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He bolted upstairs and slid into his room, closing the door behind him. She pressed her ear against his white painted door and heard weird noises, sniffing like. She opened the door ajar quietly an...

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Chapter 5: Caught

'Hey Arch,' Atlanta greeted him as she jumped down the stairs on their regular Sunday morning. 'What's up? How was the party last night? Did you have any fun?'
Archie jumped at his name being called so energetically, but an Atlanta on a Sunday morning was like a Theresa on her time of the month, always unpredictable.
'Nothing much,' He answered, rubbing his temple as he woke up on the couch, having fallen asleep on it. 'How about you?'
'Well, after I left, I cam back here to get some Advil, or Asprin, or something, and then lay down on my bed. I eventually fell asleep.'
'Sounds fun,'
'Yah,' he rubbed his head, not even remembering how he got home. 'Listen, do you know if there are any...addict helping seminars, or something?'
Atlanta froze, put the cereal back into the cupboard, and put her untouched bowl into the sink.
'What?' She asked, slowly turning. 'Why would you want to know that?'
'Extra co-curricular essay,' he replied hastily. 'Nothing really,'
'Okay,' Atlanta replied quietly, taking out her bowl and cereal again. 'I believe you.'
'Do you have any question to not?' Archie asked her just as quiet, but still coldly.
'Hey guys,' Theresa said as she walked down the stairs to the kitchen, only one thought going through his mind: What does Jay see in Brook? Sure, she was pretty. Sure, she was really popular. And sure, she makes every guy's brain turn to jelly. But were those real reasons that Jay should like her? And then it hit her like a rock to the head: Brook's body, it was so curvy. She was super skinny and had giant breasts; it was almost like her body was made by men who were socially inactive, the ones who needed a life. She quickly spun around on her heel and ran back up to the bathroom that she, Jay, Archie, and Atlanta shared. She lifted up her shirt just to see her stomach, and her smile faltered. Her hips were far too wide, and her belly went over her pajama shorts. Her thighs were too big and her arms were too thick.
'I think I'm going to skip breakfast today,' she whispered. 'I mean, it's no big deal, just a diet.' But what she really meant to say was: 'I am too fat'.

The morning classes went by slowly enough, but still took long enough to make Archie receive a desperate craving for marijuana and make Theresa get enough self conscious to pull on a baggy sweater that she still had from when it was actually cold from her locker. Neil's attention obviously trailed from his pocket mirror to the clock, waiting 'oh so patiently' for the bell to ring, but it eventually trailed to Brook. Even Jay couldn't listen in class; he kept mentally debating between Theresa and Brook. His mind said Theresa but his hormones said Brook all the way! Odie was the only one who could actually listen in class with a smile because of a good thing on his mind: Chelsea. The last bell finally came and everyone rushed out of their last class on a lazy Monday afternoon.
'Hey Arch,' Atlanta asked him as she leaned on the locker beside his. 'You wanna race home?'
He turned to face her, hunched over and bags under his eyes, and shook his head reverently.
Atlanta backed away to Theresa, Jay, Neil, Odie and Herry, all crowded around Jay Theresa's locker as they took out their books. Conveniently, their lockers were placed right next to each other.
'Archie seems kind of sketchy, don't you think?' Atlanta asked, crossing her arms and frowning at Archie.
'I haven't noticed,' Neil answered lazily. 'He's always odd.'
'I don't know,' Atlanta said, squaring her eyes on his back. 'Something seems wrong with him. Theresa, what do you think? Theresa?'
She wasn't listening. Instead she was staring at the mirror she put in her locker at how chubby her cheeks were and how much 'fat' was on her neck.
'Theresa, are you listening to me?'
'Huh?' She asked, slightly turning. 'Oh, yah, sure,'
'Ugh, never mind,' Atlanta rolled her eyes as she approached him stealthily.
He ran off, his backpack slung over his shoulder and his back curled over. Atlanta walked quietly behind him until they reached the Brownstone. He jiggled the keys into the lock until he eventually opened the door with Atlanta following behind him. He bolted upstairs and slid into his room, closing the door behind him. She pressed her ear against his white painted door and heard weird noises, sniffing like. She opened the door ajar quietly and her eyes widened in fear as she gasped and stepped back a bit too loudly. Archie dropped the bag of marijuana and stumbled over to the door, with Atlanta pressed against the wall, breathing heavily and unable to move.
'Wh-what are you doing here?' Archie stuttered.
'N-nothing,' Atlanta responded, shaking her head vigorously and raced back to her room, locking the door behind her.
She curled her legs up to her chest and squeezed them ever so tightly. Tears formed in her eyes but she bit her tongue to stop them from falling; it didn't work. They rolled down she cheeks and wouldn't stop falling, but only got bigger, thicker and saltier. She shuddered and shivered and shook her head. She picked up her PMR and text messaged Theresa, unable to speak. However, Theresa was busy making sure that she wasn't eating, disabling her from answering her PMR. So after ten minutes, Atlanta turned to someone she would absolutely trust with this secret. Not Jay, he'd freak out way too heavily about this. Not Theresa, if she won't return Atlanta's text message, then she wouldn't listen. Not Odie, he'd make technical blabber or just blabber since he wouldn't know what to say. Not Neil, either he would make this whole thing about him, or just ignore her completely. So that leaves Herry; the soft, teddy bear-like guy who was like her big brother, no competition.
'Herry? Herry p-pick up,' she stumbled along her words as she called him.
'Yo, Atlanta,' Herry laughed as he came out of the mall. 'What's up? Are you okay?'
'H-Herry, can you meet me at the park as soon as possible?'
'Sure, Atlanta, I'll go now.' Herry said reassuringly, hanging up.

'Archie is on weed? What-how? Why?' Herry stuttered, not believing his ears.
'I know,' Atlanta wept into her hands. 'But what do I do Herry?'
The bench was soaked with dew, but it didn't matter to them. Herry's arm was wrapped comfortingly around her shoulders and friendly kissed the ball of her head.
'This 'running off' thing you're doing,' Herry whispered to her. 'It isn't the best idea you're coming up with.'
'I know,' Atlanta sniffled. 'But Archie and marijuana? It just doesn't make sense.'
'Yah,' Herry agreed, still recovering from the shock of Atlanta's statement as he gazed up at the darkening sky. 'Well it's getting late, should we head back?'
She shook her head, more tears racing down her red cheeks.
'I'm not ready to face him again.' She said through sobs.
'Okay,' he nodded slowly. 'We'll just stay out here until you want to go back.'
Atlanta wept into his broad shoulders until all her tears were soaked into his shirt and skin and she had fallen asleep. Herry probed her gently, just to make sure she was fast asleep. He picked her up in his arms and brought her back home, crept upstairs in the moonlight and laid her softly on her bed. He closed the door and turned to face Archie's door. Herry was so tempted on knocking it down and shaking Archie until some sense was knocked into him, but he couldn't bear to. Instead, Herry walked upstairs to the third floor to his bed, and lay there until the sun came up, unable to sleep and process the information that Atlanta had given him hours before. He chose thinking over sleep, something he had never really done before. He ran his hands through his hair and breathed in and out, slowly.
'What do I do?' He wondered aloud. 'Maybe I should tell Odie, yah, that's it.' Herry quietly jumped out of bed, bolted to the door, opened it and almost instantly knocked on the door opposite, Odie's. Odie's sleepy eyes soon turned scared, perplexed and quite awake as he listened intently to Herry's story. They stayed up all night talking, neither smling, nor neither about to laugh for a long time since then, especially one.
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