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Dog tags.

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The boys are back in town!

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I haven't seen Gerard in months, my boys were doing great, or should I say, my chemical romance were doing great.
They even recorded a CD and filmed a couple of video's, who knew that Gerard's little therapy sessions would actually take them to this point, it took them away from me and I wouldn't see them months at the time.
I obviously have spoken to him over the phone but sometimes it wasn't enough, I wanted to touch him, to hear his voice and not the electronic voice over the phone, to touch his hair, to smell him.
I missed the other guys as well but it was different from how I missed Gerard.
It was a big fuck but I was happy for them, they finally felt like they're doing something they loved and are good at.

Their plane was supposed to land in the middle of the night, Gerard made me promise I won't bother to meet them.
I wondered around the apartment until 1.00 AM but then collapsed on the sofa and fell asleep.
I haven't heard Mikey and Ray come in, I woke up startled to find myself covered with a blanket and two big suitcases standing in the hallway, I beamed happyly. My boys are home.
I raced to Mikey's room, listening closely, it was really silent and still, I bit my lips battling my urge to barge in and jump on him and my logic that said that he's probably tired as hell, especially flying in so late.
I stood in front of the door for a while but then decided. Screw logic I'm going in.
I flung the door open and was greeted with darkness, I raced to Mikey's bed and jumped on him.
He screamed in terror, struggling to find the light switch. I laughed happyly and squinted when he finally found the switch.
"Holy shit, Sky you scared the fuck out of me", he smiled rubbing his chest, looking pale.
"Sorry, I couldn't wait any longer. Welcome home!", I smiled apologetically.
He rubbed his eyes tiredly, "Yeah me neither, but as the normal person I'm, I contained myself and didn't wake you up".
I made a face.
"What are you waiting for?", he put a hand through his messy hair, messing it even more.
"Huh?", I frowned, confused.
"Come here and give me a fucking hug, idiot", he smiled, stretching his arms wide.
I jumped into his embrace and hugged him tightly, I missed him so much.
"I heard a girl scream, is everything alright?", I heard Ray's sleepy voice come from the door I left open.
Mikey and I parted, "Yeah, Mikey screamed".
"Ah, figures", Ray smiled, rubbing his face.
"Sorry we woke you up. I couldn't wait any longer", I stretched my arms, motioning Ray to come closer.
"If you think you're excited, you shouldve seen Gerard when we landed", Ray said, hugging me tight, "The man actually jumped up and down at 3 AM!!!".

Ray joined us on Mikey's bed, we were chatting and catching up about everything that happened for the past three months when we heard a knock on the door.
"It's probably Gerard, I'll be surprised if he even slept", Mikey rolled his eyes.
I jumped off the bed and raced to the door, I flung the door open and as expected Gerard was standing there smiling.
I jumped on him, wrapping my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist, it was so good to smell him, to actually see him in the flesh.
He carried me back into the flat, kissing me passionately.
"I can't believe you're here!", I cried between kiss sessions.
He didn't say anything but dumped me on the sofa and climbed on top.
"I guess you don't want any breakfast", I laughed when he freed my mouth in order to kiss my neck.
"I got everything I want right here on this very sofa", he mummbled into my neck.
"Ray and Mikey are in the next room", I commented, right now I wished they weren't.
Gerard groaned and I pushed him away, making myself comfortable in his lap.
"So what's up?", I asked, rubbing his back.
Gerard shook his head, smiling, "You don't want to know".
I felt what he meant since I was sitting in his lap.
"Want some breakfast to cool you off?", I smirked.
"A dip in icy ocean won't cool me off, trust me", he kissed my neck again.
"Let's give it a try anyway", I kissed the top of his head and attempted to stand up but he pulled me back, kissing my lips over and over again.
"Ger, calm down. We're not alone", I wriggled away laughing.
"Party pooper", he made a face.
"I'll fetch the guys", I blew him a kiss.

