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Pacman's Lust

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Pacman in mazes 3 - 5 (the ones between the cutscenes 'They Meet' and 'The Chase')

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DISCLAIMER: I do not own Pacman. I wrote this story purely for the enjoyment of myself and others, not for economic gain.

Pacman raced through the twists and turns of the maze double-time, his heart beating wildly and his stomach churning. To get his mind off his stomach, he thought of the Pacwoman: her sweet smile, her innocent voice, her little pink bow–

There was a noise up ahead. Pacman froze as a ghost came charging at him. Yelping, Pacman darted off in the other direction. He made his way through the twists and turns, the ghost inches behind him, reaching out to Pacman, his fingers nearly at its target...

Pacman dove into a dark tunnel and ran to the light up ahead. Thank goodness for these tunnels...or I’d be a goner, he thought as the ghost got farther and farther away from him.

This time, I won’t think about her, Pacman decided. “It will only make me get caught by a ghost.

So this time, he cleared his mind and concentrated on eating pellets and dodging ghosts. He teased the ghosts, weaving in and out of the tunnels and racing throughout the board, gulping down an apple as he went. When all four ghosts were following him, he dove for a power pellet. “Now I’ll chase you!" he laughed as the ghosts cried out in surprise and scattered in every direction. Pacman caught up to the first one easily and gulped him down. The second ghost was behind a corner, running with another ghost, and Pacman downed them both in one large gulp. The fourth ghost, however, was harder to find. The music was coming to an end and Pacman still hadn’t found him. He probably went thorough a tunnel, Pacman thought. With this in mind, Pacman ran to a tunnel and appeared moments later on the other side of the board and there, at the end of the path, was the final ghost. Pacman ran faster, listening intently to the music, hoping he’d get the ghost before the music ended. He got closer and closer...he was ten metres away, eight metres, five...only

“YES!” Pacman screamed, his mouth full of ghost. He had gotten them all. He watched joyfully as the eyes of the ghost left Pacman and headed for home.

Knowing there were only a few pellets left, Pacman got them, eating another apple on the way, and finished the board before the ghosts could become a bother.

* * *

Pacman stood in the usual place, waiting for the music to begin. The last two boards went by most lovely and he got to eat two apples and a pretzel while doing so. Plus he managed to continuously eat three or four of the ghosts every time he grabbed a power pellet. The boss will be pleased, he thought as the music began to play.

As he ate the pellets and dodged ghosts, he kept catching the Pacwoman’s eye. At the end of the board, he looked over at her and she smiled a big smile at him and fluttered her eyelashes. Pacman could only stare in lust at this beautiful Pacwoman, completely forgetting about the danger of doing so.

Then Pacwoman’s face went from smiling to horror. “Look out!” she screamed, pointing at something behind Pacman. But Pacman only continued to stare at her, his mind in a trance. “NO!” She rushed into the maze herself and pushed Pacman out of harm’s way. “RUN!” she called as the ghost slowed down but, upon seeing where they were, began going after them once more.

Pacman jumped and started to run, Pacwoman at his side. He ate the last power pellet and munched on three of the ghosts. Then he finished the last pellet. He turned to Pacwoman, his face flushed. “ saved my life.”

She blushed. “”Well, I couldn’t have that ghost eat you, now could I?”

“Thank you. Just...just don’t tell my boss. He wouldn’t like you being in the maze during work.”

“But you’re not working now. You have a break, don’t you?”

Pacman grinned. “Yes...I do. And some company would be nice on it.” Then, taking her hand, he led her out of the maze to go on his break.


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