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hmm. nothing to say.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama, Humor - Characters: Bob Bryar, Gerard Way, Ray Toro - Published: 2007-07-03 - Updated: 2007-07-03 - 310 words

Vampireslayer: hey ray.
Vampireslayer: how did "kicking franks ass" go??
Torobush: ha you actually believed that shit?
Vampireslayer: ...
Vampireslayer: so what did you do
Torobush: I went over Christine's
Vampireslayer: cool
Vampireslayer: hey do you think bob ever kicked his ass?
Torobush: probably.
Torobush: why wasn't he in school today
Vampireslayer: because his mom will believe anything he says.
Torobush: ... okay.

Blueyedrummer has entered room
Blueyedrummer: hey.
Torobush: wow that's weird
Blueyedrummer: what
Vampireslayer: we were wondering if u ever kicked franks ass
Blueyedrummer: yup
Vampireslayer: you did??
Torobush: really?!
Blueyedrummer: yep
Vampireslayer: I bet u wish you did that too now ray, don't you?
Torobush: shut up Gerard.
Torobush: I can still beat his ass, u kno

Caustix has entered room

Caustix: hey.
Vampireslayer: yeah, if bob didn't kill him already.
Caustix: what?
Caustix: who killed who??
Torobush: nvm
Vampireslayer: bob killed frank
Caustix: no way. Bob is that true?
Caustix: I want to come to his funeral.
Blueyedrummer: ...uuhh I guess you could say that
Caustix: ur my hero
Vampireslayer: ray I betchya wish you did it sooner huh?
Torobush: shut up/
Vampireslayer: ray is jealous
Blueyedrummer: Gerard you can shut up you know..
Caustix: yea.. you should shut up before he kicks ur ass
Torobush: you know what Gerard?
Vampireslayer: what?
Vampireslayer: oh no wait - let me guess
Vampireslayer: HAHAHAHAHA
Caustix: Gerard.. come on now.
Blueyedrummer: yea Gerard really.
Torobush: F.U.C.K. Y.O.U

Torobush has left room

Caustix: wow.
Blueyedrummer: you got him mad.
Caustix: sometimes, you are so stupid Gerard.

this chapter ends like that. hmm this is probably the first and last update from today.. maybe i will finish the chapter im writing in the way curse.. if i have time to.. [i gtg to my grandmas 3rd of july party.] :P
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