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It's Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday

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Let the tour begin!

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"Patrick?" He was awoken by a gentle hand on his shoulder. His first conscious thought was that it was Amanda, but as he opened his eyes and the room swam into view, he noticed Pete's familiar outline, his tattooed arms reaching out at him. He sat up and rubbed his eyes.
"It's 10 AM. We have to go."
"What? Go where?" Patrick looked around the sun filled room, the light streamed in through the windows and made him squint at Pete. His outline was still blurry, and his facial expressions were unreadable. Patrick picked up his glasses from his night stand and put them on, his eyesight restored and able to fully function.
"Uh, /tour/." Pete said, looking surprised.
"Ohh, right." Patrick said, tiredly. "Alright, I'm up, I'm up."
"Have you even packed your bags?" Pete asked, looking around Patrick's bedroom.
"Yeah. They're in the kitchen." Patrick said, closing the bathroom door to take a shower. Pete looked confused.
"In the kitchen? Wh- why? I..." He rolled his eyes and sloped out of the room to leave Patrick to get ready.

"Sorry I couldn't stay last night, Patrick. I wish I could have spent your last night here with you." Amanda said, running her hand up and down his arm. They were outside, standing outside the bus Andy and Patrick would be sharing, which was parked in front of the bus Joe and Pete would be sharing.
"I know, me too." Patrick replied, taking hold of her hand and pressing it against his chest. He kissed it and smiled at her.
"I'll see you soon, though, right?"
"Sooner than soon." Patrick said with a smile. He leant in and kissed her, pulling her close into a hug.
"I'm going to miss you." He whispered over her shoulder.
"I'll miss you too." Amanda said. "You better go. They're waiting for you."
"Alright, you two, be good for your daddy. And enjoy the tour - not many kids get to spend a few months on a tourbus."
"I don't know whether I'll stay in a hotel instead. It might be easier." Patrick laughed.
"Good choice." Amanda smiled. "Have fun. You'll do great."
"I'll call you. Drive safe." Patrick told her, getting onto the bus. Amanda waved as she watched the bus close it's doors and pull away.

"God, I miss you already." Pete whispered to Rachel, kissing her neck.
"Not as much as I miss you."
"Why don't you come?" Pete asked. Rachel shook her head.
"I can't. I have to work."
Pete looked at the ground sadly.
"Alright. I'll call you every night. Make sure you eat properly. And don't walk home alone at night."
"Stop worrying about me, Pete."
"I can't help it, I'm just so crazy about you, I don't want anything to happen to you."
"What about you? Don't get into any fights, I know what you're like."
"Hey, if they leave me alone, I'll leave them alone." Pete shrugged, taking hold of her hands and pulling her into another kiss.
"I'm gonna miss waking up with you." He mumbled.
"Me too."
"Pete! Let's go!" The driver called from the front seat.
"I gotta go." Pete said, kissing her deeply. "Wait for my call."
"I'll wait for you." Rachel replied, taking one last look at him.
"Bye, baby." He said, hopping onto the bus, not letting go of her hand.
"Bye, Petey." She replied, trying to keep her eyes from welling up.
"7 PM. I'll call on the dot." He called, as the bus closed its doors on him.

"First stop! Chicago baby!" Pete said, hours later. After several gas stops, Pete and Joe had gotten bored, and joined Patrick and Andy on their bus. Patrick went straight over to the pen Danielle and Josh were in, and sat inside it while the others flopped onto the couch.
"Oi! No smoking in here, there's children." Andy said, punching Joe when he started to light the cigarette.
"Oh, sorry." Joe replied, smacking his head at his forgetfulness. He put the cigarette away, since there was no way he could switch buses now they were on the road.
"So, how's this tour/kids thing gonna work?" Andy asked.
"I can stay in hotels in each city if if bothers you, I don't mind." Patrick said with a smile.
"No, I didn't mean that. It doesn't bother me at all." Andy said, shaking his head. "I was just wondering where they were gonna sleep. 'Cause obviously you can't set up their cribs in here."
"I don't know." Patrick said. He really hadn't thought the whole thing over. All he knew was he wanted them to come on tour with them. "I think it'll be easier in a hotel."
"Are we staying in a hotel?" Joe asked, just joining in the conversation.
"Not in Chicago. We don't need to - we get to stay in our homes then." Pete told him. "Man, I better tell Rachel."
He pulled out his phone and walked down the hallway for privacy. Patrick pulled out his and looked at the guys.
"Guess I better call Amanda." He said with a smile, as he dialed the number. He held it to his ear and stroked the hair on Danielle's head as she watched her brother playing.
"Hey, darling." Patrick said, "I guess you don't have you cell on you at the moment, or you're probably driving so you won't answer the phone. Good on you." He said with a laugh. "Anyways, I thought I'd leave you a message to say that if you need me over the next few days, the kids and I will be at my place in Chicago. You have the number, right? If you don't, just call my cell. Alright, I love you." He went to hang up the phone but put it back to his ear.
"You make me really happy, you know that? I love you."

