix: aren't we all
Vampireslayer: seems like it
Vampireslayer: tara why do you keep changing your color
Vampireslayer: its annoying
Caustix: its fun
Vampireslayer: first you were pink, then purple, then light blue, then green, then back to purple and now your aqua.
Caustix: "first you were pink, then purple, then light blue, then green, then back to purple and now your aqua."
13Unlucky13: now she has the same color as you Gerard!!
Vampireslayer: tara stop!
Vampireslayer: red is my color
Caustix: hehe
13Unlucky13: now shes my color
Vampireslayer: frank you DON'T have a color. Just black.
13Unlucky13: black is a color
Vampireslayer: yeah but it I just.. boring.
13Unlucky13: fine. Ill be liken you and have RED
Caustix: woo now we are all red
Vampireslayer: I makes it look like I am talking to myself
13Unlucky13: Gerard you DO talk to yourself
Vampireslayer: no I don't
Caustix: yes you do.
Vampireslayer: you know what,
Vampireslayer: HA
Vampireslayer: now I am caustix's color.
Caustix: no you cant be my color!!
Caustix: that is my signature pink!!
Vampireslayer: and that's my 'signature' red
13Unlucky13: igh this is getting confusing.
Vampireslayer: ok fine.
Vampireslayer: I go back to red, tara goes back to pink and frank goes back to black.
Caustix: ok here.
13Unlucky13: happy now
Vampireslayer: ok .
Vampireslayer: glad that's over with
Vampireslayer: I was getting a headache.
13Unlucky13: maybe because its.. 2:34 in the morning?
Vampireslayer: WHAT
Caustix: what?!?
13Unlucky13: yeah. That's what the clock says.
13Unlucky13: and the clock pwns all.
Caustix: you are going to rely on that one clock?
Caustix: I highly doubt that is right.
Vampireslayer: frank are all the clocks in ur house screwed up?
Vampireslayer: or are you just on crack?
Caustix: I vote both.
Caustix: my clock says its 8:17.
Vampireslayer: so does mine.
13Unlucky13: ok my COMPUTER is on crack.
Caustix: don't blame it on the computer!!
13Unlucky13: ok it says it is not 2:36, June 31, 1981.
Caustix: ... wow
Vampireslayer: june 31 isnt even POSSIBLE
Vampireslayer: the firkin month ends the 30!
13Unlucky13: I know isn't it retarded?
Vampireslayer: I thought it was just you!
13Unlucky13: HEY!
Caustix: ha.

hey sorry guys that i havent updated.. you must think im dead.
no, i was at my grandmas all last week, [she doesnt have a computer] and then i was at a friends sleepover last night.
i wont be able to update tommorow or the 4th since i have family parties to go to and all of that 4th of july good stuff.
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