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I suck at summeries.

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By Shinigami1412

A/N: I don't own Teen Titans or PotC

It was an average day in Go city. The sun was shining; the birds were singing; Doctor Light was making a fool of himself. You know the usual.
"Stop!" Robin shouted. "Put down the money and we won't hurt you."
"Do I look like an idiot?!" Dr. Light replied trying to run away... only to come face-to-face with Raven.
"Do you really want me to answer that?" Raven said dryly as she levitated the money the villain had swiped away then telekinetically slammed the poor guy into a brick wall. "Why is it that every time we leave the tower some whacko tries to get away with a crime?"
"Maybe we're jinxed?" Beastboy said helpfully.
"Jinx?! Were?" Starfire said charging her starbolts.
"Easy, Star, it was just an expression."
"Okay now that Dr. Light is outta the way who wants to rent a few movies, like we came here for?" Cyborg asked.
"Sorry Cy, me and Star have a date tonight, see ya!" Robin said as he and Star walked off.
"I'm game." BB said.
"I'll watch one movie with you two; after that I'm going to sleep." Raven said, not knowing that that wouldn't happen.

"I say we watch comedy!" BB shouted.
"Well I say we watch a fighting movie!" Cy shouted back.
"Enough!" Raven shouted, causing the two teens to cringe in terror. "You will pick a movie NOW or I'll stick you both to the ceiling! You've been arguing since we got back!"
"Okay R-Raven; j-just calm down." Cy said quietly.
"I got it," BB said, rushing to the movie collection. "Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Mans Chest! Funny , and full of action." Beastboy put the dick in the DVD player, went to the couch as Cyborg and Raven sat down then hit PLAY on the remote.
Nothing happened.
"Damn it, Cy have you been messing with the DVD player again?" Beastboy accused.
" No! Must be that stupid Japanese stuff." Cyborg replied. "Hey, Raven, think you could do a spell or something?"
"If it'll shut you up, sure." Raven growled. She focused on the DVD. "Azerath, Metrion, Zinthos!" The black energy hit the player and, FLASH, they were gone.

A/N: So what do ya think should I continue or just quit?
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