"Heyyy. Did you enjoy that, sweetie?" Patrick asked, picking Danielle up and spinning her around, holding her above his head immediately after her came off stage and handed his guitar to the stage tech.
"Oh yeah, 'cause they see and hear everything from inside the bus away from all the action." Pete said, running a towel through his sweat soaked hair. He picked Josh up and watched him looking around.
"Could this be a possible musician in the works here?" He asked, lowering him to look at the guitar stand, where all of the guitars were laid out. Josh reached out to touch them and ran his tiny hands over the strings. He giggled at the sound, and looked up at Pete, then Patrick.
"I'm surprised they aren't crying their eyes out at the screaming." Pete said, indicating the crowd that were still in the venue, chanting 'Fall Out Boy!' over and over as they walked into the tour bus.
"Patrick, time to go." Bob placed a hand on Patrick's shoulder when he entered.
"Alright." Patrick said. "Hey, I'm gonna have to teach you to walk soon." He said to Danielle, placing her in the pen that was in the tour bus. Pete put Josh down and hopped off the bus before Patrick, who had to be steered away by a laughing Bob.
"Come on, daddy. You got a show to do."

The first show of the tour went without a hitch. The four of them put their hearts and souls into the gig, like they always did, and the crowd responded perfectly, cheering after every song and singing along with every word that escaped Patrick's mouth.
"I have to say, and I think I speak for all of us when I say this," Pete spoke into the microphone halfway through the show. "That you guys are pretty much the best motherfucking fan base around. Yeah, yeah, so many bands say that on stage and it doesn't mean a thing. It's become totally cliche, but to us there's no other way of putting it. You guys give us the best unconditional love we could ask for, you've stuck by us through everything we've gone through as a band, and that's a lot/. Thank you for liking the music more than our haircuts. We want you to know that, most importantly, we see you as more than fans. Yes, you /are fans, but we consider you our friends. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Truly."
Pete's small speech was responded to with cheering, clapping, and more hands punched the air in their attempts to show their support.
"Alright, let's get this fucking party going!" Pete yelled, turning around to high five the others before Patrick first strummed his guitar again and launched his way into Dance, Dance.

"Patrick, I just want to say your kids are beautiful."
"Your son looks just like you!"
"Your daughter is gorgeous."
"You must be very proud."
Practically everyone Patrick met that night commented on his kids, and it made him burst with pride, and he couldn't help but admit, embarrassment. He sat with a huge smile for the duration of the meet and greets, although he missed them already, he was flattered so many people complimented him on something other than being 'so hot' or asking them to be their husband. Unfortunately, the band always got to meet teenies, and although they loved their fan base no matter who they were or what they looked like, sometimes the way they acted made them glance at each other uneasily, wondering how these kids managed to have the confidence to say this to their faces. And the fact that there were 11 and 12 year olds sometimes telling them they would love to sleep with them appalled them.
"If my daughter every says that to someone before she's 18, I will die." Patrick muttered to Andy, as they watched a young girl skip away waving her autographs. She had told Pete he was 'way more sexier than anyone on the planet, and would totally sleep with him despite what people said about him', given Joe a notepad that filled every single page with scrawly writing of 'Carly + Joe 4eva', and asked Patrick and Andy whether they had girlfriends. They refused to answer the question and diverted the question by smiling politely and hurriedly scribbling their names.
"I would have had your kids, Pat." She winked before being led away by Charlie, their bodyguard. Patrick's mouth dropped open, how on earth could a 12 year old even think about that, let alone say it? Patrick leant his head on the desk in despair and Andy poked him back to reality when the next few kids lined up to meet them.

