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The Trials and Tribulations of Being a Pacman

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I realized upon writing this, that it's based on Ms. Pacman and I used Pacman as the main character. I decided to keep it as it is and any hardcore Ms. Pacman players, such as myself, will have to...

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DISCLAIMER: I do not own Pacman. I wrote this story purely for the enjoyment of myself and others, not for economic gain.

Pacman sighed. He hated eating these darn little pellet day after day. Couldn't his diet be more...more...varied? Yes, he supposed that was the word he was looking for. He opened his mouth to eat another pellet, then closed it as he swallowed, then opened it again to eat another pellet, then closed it as he swallowed. He then slowed and peeked around the corner. Good, no ghosts to be seen. He turned right and sped up, eating pellets at a faster and faster rate. Up ahead there was a quick glimpse of white. Pacman slowed. Was it a ghost? Or had he just seen so many ghosts that this was just one of his hallucinations? He saw the white again. It was coming right at him, mouth wide open. Nope, definitely a ghost.

Fearing for his current life (as he only had one more after this!) Pacman turned around to escape. But there was another ghost! Pacman turned around again and fled left to the tunnel, a shortcut to the other side of the board. The ghosts followed, but Pacman felt safe as in the tunnel they slowed much more than he did.

He emerged from the tunnel and turned right, eating more pellets on his way, his stomach filling up fast. A few seconds later the two ghosts exited the tunnel and went after him. Where were the other two ghosts? As if Pacman had called to them, the other two ghosts appeared, stepping in line with their buddies, chasing after Pacman.

Well, thought Pacman as he turned a couple corners and then gulped down a cherry, I suppose it can't hurt to use up a power pellet. So he approached one, and waited against the wall for the ghosts to come closer. Within seconds they were there, mouths wide open, drool dripping onto the board. If it hadn't been for the power pellet, Pacman would have been trapped. When the closest ghost was almost close enough to touch, he raced for the power pellet, and quickly ate the first two ghosts up. The remains, their eyes, scooted back to their little home in the middle of the board.

Pacman then turned around and then went left then right then straight down and gobbled up the next ghost. He then turned left and there was the next ghost. He gobbled him up too, and got another life.

"YES!" shouted Pacman. Now he had three lives. In his joy, he quickly gobbled up the rest of the pellets, dodging ghosts as he went and cleared the board in a matter of seconds. When he was done his stomach began to churn. "Oh no...not again!" He opened his mouth and threw up all the pellets.

He would have felt better but he knew what was next...board number two. And though it was the same simple layout as the last one and the strawberry was worth more than the cherry, he had to eat pellets again. And dodge ghosts too!

"Suck it up, Pacman," he told himself. "This is your job/! You've /got to pull yourself together and do this!" So he did. He sucked it up, took it like a Pacman would, and continued doing his job...munching pellets and gobbling up ghosts for points. He even got the chance to eat two strawberries! This time, the ghosts caused him no trouble at all. Well...until the very end however.

Pacman had one more pellet to eat and one power pellet to go. The power pellet was at the top of the board, the regular pellet at the bottom. Wanting to get enough points as Pacmanly possible, he got the ghosts to chase him around the board.

"Come on!" he called out to taunt them. "Come on! Can't catch me!" He whipped around the board, around the corners. Soon, one was chasing him, then two, then three. All he had to do was get number four. But...where was number four? He looked behind him as he entered the tunnel. Nope, not behind him. Then...


Pacman saw a flash of white in the darkness then felt himself bang into something.! He fell to the ground, his body crumpling up, folding into itself. The last thing he heard was a little 'plink!'

* * *

With one life gone and two more to go, Pacman had a new renewed energy about him. This time, he didn't mess around when getting the ghosts to chase him. So what if he only had what? He managed to get two with the power pellet. The third one just got away, the fourth hadn't even come out of his home yet. Once he had eaten the two ghosts, Pacman raced down to the other side of the board for the last pellet. And just in time he grabbed it.

Ah! Victory!

Now he had a bit of a break between board changes. This was most definitely the most favourite moments of his day. He headed off, but then stopped when he heard a giggle. Pacman froze. Who could it be? It wasn't the ghosts, they didn't talk or if they did at least not to Pacman. There was another giggle. Pacman looked up and there, in the tunnel, was a Pacman just like him wasn't a Pac/man/, it was a Pac/woman/!


What does Pacman think of this Pacwoman? Who is she? Find out in the next chapter!
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