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Couch Potato

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Petey gets a cold...Aw!

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When Patrick arrived home with a huge smile plastered on his face, he unloaded the grocerys and went into the livingroom. He found Pete on the couch covered with a blanket with a thermometer sticking out of his mouth.

Patrick stood above him and put his hands on his hips. "What's wrong?"

Pete groaned and grabbed a tissue before answering. "I abe a cowd." His voice was very stuffy and barely able to understand.


"I sad, i hab a cowd." Pete blew his nose and threw the tissue on the floor.

"A cold?"

Pete nodded and blew his nose again.

"Aw man, sorry Pete. Is there anything I can do for ya?" Patrick asked, still smiling.

"Ya, why awe you sow appy?"

Patrick laughed. "It's nothing really. No big deal i just, met this girl."

"Dat's awesome Pat."

"Yeah, she's really nice. We exchanged phone numbers and-"

Pete interupted "Weally? That's great!" Pete sat up straight and began bouncing up and down. His bouncing soon stopped after he sneezed.

"Ugh, why me?" He said laying back down.

"Sorry buddie. Want me to make you some soup?" Patrick asked.

"Chicken noodle." Pete replied as he grabbed his millionth tissue.

"Ok, just relax. I'll be back with your soup in a minute." Patrick left the room and went to make his buddie some soup.

Thank you MCRfreak and Pete_Is_Sexy for reviewing. (Hope you guys work evrything out soon). Also, thank you Someonestilllovesyou, and Jewsicax.
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