"Urgh. Shoot me." Pete said, flopping onto Patrick and Andy's couch on their bus. Joe sauntered in, an unlit cigarette in his mouth as Patrick and Andy entered after Pete.
"Bang." Joe cocked his fingers and pretended to shoot Pete.
"Thanks." Pete replied. "I swear, I love every single fan out there, except the ones who hate us..."
"Then they're not really a fan, are they?" Joe butted in. Pete shrugged in agreement.
"Guess not. But, I love every one, but I'd love to know when kids think it's okay to tell full grown men they want to fuck them."
"It's like... porn for children." Joe said.
"Don't say that. We could be bugged." Andy said, punching Joe.
"Can you see the headlines? /Pete Wentz really does fiddle with kids/." Joe laughed.
"Hey, that's not funny." Patrick said, pulling out his laptop from his bag.
"How long until we get home?" Joe moaned. Pete looked out the window.
"Oh, uh, I don't know. It's usually hard to see in the dark." He said, rolling his eyes.
"I get to see my girl tonight." Joe said, with a grin. He fixed his hair in the mirror and winked at himself.
"God help her." Andy said, pushing him out the way as he sat down.
"I miss Rachel." Pete said with a pout. He stepped over the fence of the pen like always, and sat down
"God, stop moaning, people. My ears hurt. I have enough moaning here." Patrick said, pointing at Danielle and Josh who were asleep in the pen.
"Someone tell the driver to hurry the fuck up." Joe said, moaning.
"Shut up. Stop swearing." Andy said. "And you should be lucky you get to see your girlfriend tonight. I'm sure she has better things to do than hang out with you."
"Oh, we won't be hanging. At least, a part of me /won't/." Joe said with a laugh as they all groaned. Pete covered Danielle and Josh's ears and shook his head.
"Such a rude child."

"YAAY. Bye guys! See you tomorrow. I'm going to get laid!" Joe sang, practically jumping off the bus as it stopped outside his house.
"His neighbors must think he's insane." Pete said, as they waved while the doors closed again. He picked Josh up and looked at him.
"One, he's Joe. And two; he has a tour bus parked outside his house. Now you don't see that happening in every neighborhood, do you pal?" He asked Josh, who shook his head as though he were responding.
"Hey, you're gonna have to teach them to walk soon." Andy said, picking Danielle up and cuddling her.
"I know. They've started pulling each other up. It's so cute." Patrick smiled, watching his best friends hug his children. Pete sat next to Andy as the bus drove through more neighborhoods to reach Patrick's, and Pete looked at Patrick suddenly, a grin on his face.
"What about, when they learn to walk and talk... we use them to do our jobs for us."
"Pete!" Patrick said, rolling his eyes and waving his comment aside.
"OK, OK." Pete said, nodding. "We can get them to take over the world."
He lowered his head towards Josh's ears and pointed at the doorway.
"Fly, my pretties! Fly!" He said with a cackle.
"Shut up, Pete. You're gonna warp them." Andy said.

When the bus had dropped him off outside his house and he had quickly gone inside so the neighbors wouldn't stare, Patrick immediately put Danielle and Josh to bed. They finally were at the stage where they slept through the night, both of them, without waking Patrick. He blew them both a kiss as he switched their night light on and their bigger light out.
"Night kids. I love you." He whispered into the dark. He walked down the stairs into his hallway and picked up the phone, wondering whether to call Amanda. It was 12 am in Chicago, but in LA it would only be 10 PM. Then again, she had been tired. He dialled her house, just to try. He was getting good at remembering her numbers.
"Hey, it's Amanda, I'm either not at home right now, or screening you. But if you leave a message I'll get back to you. Bye!"
Patrick laughed as the record tone came on.
"You better not be screening me, Missy. I miss you already. The show was great tonight, but I wish you were there. I'm standing all alone in my immaculate and barely lived in home. I have everything special here to me except you. I'm sorry if I've woken you up. I know you were tired, honey. Call me when you get this, kay? I love you."
He hung up and then walked into his warm kitchen, where he made himself a cup of coffee. He sat down, with a relaxed sigh in front of the TV. Sometimes there was nothing better but your own home comforts. He spent the next half hour watching bad TV and glancing at the photo of him and Amanda, with Danielle and Josh on the mantelpiece. Pete had taken the photo, in Patrick's LA home. Patrick was standing behind Amanda, his arms around her waist as they both laughed at the camera. Although Amanda was taller than Patrick, he held onto her protectively. By their feet were Danielle and Josh, and at the perfect timing they had both looked at the camera and laughed at the faces Joe and Andy were making at them behind Pete. They looked like a proper family unit. She was perfect. She was everything he needed and he knew it.
His life was finally perfect.
There was a knock at the door and Patrick jumped. It was probably Joe, locked himself out of his house or something. He just prayed he wasn't naked.
Laughing to himself, he opened the door but was surprised to see two police officers standing in front of him.
/God, what's Pete done now?/, was his first thought.
"Can I help you?" He asked.
"Are you Patrick Stump?"
"Yes..." He said, reluctantly.
"Then I presume you're the partner of Amanda Walker?"
The police officers removed their hats as one spoke.
"Mr Stump, we're sorry to tell you that... Miss Walker passed away tonight."
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