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They Meet

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My version of the little interlude between boards two and three of Ms. Pacman, called "They Meet"

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DISCLAIMER: I do not own Pacman. I wrote this story purely for the enjoyment of myself and others, not for economic gain.

The Pacwoman fluttered her eyes at Pacman and giggled again. Entranced, Pacman moved forward, staring at her - and at the cute little pink bow on top of her head. He tried to speak, but no sound came out. /She probably thinks I'm a moron, opening my mouth like this, unable to speak. /The Pacwoman giggled again.
"Hi," she said. Her voice was small - innocent and sweet sounding. She smiled shyly at Pacman.
"He...he...hello..." he managed to say.
"I've heard about're that Pacman who eats those pellets and tries not to get eaten by the ghosts, right?"
"Are you on a break?"
" it...almost...almost done..." He wanted to slap himself. Why was he being such a fool? Why couldn't he formulate his words properly instead of stammering like a fool?
She giggled again. "May I watch?"
"" He never had an audience before. He wasn't sure he could handle it, especially if it was this Pacwoman. What if she laughed at him? Said he was horrible and should be fired and get a new job? What if...what if she tried it to and was better /than him!?! He couldn't have that... Oh stop it! You sexist Pacman! /he scolded himself. So what if she was better than him? Just because she was a Pac/woman... No, that's not it, /he thought. He was because she had probably never done this before - what if a noobie outdid him on her first shot? Is job would be gone, his self-confidence, his...
"Are you okay?" Her gentle voice brought him back to reality. She carefully approached him.
"Yes, yes...perfectly...perfectly fine." He blushed as she smiled at him. He checked the PacClock...he was nearly late for work. "I...I...should watch...if...if want..." She smiled and giggled again. Pacman attempted to smile at her then approached the third board, turning back to see Pacwoman - and smacking into the side of the board.
"Oh...oh...are you okay?" she asked, hurrying to him, a look of deep concern on her little pacface.
Pacman couldn't say anything. His yellow face turned the shade of her bow and he turned to the board entrance, avoiding her gaze.
"Careful out there, Pacman," she said softly.
He nodded - and entered the board.

Pacman stood in the middle of the aisle, below the home of the ghosts, and waited for the music to begin. He wasn't sure how well he'd be able to avoid the ghosts this time. His stomach was turning, and it wasn't just because of the enormous amount of pellets in there. /And I've got to eat five more board's worth - five! /It was murderous. He'd be sick for a year. He was always perfectly fine eating the pellets, until a month ago when they started using a new "environmentally friendly" pellet which made, Pacman had found, nearly all of the Pacmen's stomachs to turn. Sure, Pacman wanted to save the environment and all that, but not while he worked, especially if it was a hindrance.
Pacman got himself ready. The pellet in front of him was like poison to Pacman. The small, circular little pellet...who knew they caused so much grief in their large numbers? Just eat 'em all quickly as you can and this'll be over and done with. He looked up to see Pacwoman and managed to see her by standing up tall and look over the maze. Off to the side, Pacwoman was watching. She had a big smile at him and waved. Pacman's muscles ceased up and when he waved back his limb felt like a ton of bricks.
The music began. Pacman flexed his muscles, being careful not to move too soon, as the all too familiar music flooded his ears. The music then stopped and Pacman, his eye on the first pellet o' poison, started off. Off to the side, Pacwoman cheered him on, a big smile on her face.


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