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Chapter 20 - You Should Let Me Love You

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Petra blows her stack but it's nothing Jimmy Choo and Patrick Stump fairy dust can't fix

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Chapter 20 -

"I felt like a stupid idiot!" She barked at him angrily. She'd launched herself out of bed and was thumping across to the bedroom.

"It was pissing down with rain, my ankles are still swollen like some freak show and the baby won't get it's foot off my bladder!!" she shouted angrily as she went to the toilet.


"-Don't babe me, I'm seriously put out, you have no idea!" she shouted from her position on the toilet again.

Patrick covered his mouth to stop the laughter.

She flounced out the bathroom and he took his hand away discretely.

"I got completely soaked, my brand new Jimmy Choo heels are ruined and all you can do is laugh at me!"

"I'm not laughing at you!" he said objecting profusely.

"You're bloody laughing I can see it just under your eyes you git!" she said,

"You called the security guard a tosser!" Patrick said, Petra shrugged.

"The security guard was a tosser!" she argued.

"You can't just go abusing the security staff-"

"-I can abuse whoever the hell I want, he didn't even bother checking for me, I mean what kind of idiot doesn't even enquire when a heavily pregnant woman in designer clothing claiming to be Patrick Stump's wife requires entry - is he just a complete moron??!" She shouted.

"You're being mean - Mike seemed very nice when I spoke to him."

Petra narrowed her eyes,

"Actually he asked if you were the gobby English pregnant woman who called him a tosser."

"See - he's a prick."

"Petra...." Patrick said, sitting on the bed.

"I'm wound up Patrick, I had the most horrible evening and I was on my own, there wasn't anyone there. I got all dressed up and I end up taking a stupid taxi back here because it appears along the excitement of everything - I was forgotten about!" she said angrily.

"You weren't forgotten about!" he said softly,

"We were just tied up with PR....I'm upset you weren't there too!" he justified.

"You have a funny way of showing it, didn't anyone wonder where I was? I was sat out in the rain waiting for you!"

Patrick kept silent, because for an hour or two, he was completely caught up and had assumed that Bob would be sorting out Petra.

"Just what I thought...." Petra said hurt,

"Petra don't be like-"

"-Don't Patrick!! Just don't...." she said, before walking out the room.

Patrick let her cool down, she was hot headed and the best thing to do when she was wound up was to leave her well alone. She'd simmer down.

He felt her come back to bad early hours in the morning. She pulled him very close and held him tight to her. Patrick draped his arm over her waist.

"I love you sweetheart...." She whispered to him, Patrick smiled softly and they gently pecked each other on the lips.

"I'll buy you new Jimmy Choo's..." He whispered, she smiled and laughed gently.


"Yup, you name it...I got 'em." He said sweetly.

"Well I really want the Hexo design....with the 5 inch heels, metallic and suede leather platforms..." she said, reeling off her favourite ones.

"5 inch heels? Babe- you're 8 months pregnant."

"But I really wanted those ones....." she said.

Patrick laughed and rolled onto his back, she leaned over him and kissed him endearingly.

"Plus I think I look really good in them, Mattie from the store said my legs looked fantastic, don't you want my legs to look fantastic sweetheart?" she said seductively. Patrick was amused by her flirting.

"You're legs are fantastic." He said, looking at her.

"But I'll get you those if that's what I need to make it up to you..." he admitted.

"It is what I need." She said, a smirk on her face.

"Should I ask the price?" He asked

"You really shouldn't." she smiled. She kissed him again.

She moved over him and caressed him with the sincerest affection.

"I can't believe how much I'm in love with you!" she whispered. Patrick's mouth opened slightly as he stared up at her, he cupped her face firmly.

"And I can't wait for us to have our baby, I'm so blessed, I don't deserve it." She said, he sat up slightly and held himself up by his elbows.

"Petra you deserve everything." He frowned.

"I never thought I'd deserve to be this happy, this lucky!" she said.

"Well we are lucky, but it's nothing we don't matter what's happened!" he smiled.

"I just never thought I'd have it all, well...I did - but I never thought I'd have it all and be this happy. A beautiful home....a wonderfully amazing talented husband....a chance of a family........Jimmy Choo Hexo's..." she said, Patrick chuckled.

"You're holding me to those damn shoes aren't you?" he asked.

"Your marriage to me depends upon it. I maybe be heavily overweight carrying this child but I'm going to look damn good doing it."

He laughed gently.

"You're so funny, you always make me smile, no matter what a shit day I've had." He said.

"Nahhh....It's just that when you come home to me, you realize that in comparison, your day wasn't that bad at all..."

"That's not true! You make everything alright, you make it normal. You make me want to come home instead of being cooped up in the studio or hanging out for hours on end at clubs and houses..."

"I do?" she asked, genuinely surprised at his confession.

"Petra...." He said, knowingly.

She pushed some of his fine hair off his forehead and leaned over, kissing his head gently.

"I really miss having good sex with you." She said suddenly.

He stared at her, she put her hands over her bump.

"It's nothing short of amazing being pregnant, but I'm pretty much ready to get him out, I want my body back, I'm tired of sharing it and I really want some decent sex." She said, rolling on to her side where she was comfortable.

"We can still have decent sex ..." he whispered, spooning her gently.

Her hand reached up behind her and cupped his face gently. His hands slid around her thighs and touched her fondly.

"Patty..." she whispered his name as he moved closer and she felt him come towards her, she was nervous, with some maneuvering, some patience and a little persistence, she soon found herself shaking with pleasure as he slipped inside her.

His hands pulled her thigh gently and he moved deeply inside her, much to Petra's advantage.
It was so intimate, almost the most intimate love she'd ever made with a man, all she could feel were his lips on her neck and his soft staggered breaths.

Her hand gripped the back of his neck hard and she pulled his hair tightly, letting him know how he was making her feel. Petra was never vocally expressive of how Patrick made her feel, he was used to previous girlfriends informing of exactly every thing they felt, she was, however, more reserved and showed him only by the tightness of her hold on him or the way her finger tips would nip firmly when he hit the good places.

Petra found love making with Patrick such a different experience to what she'd had before. Their was an obvious culture difference, American's were always so open and honest about how things made them feel. Petra found this overwhelming at times when he would tell her during sex, exactly how she was making him feel. She soon accepted it though and even began to enjoy it, it made sex so much more than physical act which was what she was used to.

"Tell me how it feels..." he whispered in her ear, keeping his movements gentle and slow.

"Wonderful!" she whispered instantly.

"You're incredible Petra..." he whispered back.

She felt his fingers slip into hers and he squeezed her hand tight as he gently made his way to his climax, she followed behind.

They lay there still for long moments afterwards, she was almost embarrassed, she didn't know what to say. She felt awkward that despite her hideous size, he'd still wanted to have sex with her and that he had in fact enjoyed it as much as her.

"Are you OK?" he whispered, pulling hair behind her ear and kissing her face gently from behind.

"Yeah..." she said gently.

"That was amazing Petra, thank you...." He said, she looked behind her as much as she could and he leaned over her, smiling a he saw her bewildered expression.

"Don't be embarrassed at how you make me feel...." He said, stroking her face gently and pressing a kiss onto her lips.

She just smiled softly the turned back over and closed her eyes tight. As Patrick mooched softly in their post-sex state, she wept silently, her tears sliding quickly onto the pillow.

Nobody warned her how intense love could be, how it could break you down in seconds.

Maybe that was a good thing, she knew that if she had been warned, she would've run.

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