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Give It All

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Pencey Prep is teeming with kids... And so far, so good >:]

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Pencey Prep had a rather large campus, large enough for one to get lost easily. The two girls stared with wide eyes at the wide open spaces followed by rooms that were much too high. An electronic sign welcomed all students to the new school year, all kids were gussied up with their newly bought school clothes. Lily tried hard to contain her excitement, she knew it'd be easy to spot a freshman like herself. "I guess we should go to the cafeteria to pick up our schedules. You two have the same last names so you'll be together in classes. The school tends to let brothers and sisters share classes together. Some parent bitched about it at a meeting once and it's a requirement now," Billie Joe informed the girls, his stitched up black pants drooped into the grass covered in dew.

"At least we don't have to worry about being on our own then... I wish we'd have a class with you though," Olivia sighed as she hoped there was some way to change that.

"We'll still have lunch together. But next year we'll have different lunch periods. Hopefully you'll have some friends," Billie nodded, he held the cafeteria doors open for them. Towering blue walls covered in school spirit banners confronted the three. "Who needs a cafeteria this big?" Lily asked rhetorically. She made a fine point, the cafeteria was long enough to house an army of students, but then again, Pencey Prep was filled to the brim with eclectic kids. Billie Joe jogged over to a table bearing the letter of Lily and Olivia's last name and graciously handed them their schedules. "I've got to go now guys, Tré and Mike are waitin' for me most likely outside of the band room. Play nice and make new friends!" Billie Joe waved and dashed off without giving either of them a chance to respond.

A finger tapped down on Lily's shoulder, she spun around to meet a girl her height, sporting black hair with red streaks and leather pants with chains. "Are you new here too?" she boldly asked.

Lily turned to Olivia then turned back. "Mmhmm, we both are."

"I guess it's easy for a freshman to spot other freshman. I'm Gina!" the punk-like girl exclaimed.

"Oh! Now we feel less awkward!" Lily giggled. "I'm Lily and this is my little sister Olivia."

"Yeah, heh," Olivia found herself hiding behind her sister.

"I only have one other friend here at this school so you shouldn't feel bad. Well now I've got two more friends! Hell, we get one more person and we can have our own little group!" Gina clasped her hands together and led the Monroe sisters outside. "You've got to meet my friend, you'll like him!" but just as she finished speaking, the bell rang. "Ick, sorry guys, different schedules!" Gina clicked her boots together and ran in the opposite direction.

"Room 207?" Olivia peered down at her schedule.

"Well that's room 205 to our right so... I guess we should go find 207," Lily readjusted her bag strap, she took a moment to take a deep breath. Just a few feet from room 205 was their homeroom. "This is it," they both thought. Red plush carpet, desks lined up in rows of four's, Olivia's eyes darted from desk to desk, she noticed half were filled. Two seats off the far right were still open and they luckily made it in time before anyone else could take them. Lily remained seated forward but took a quick glance at the person occupying the seat next to her.

Long hair forming a devil lock, the boy remained at peace with himself, no papers were in front of him, not even a pencil. Even though he was a freshman, he had a sleeve of tattoos on both arms. He returned the glance at Lily, he smiled briefly revealing the crinkles in the area around his eyes. Olivia was too afraid to look at the girl next to herself. Platinum blonde hair parted off to the side and a purse shaped like a brassiere spelt prep to Olivia.

The class was supposed to be English but most pupils took part in watching the clock go by. All of Lily and Olivia's excitement caused the class to go by quicker than normal, same with second period, Math. "Art class?" Olivia whipped her schedule back out while following closely behind her sister. Gina skidded to a stop right in front of them without warning. "Wanna meet me over by the gym when lunch starts? My friend wants to see you guys," she uttered before speeding off to P. E. Lily shrugged, coughed, and held the art room door open for Olivia.

From acrylics to pencil shavings, the art room had it all. Student-made creations adorned all four walls, paint stains covered the tables. Most everyone had found their own spots at a table, so the two girls took a table all to themselves. Olivia leaned back to find a lone boy scribbling in a sketch book at the far end of the class. "Are kids allowed to sit over there?" she questioned.

"Well, they must be if he's there," this topic caused Lily to yawn with boredom.

"Let's go see him."

"What, why? He's an outcast."

"Aren't we?"

"It's the first day of school. We're not outcasts."

"That's hypocritical. That boy prolly feels the same way we do."

Lily gave in and followed her little sister over to the tousled haired boy. Olivia took her deepest breath and leaned over his shoulder. "What'cha drawin'?" she asked innocently. The boy turned to the opposite side and hunched over.

"See Ollie? If he feels like us, he'd want to be alone, like us," Lily scuffed her slip-ons on the concrete flooring, her heels clicking as she walked back to their table. "C'mon, why don't you join us?" Olivia refused to give up.

"Because," he responded.

The teacher beckoned the kids to all pay attention to himself behind a podium at front of the room. "I don't want you getting in trouble, just c'mere." Shoulder length black hair whipped around, the teenager revealed his face. Olivia stopped to stare, then grabbed his sketch book and made off with it. Her "victim" had no choice but to follow. "Give it back 'Ollie'," her name rolled off his tongue.

"Sit with us."

"Fine, but give it back."

"Your new friend here is a little... Moody," Lily observed, poking the boy in the shoulder. "Name puh-lease"

"G... Gerard," his eyes became hidden by his unkempt black bangs.

"Olivia," the younger sister chirped. "She's Lily. And we are now your newest buddies."

"I didn't ask for friends..."

"We'll you're stuck with us anyway!" Olivia said as she raised her hand for roll call.

"Mister Way?" the teacher asked. "Where's your brother?"

"Mom signed him up for a different class. He's not overly fond of drawing like I am," Gerard replied. The sisters giggled at him. "Way? Your last name is an adverb?" Gerard shot death glares at the two, but the rest of the class went along smoothly. All the kids pushed through the classroom door as the bell sounded, signaling them to lunch. "Are you going to come with us?" Lily asked Gerard, her hands gripping tightly around her mostly empty bag.

"I guess. My brother told me not to wait up for him, he'll be with my pal Ray," the boy mumbled. Lily's new posse charged out of the art room and lead them to where she thought the gymnasium was. Olivia prodded Lily briefly and pointed out in front of her. "Isn't that Gina?"

"Oh! You've got that right," Lily nodded as they picked up the pace. Gina was shaking her lower half around and clapping next to her friend, who was making strange, but intriguing sounds. "Is that kid beatboxing?" Gerard's face twisted into a confused look. They all stopped to watch at the top of a staircase leading to the worn out blacktop. Gerard was correct, the boy was indeed beatboxing for Gina.

"Lily! Olivia! Come meet my friend!"
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