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The Prize

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Steph wins a pize that will change her life forever ;]

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I woke up with big bangs that was coming from out side, I looked at my clock and it was only 8:00am so it must have been my brother making the noise.
Ah yes it was...Andrew my younger brother...he is seventeen and acts like a seven year old.
"ANDREW CAN YOU SHUT THE HELL UP" I screamed wanted quiet.
"I cant I'm doing homework" Andrew said smirking.
I growled and walked back to bed.

Ok I guess you want to know who I am...I'm Stephanie Lean (Said as: Lee Ann).
Im tweenty four and I live with my mom who looks after andrew.
I have red hair but dyed it black and I have blue/green eyes.

"Stephanie" my mom just called.
"Yeah mom" I yelled back down so she could hear me.
"You got some mail" she called up again.
Oh my god it might be from the "My Chemical Romance compition".
I ran downstairs and Andrew was waiting as well to see what it was I looked at it... "Oh my god mom I won!!!" I squeeled.
Andrew walked out looking upset...not that I won and he wanted me to loose in a different way.
"Well done Stephy" my mom looked proud of me I wish dad was here though.
My dad died three years ago from a hit and run accident.

For the compition you had to be over tweenty to stay on their tour bus for three mounths since its in the school year they made it over tweenty.

So I went and packed since I had to leave tomorrow...I packed all my black, red and white tops, all my skinny black and white jeans and my make up and black nail polish.
I also packed my: Ipod, mobile, wireless laptop, my black cap that says "My Chemical Romance", i had to go get my guitar from work and i got my pens and paper.
And a lot of other stuff.

Then the phone went off down stairs my mom picked it up "Steph someones on the phone for you".
I ran down stairs thinking its Karmun and Siewmun my two good friends.

"Hello" I said smiling.
"Hello Stephanie I'm Brian the My Chemical Romance's manager umm there was a delay so we have to pick you up today" Brian said.
"Oh my god really" I sounded panicked.
"Yeah is that alright?" Brian asked.
"Can you please tell my mom all this?" I aksed.
"Sure put her on" Brian said.
I handed the phone to my mom and went out side to Andrew besides him waking me up in the morning we are really close.

He was sitting down so I sat down next to him.
"Hey Andrew" I said sadly.
"Hey Stephayy so you won" Andrew said.
"Yeah you won't see me for three mounths" I said smiling.
"I'll miss you" Andrew said giving me a hug.
His such a sweety for a seventeen year old my other friend Steph K is lucky to have him.
"I'll miss you too but I really need you to look after mom she still hasn't got over that fucker hitting dad and killing him" I said almost crying...
When Andrew started crying I started crying as well.

"I will look after deserve this trip" Andrew wisperd, I smiled.
"Thanks Andrew" I said.
Andrew got up and walked to his bedroom.
"Steph Brians coming at 9:00pm" my mom said.
"Yep" I said nodding and I went upstairs and called Karmun and Siewmun then Steph and told them.
And so I promised them atographs and photos, I also promised Andrew that as well.

So at 8:55pm I checked if I had everything witch I did Andrew gave me a pic of him and a jumper cause I wented them so I could keep something to remind me of him and I had a pic of my mom.

Then Brian came.
"Seeya in three mounths" I said to my mom and Andrew.
"Yep don't forget to call" my mom said.
"I wont forget" I said giving her a hug.
Then she walked to the door and watched me and Andrew walk to the car with Brian.

"Look after mom for me if anything happends call me even if it is pure morning" I wisperd giving him a huge hug.
"I will you look after yourself" Andrew said kissing my cheek.

Then I hopped in the car and Brian started the car and we drove off.
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