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Cupid's Chokehold

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Someone seems to be a little jealous >:]

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The beatboxing teenager shook all of their hands. "Yo', I'm Blake," he smiled and spoke quickly. Olivia raised an eyebrow, keeping a close eye on her sister. Lily stared at her palm after Blake had shaken it, though her eyes sank down to her shoes. Gerard nudged Olivia, "Is she okay? She looks sick."

"I dunno, she's shy around new people I guess."

Gina bobbed her head up and down then wrapped her arms around Blake and Lily's shoulders. "Shall we take a tour of our new kingdom?" she proposed.

"Ours? We're freshman, we own nothing," Gerard scowled. Just then, a pair of hands wrapped around Gerard's face, blinding him. "Ahh! Who the... Get off!" he struggled against the person.

"It's just me, silly," a smaller girl giggled.

"E-Eliza... Hey," everyone watched his face turn a light shade of pink. A twinge of jealousy nipped at Olivia's stomach but she remained cool about the situation. "You didn't come over by my locker like you said you would," Eliza whined while she tugged at Gerard's hoodie.

"You two goin' out?" Lily asked absently. An awkward silence befell the group, their Converse and Vans threw dust into their air nervously. Gerard was unsure of how to answer the blatant question. If he said yes, he'd be flat out lying. If he said no, Eliza might be emotionally crushed. "I'll tell you later or somethin'," Gerard muttered and took tiny steps forward to get the rest of the gang movie.

"Gee! I don't want to hang out with them," Eliza pulled him back, then began to whisper. "I don't really know or like them."

Olivia made an annoyed noise while everyone just left. A white bird flew overhead and dropped down low, everyone smile as they thought it meant good luck. Sure, people gave them strange looks because they all seemed out of place as a group, but no one gave them any problems. Gerard managed to skitter back towards the group with Eliza still hot on is trail, she moaned for him to stop run away but he chose to ignore it. At the end of the path the group was walking on, two girls stood leaning up against opposite walls, possibly waiting for them.

"Who be stepping into Fergie's territory?" the girl to their right with light blonde hair spoke up.

"I think we should get out of here..." Eliza whimpered.

Over to the left, the tanned girl called "Fergie" stepped up to the rest, her smile twisting like a knife in their stomachs. "I think it's best that you freshies should go back to where you fuckin' came from," she growled, her mouth like a smoking gun. All but Gina backed up. "Who made you queen bitch of the school? It's the first day," Gina held her hands on her hips, chains and spiked collar shaking with anger. Before a fight was sure to break out, the bell rang to tell them lunch was over.

"Saved by the bell," Lily said under her breath, she grabbed Olivia and dragged her back to the gym.

"Whoa, where you two going?" everyone looked back at the fading shadows of the two girls. Sadly, they were out of hearing range. "Looks like the gym," Blake stuck his pointer finger out and pointed it towards the monstrosity that was the gymnasium. "Heh, I have P. E right now too."

"And so do I," Gerard grinned and walked alongside Blake.


"Were you jealous when I asked Gerard about that Eliza chick?" Lily asked her sister after retying shoes back on in the musty locker room. Olivia swiftly avoided eye contact, her feet dashed towards the exit. "Ollie, you know I'm right. I can read you like a book," Lily called at her again.

"I do not, I just met him," the little sister rolled her eyes as she exited the locker room only to bump straight into Gerard himself.

"Huh? Met who? Are people talking about me behind my back?" sweating hair stuck to his forehead, his fingers struggled to pull it away so he could get a better look at her. Lily came up behind Olivia and perched her hands on her sister's shoulders. "She was just admitting to how much..."

"Lily, you and your big mouth need to shut up. Silence is golden, but duck tape is silver," Olivia rudely cut her off.

"Some say silence is golden but I choose noise," Blake interrupted their little feud.

"At least he's got the right idea," the older sister smirked. The gym smelled brand new and the floor sparkled with the help from the overhead lights. A whistle rang out, everyone scurried out of the locker room. Everyone looked to each other before setting eyes on their "coach". "Today we're running laps!" she said with an evil grin.
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