I popped my head in Mikey's bedroom, "Care to join us for breakfast?".
"See, they finished fucking", Ray pointed his finger at me, obviously proving a point to Mikey.
"Yeah, but I want to shower first", Mikey got up from his bed.
"Yeah me too", Ray said, patting my head as he walked past me on his way to the bathroom, "I want bacon and cereal please".
Mikey walked with me to the living room to fetch his suitcase, "You wouldn't believe the amount of washing I've got. The only clean things in that suitcase are my ipod and laptop".
"You've got the washing machine all to yourself", I smiled. It felt so good to have them all back even if it's for a week.
"Long time no see", Mikey called to Gerard whose whole upper body was stuck in the fridge.
Gerard waved his hand. I guess it was his idea of cooling off.
Mikey grabbed his suitcase and rolled it back to his room then reappeared, "Ray and I are going to Jersey for the day to see mom and dad, want to join?".
Gerard and I exchanged smirks, "Nah, I'll go visit mom and dad tommorow".
Mikey clicked his tongue, "Choosing sex over your own parents Gerard? Not nice".
I blushed and turned to cook the beacon Gerard took out of the fridge.
Gerard stood behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist, humming something in my ear.
I felt something cold on my back and turned to see what it was.
It was a dog tag Gerard wore around his neck on a long thin chain, I never saw it before, he rarely wore any jewelry.
"What is it", I picked it up to have a closer look.
"A dog tag", Gerard grinned.
I spun it around to see my name engraved on it, "I can't get a tattoo so at least I'll have something with me all the time to remind me of my beautiful girlfriend".
"Oh wow, I never saw it before. Is it new?", I beamed.
"Not really, I had it for mouths. I ordered it while we were in L.A. you haven't seen it before cause I wanted to show you instead of telling you over the phone. In fact...", he paused while going through his pockets, "I have one made for you as well", he took out a similar looking dog tag except it said Gerard Way instead of Skyler Olsen.
"Cool", I smiled faintly.
"You don't like it", he immediately saw through me.
"No. No. It's just that it's a dog tag", I said quietly, "It kinda feels like you mark me or something".
"It's the same drill with wedding bands, isn't it?", he let go of me, crossing his arms on his chest.
"I know but when you say dog tags I think of dogs and it feels like you have to tattoo your address on my forehead in case I get lost", I tried to phrase it as nicely as I could, it felt like I'm his pet.
"Right, well don't fucking wear it then", he turned away.
"Don't use that tone with me", I warned his back.
"Well, it's fucking annoying, I see couples practically writing their names across each others faces and you're afraid to commit by wearing a fucking tag", he used that I'm-so-annoyed-screw-you tone again.
I couldn't shake off the feeling of a dog who's owner made him wear an ID tag in case it ever gets lost, I felt like a possession, like a piece of meat he owned.
"Fine", I slammed the beacon on the plate.
"Fine", he flipped a channel angrily.
Just then Ray emerged from his bedroom, smelling of soap, "What's up?", he looked more refreshed and in a good mood.
"Nothing", Gerard and I said in unison.
Ray rolled his eyes, took his plate and sat down to eat.
"Mikey told me you're going to Jersey", Gerard said loudly making sure I would hear, "Is it OK if I TAG along?".
"Sure, but I thought you'd want to spend the day with Sky", ray frowned, shoving a piece of beacon in his mouth.
"Yeah, well I changed my mind", he flipped another channel.
Fucking idiot.
I went to my room, I haven't seen him in 3 months and he's bullshitting me about dog tags? Motherfucker!
20 minutes later I heard Mikey scream, "Sky, we're off" and the door slammed shut.

I went to shower cursing Gerard non stop. When I got out I got dressed and grabbed a book from the shelf, there was a knock on the door, I hopped it was Gerard but I opened the door to find Amy smiling.
"I'm sorry to barge in on you like this, I know Gerard is in town but I left my mobile here", She smiled shyly.
"Gerard is an asshole. Come in".
She looked puzzled but stepped in.
"Make yourself comfortable Am, I'll get you're mobile, it's in my room", I said, walking off.
I came back with her mobile and handed it to her, "Want a drink?".
She nodded.
"What's that?", I heard her ask and turned around to see her holding up the dog tag Gerard got me.
"A dog tag Gerard got me", I shrugged.
"How sweet!", Amy exclaimed, smiling widely.
I smiled faintly, "He's got one bearing my name as well".
"He's such a nice guy", she shook her head.
I nodded, "We ended up fighting about it".
"Why?, she raised her eyebrows.
"Because I can't shake off the feeling of a possession, it's like I'm his dog, like he owns me with these tag, like he's marking his territory", I poured orange juice in a glass.
"Skyler, I think it's sweet he's willing to show his love like this. Girls would've died for their boyfriends to do stuff like this", she eyed me.
"But it's a dog tag! It's something dogs wear!", I wailed.
Amy rolled her eyes, "You whine about how you miss him and when he's here you fight about something absolutely sweet he did".
"But it's a fucking dog tag"!, I whined again.
"Skyler! It's adorable!", Amy shoved the chain in my hands, "Now don't waste time over nothing, where is he?".
"On his way to Jersey, hating my guts", I pouted.
"Then go there", Amy sipped her juice.
"I'm not chasing him to Jersey", I examined the tag again.
"Make sure you contact him before the sun sets, I'm off", she put down her glass and stood up, "Love you".
"Love you more", I said out of habit.

I mused over what Amy said, she was right.
It was a sweet gesture. I was dumb, how many times I felt jealous of couples who had matching items to display their love?
I wore the chain, it was sweet of him. How couldn't I see it before? I am the fucking idiot.
Then an idea flashed in my mind, I ran to find my side kick, I took a picture of the tag on my neck, named the pictures 'Sorry for being a bitch-I love it' and sent it to Gerard.
5 seconds later I got a respond, 'I love you'.
I smiled typing away, 'Love you more'.

'This is all nice and peachy but now I'm stuck in Jersey for the rest of the day. Let's have phone sex!'

'Ahaha! You wish!'

'I do actually'

'I pass'

'Party pooper'

He sent me a picture of him pouting in the back of the van.


'Major party pooper'.

'Sex freak!'

'Dog tag hater'

'I love it. I really really do. Amy made me see the light'.

'Saint Amy. Let's buy her one too'.

'But you've been shitting that it's a sign of commitment!'

'I do not shit...It's just a dog tag'



i've been suffering from a major writers lock, i still have, it's just a chapter i found. oi wrote it a few months ago but never posted it. so tell me what do you think!
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