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Chapter Fourteen - It's Not Too Late

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Sarena meets Pete Wentz, and that leads to meeting the guys from Panic! At The Disco... what will happen when she and her best friend Ele are in the mix? (This summary suck, I know... just read th...

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Brendon pushed the exit door open and walked outside, scanning his surroundings to see if he could spot his girlfriend.
He found he sitting on the sidewalks a couple of feet away. She was hugging her knees, rocking back and forth, occasionally wiping away the tears that were still trickling down on her face.
He joined her almost instantly, sitting next to her.
"Hey babe..." he smiled affectionately, moving a few bangs behind her ear.
"Hey..." she sniffled, smiling weakly without even looking up.
"So... do you feel like telling me what happened?"
"Me and Sar had our first fight..."
"It was about this song, wasn't it?"
Ele nodded. "Yeah..."
"Ele, baby... I thought you were fine with it, we talked about it..."
"I know... It's just... I keep getting bitched and bashed by everyone... when I first started all this career it really didn't matter to me because I was actually doing what I wanted to do, but then it got worse and at a certain point of my life I made a decision that I could try and be someone I was not just to please the most part of my audience... that's when I lost all my credibility and my self confidence as well... It sounds stupid but when Sar told me I used to be different she was so damn right... I became someone I am not because that's how my manager and everyone else wanted me to be, and now I'm scared of working on my boyfriend because I know that no one is not going to approve of us..."
"You can't please everyone..." he looked at her and he noticed how sad she looked at that moment.
"I know you can't... but you have to understand that I most likely won't be able to be part of this because they won't let me..."
"What are you talking about?" he asked confused.
"Brendon, my manager made me to look like a popstar... that's what he wants and that's what I hate... he made it pretty clear that he won't let this project go out and he's making me sing new songs because he said the ones I wrote are inappropriate for me... Me! What the hell, I wrote them myself! I never said I wanted to be a rock star like The Rolling Stones, The Smashing Pumpkins or whatever... I just want to sing my songs..." she paused looking at the ground before turning to look at her boyfriend. "Brendon, I really want to be in this thing, but I think I'm gonna end the whole singing thing here..."
"What? Ele you can't do this! You have a dick-head as a manager so you just flush your dreams down the toilet? No way, I'm not letting you ruin yourself like this!" Ele just shook her head. "I was there! I saw the way you smiled as you were singing your songs! That's what you're supposed to be doing, do your things, because that's what will make you look credible!"
"Brend, not everyone has a band and get signed by Pete Wentz, who pretty much lets you do whatever you want with your music! It's not that easy..."
"Well, it may not but who said you can't have your own band? You play the piano, Sar is pretty much your female version of Ryan and your brother is your drummer anyway... Ok, drop your manager and audition for Pete, I'm 100% positive he'll sign without even thinking about it twice!" he said and Ele smiled.
"Brend, you're crazy..." she smiled.
"No, I'm not... This could really happen, you know?"
Ele just stared at his face, his seriousness had her thinking that maybe, it wasn't too late.

As soon as Brendon and Ele arrived to the girls apartment, both girls ran towards each other, hugging and apologising profusely. And Brendon broke the news to Sar as soon as they were all sitting on the couch.
"Oh- My- God! Ele that is so cool! We're starting a band??" Sar exclaimed jumping around happily.
Ele laughed. "Well, we have to see if my brother is ok with this and I think we need a bass player..."
"Well, wasn't Andy best friend the bass player for that one band once?"
Ele though about it and nodded. "You mean Josh, right? Yeah... Josh is awesome, it'd be so cool..."
Ryan and Brendon exchange glances again, this time happy that things were going fine.

Friday night had finally arrived. Both couples were nervous about the meeting with the parents but as soon as they walked through the door things went along just fine. Both moms fell in love with Brendon and Ryan and they couldn't shut up about how cute they were, boys and couples.
"Parents, we have to tell you something..." Andy announced as they were sitting at the table, eating. "Sar, Ele and I are going to start a band... and Josh agreed on being part of it as well, he told me yesterday..."
"Wow, that's amazing... Ele, you don't want to be a solo anymore? Andy, what about the club?" Ele's mom asked.
"And what about your show, Sar?" was Sar's mom.
"I just don't feel like being someone I'm not anymore... and being in a band is way cooler!" Ele said.
"We're almost done with shooting this season mom... and I can still do both..." Sar explained.
"... and I have people taking care of my club anyway... I just couldn't pass on being on a band with my favourite sister!" Andy laughed.
"Well, who's going to sign you guys?" the dads asked.
"Actually," Brendon started, and everyone looked at him, confused. "Me and Ryan have talked with Pete... he said he is very much interested so you have your first official band meeting with him on Monday, so you can discuss things over and hopefully you can finalise everything..."
Sar, Ele and Andy stared at them with their mouths wide open. They couldn't believe their ears. It was indeed the best news ever.

As everyone went to sit in the living room, Ele stayed behind to help her mom clear the table, so Brendon decided to stay behind as well.
"Brendon, you don't have to help, Ele's already helping..." Ele's mom said, smiling as Ele went to put a pile of plates in the kitchen.
She collected everything else with Brendon helping her.
"It's ok, I like to help..." he returned the smile.
"You know Brendon, I'm really glad you're doing this for Ele... I couldn't stand seeing her so sad, you're just an amazing boyfriend... I'm so happy she has found a gentleman like you, especially after her last boyfriend..." she said but shut up as soon as she heard Ele get back.
"Mom, please don't say anything embarrassing... and please, no talking about Aaron, ok?"
"Ok!" she replied rolling her eyes.
Brendon just laughed, then went back to help and as soon as they were done, they joined the rest of the family in the living room.
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