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Chapter 21 - Tell Me Again, I Think It Might Be Perfect

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Name cards and an unexpected gift for Patrick.

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Chapter 21 - Say It Again, I Think It Might Be Perfect

Patrick held her hand affectionately as they made their way along the corridor of the ante-natal suite. Petra stopped dead as a mother and father approached her with a tiny new born in the man's arms.

"Can I see?" she asked them as they walked past her.

"Sure!" the Mom said proudly, Petra peered into the folds of clothing and stared at the baby.

"A little boy?" she asked, the Mom nodded again with a huge smile.

"He's so handsome." Petra smiled and his soft blue eyes opened and frowned at Petra.

"You must be so happy!" she said softly.

"We are!" they both said nodding.

"How long have you got?" she asked Petra.

"4 weeks." She said.

"You're gonna be fine!" She smiled, Petra stared at her and the woman could see the anxiety in her eyes.

"You'll be fine." She said again, squeezing Petra's hand.

"Thank you." She said graciously.

Ria greeted them warmly as they came into her room.

"Oh my, you've dropped!!" Ria said with a warm smile.

"Dropped - what have I dropped?? Should I be dropping?" Petra asked nervously, Ria encouraged her to lay down on the bed.

"You're meant to drop, it means the baby is moving lower into the pelvis...." She reassured her with a friendly smile.

"Right!" Petra said anxiously.

"How are you Patrick?" Ria asked as she glanced at him standing nervously in the office.

"Good, ok, yeah." He said.

"You're both like deer in headlights, you know everything's going to be OK don't you?" she asked them both.

"I don't know..." Petra said honestly.

Ria's hands firmly pressed around Petra's bump.

"It's going to be OK, you're incredibly healthy, everything is as it should be, and by the feel of it....he's definitely engaged...." Ria said, pressing again.

"Engaged?" Patrick frowned.

"The baby is ready to come." She said, she was fond of this couple and their complete trust in her to make sure everything was going to be ok.

After a few minutes, she helped Petra off the couch and she checked everything else.

"I want you to deliver my baby, I don't want anyone else..." she said softly. Ria smiled.

"I'll be there, no-one else is delivering this baby!" she said with a little laugh.

"I'm scared!" Petra blurted out.

Ria took the blood pressure monitor off her and with her greatest empathy sat down on the desk and looked at her and Patrick.

"What are you scared about?" She asked with a little frown, she really needed to know.

"The birth." She said openly.


"My mother lost a child in child say it's going to be alright but you don't know! The thought of anything going wrong terrifies me." She said quickly.

"There's no indication that anything of that nature is going to happen, everything is ready for you to have a normal birth - Petra, I will look after you, I won't let anything happen...."

"You can't do that. You can't guarantee..."

"But I can do everything I can...." Ria said, she meant it too. There was no way she'd let anything happen to them.


Petra watched as Patrick fastened the baby mobile above the cot and she smiled.

"Finished." He said, standing back and looking at the work.

"All we need now is the baby to put in it...." He said, Petra laughed heartily.

"Come on....we need to start deciding on names." She said, taking his hand as she followed him down the stairs.

They had 5 cards each and they had put their favorite names on them and were both holding them close to their chests.

"You first...." Petra smiled at him,

"OK..." Patrick said, he gently placed down the card:


Petra stared at it blankly.

"How American of you." She said bluntly.

Patrick smirked at her.

"Your turn!" he smiled cheekily,

She gently put one down next to his.


"Wow....darling." he said, Petra looked at him from her spot next to him on the sofa.

"How English of you." He said smiling.

"Isn't it the cutest?" she asked.

"No." he said.

"Fine - you go." She said grumpily.


"No." Petra said flatly.

She placed another one down:




"No." Patrick said laughing.

He put his third card down:


Petra stared at it.

"William...." She said softly.

Patrick smiled proudly.

"Potential." She said, not giving anything away until all 10 cards had been discussed.

She put another down:


"That's nice." Patrick said,

He quickly put another down, realizing this would get more difficult now.


"OK, I like Jack, but it's been the most popular name for boys for the last 5 years." Petra said.

Patrick moved the 'Jack' card away.

"Shot down....." he said softly, Petra just chuckled lightly.

"How about...." She whispered.


"I like it." Patrick said nodding.

"My final one." he said, looking at her.

"Go." She smiled.


Petra stared suddenly.

Patrick's eyes opened a little seeing how still she went.

"Oliver!" she whispered.

"Yeah." Patrick said.

"It's beautiful! It's perfect!!" She gasped, she threw her arms around him quickly and kissed his cheek over and over.

"Oliver!" she said happily.

"Are you serious??" He asked, not quite believing he'd be the one to have a say.

"But what about your final one?" He frowned.

Petra slowly put down the final one.


"Oh I like Alfie!" Patrick said.

"But I'm in love with Oliver." Petra said softly caressing his throat and neck.

"Oliver Stump!" Patrick said proudly.

"Sweetheart, no name was gonna go with Stump, but we just have to make the first name even better so know one makes a fuss of the surname." She said, Patrick pushed her away.

"Stump is an awesome name - you took it!"

"For legal reasons!" She frowned.

"Yeah but now because you love me!"

"I do...I do love you." She admitted and clambered over his lap and kissed him again.

Patrick could hardly defend himself against her advances.

"Pets..." he whispered in-between the kisses she was giving him on his lips.

"I'm so horny right now!" she gasped.

"Really?" Patrick said as he was devoured.

"Shut up." She said quickly, pulling his neck to her and kissing him hard.

They both froze and she pulled away quickly.

Slowly, she looked down and Patrick's horrified eyes followed.

"That did not just happen!" She gasped.

"Tell me that's not what I think it is!" He gasped too.

"My water's just broke." She confirmed.

Patrick flew up from the couch and they both clambered up and Petra stared at her wet legs.

Patrick pointed to her legs and then looked at his wet lap, looking very pale.

"Your waters just broke!" he blurted out again.

"I know!" she gasped.

"On me." He said, looking down at his legs again.

He stared at her again, she looked utterly helpless.

"I'll call Ria!"

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